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With seven or so weeks to, having more or less got my hospital bag together, I am now working myself into a panic over stuff for the baby. So I have just sat down and done an inventory of everything we have collected over the past few months, to whit:

Travel system including carry cot, car seat, rain covers and nappy bag.
Baby sling

Feeding: (I am planning on breast feeding if possible)
Cold water steriliser
3 bottles
1 bottle brush
1 manual breast pump
7 nursing bras
2 pairs pyjamas with button down tops
3 nightdresses with button down tops (one of which will be used in labour and discarded)
1 nursing top
6 washable breast pads

Bathing and Changing: (the baby will be washed initially in the bathroom sink)
1 changing mat
2 bath sponges
50 top and tail muslins
1 pack disposable newborn nappies
1 sample disposable newborn nappy
1 sample pack baby wipes
100 nappy sacks
1 nappy bucket
1 pack cotton wool
1 sample jar Sudocream
1 tube luxury mother and baby cream
2 containers talc
2 bottles baby bath
2 bottles baby lotion

1 crib
1 crib mattress with cover
2 flat cotton sheets
2 fitted cotton sheets
2 wool crib blankets
1 hooded wool blanket
1 cotton blanket
1 light wool shawl
1 crib bumper (to be used folded over at foot of crib only)
1 crib duvet (for decorative purposes only - not for use when baby is in the crib)
1 crib drape


1 vest (0-3 months)
1 short sleeved bodysuit (newborn)
10 short sleeved bodysuits (0-3 months)
1 short sleeved bodysuit (3-6 months)
1 sleep suit without integral feet (6 months)
1 sleep suit with integral feet (newborn)
7 sleep suit with integral feet (0-3 months), 3 with integral scratch mitts
1 sleep suit with integral feet (3-6 months)
1 velour baby gro with integral feet (3-6 months)
1 velour jump suit with integral feet (age range unspecified)
1 velour jacket (age range unspecified)
3 pairs trousers (0-3 months)
1 pair trousers (age range unspecified)
5 cardigans (varying sizes, several homemade)
3 pairs mitts
4 hats
3 bonnets
5 pairs socks
2 pair bootees
1 bib

2 stuffed animals
3 picture books
1 blanket toy
1 rattle (suitable for 6 months and up)
2 plates
1 drinking mug

To buy:
2 cellular cotton blankets
2 cotton flat sheets
2 cotton fitted sheets
1 3-pack baby towels
1 15-pack muslins
20 reusable nappies
4 nappy wraps
Nappy liners
More disposable nappies for the first few weeks
1 rocking chair (currently on order and due to be delivered first week in Feb)
1 baby bouncer

We also have the offer of the loan of a moses basket, but I am going to see how I get on with the carry cot as a moses basket in the first instance.

So, is there anything else I need? Do I need waterproof mattress liners for the crib, if I can find any in the right size? Should I have more bedding for the pram? If so, what do I need? What about vests? If I need them, how many and what sizes? Am I missing anything blindingly obvious?

This is our first and the first grandchild on both sides so I am feeling terrifyingly underprepared. Any help and advice much appreciated. :\)


  • yes the baby needs vests/bodysuits as they cant control their temperature and it helps them to conrtol it better. i remember having brooke in July and getting a proper ticking off for not putting her in a vest just clothes even tho it was boiling hot! x
  • Do I need vests in addition to the short-sleeved bodysuits I already have then? If so, how many would you suggest?
  • No - the short sleved body suits are what I would call vests - what I will suggest is that depending on the size of the baby you may find that 0-3months are way too big for a new born. With all the pooing, "spu"ing that goes on in the first few days and weeks you'll could be changing baby 2/3/4 times a day - I would suggest a cheap pack of 5 white vests for a newborn and babygrows - with my last dd I spent 2 days in hospital and she was changed loads!! Personnally I don't buy bigger than newborn as I find that you want to get them into pink or blue asap when you know, but maybe you've already found out. Also bibs - there is a bit of dribbling and it saves the babygrows a bit (PS - don't throw away your nightie from labour! I ended up giving birth in a lovely white cotton shirt I had with my second, I just gave it to my mum to wash and I've got it in my maternity clothes for when I'm bigger with this one! Just give the nightie a good wash - it'll be nice to remember when you wear it again)
  • Your so organised it's great to see a list like that coz i can check off my things against it.

    I plan to use the carry cot from the pram instead of the moses basket for downstairs so i've got extra sheets for that, the moses basket sized ones fit nicely. I've also got about 6-8 lots of crib sheets just incase my little boy sprinkles!

    Also you don't have many newborn sized clothes perhaps get a couple of cheap packs of vests and sleepsuits from tesco just incase the other clothes are huge x

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  • Thanks MrsFloosy. I will get another pack of white newborn vests in that case plus a pack of newborn sleep suits. We haven't found out what the sex is, but I loathe baby pink so am quite happy with neutrals whatever it turns out to be.

    Do I really need bibs if I am breast-feeding?

    And thanks for the tip about the nightdress. I specifically got cheap ones in case of bleeding but I will give it a wash before deciding if it is worth saving.
  • Hi just one quick pointer,I don't think that 6 breast pads are enough. I went through about 16 disposables a day so unless yours are lightening quick to dry I don't think it's enough! You seem to gave pretty much everything else covered....

    K 10+5 xx
  • Gem-gem, I hadn't even thought of moses basket sheets for the carry cot. Of course, what a brilliant idea! Thanks for that. If I get four, hopefully that will keep us covered for both day and night!
  • Thanks, spittingfairy. *adds disposable breast pads to the list*
  • u will need bibs regardless of breastfeeding as baby will still dribble and be sick etc.
    u might find u want some nipple cream aswell if ur breastfeeding, i have heard it can get a bit sore
    also, i know ur due in march but an't remember when in march, but i can't see snowsuit anywhere on the list and it can get really quite cold in march, in fact for the past few years it has snowed where i live.
    and for the same reason u may want a fleecy type blanket for when out in the pram
  • Thanks, siany. I will get a few bibs.

    I already have nipple cream, actually, as my right nipple has been agonisingly painful since about week 25. I don't know if the cream does anything, but it does seem to help.

    I'm due on 2nd March, so yes, I suspect it will be rather cold. That said, I am having real debates about snow suits. The weather is supposed to get warmer towards the end of the winter and all the snow suits I have seen look really heavy and I genuinely have no idea what size to get. I am tempted to layer the baby in various cotton and wool garments instead as I am really worried about the baby overheating.

    And I'll be using the wool blankets rather than getting fleecy ones for going out and about. I am being rather inundated at the moment as there are three people knitting and one person crocheting in anticipation of the baby's arrival!
  • yeah a body suit is what i call a vest too. ones that popper at the crotch! i will be using ur list to check off what i need to. im really stuggling with the seasons my lo is due in may and i know its not gunna be freezing but wont be hot hot either! and ive already had one baby it dosnt get easier! i would prob buy a snow suit for a march baby... i wish people were knitting and crotcheting for me i love hand made stuff its gorgeous! xx
  • I never had a snowsuit for my lo when he was born - it was May and BOILING. I just had a vest, sleepsuit and cardigan on him in the early days as it was all he needed. I would probably buy one if Lo is due in early March as it can be nippy!

    Bodysuits are vests (to me, anyway!) and go under clothes so that is fine image

    I definitely agree about more breastpads.

    I wouldn't bother buying a waterproof mattress liner, we don't have one on our cot mattress (it has washable cover instead), instead we put a muslin under my LO's head to absorb sick and so I didn't need to change the sheet in the middle of the night, just put a new muslin in.

    BIBS. You will need more!! At least 20! Just soft cloth ones. They save their clothes.

    You also need bits like baby nail clippers (tho its easiest to bite off a newborn's nails), and things like Infacol and gripe water as you might want them in the middle of the night! Also SALINE DROPS - they are great - newborns can get a bit stuffy nosed and they really work.

    The list sounds great really - you haven't over bought clothes which is good as you will get lots as gifts!
  • Just to throw a spanner in the works, I didn't use bibs for my lo until he started! I guess it depends how sicky they are, but I usually found he would be sick/posset over my shoulder whilst winding (so the muslins come in handy here). I did find it helpful to have a muslin folded up across his moses matress by his head as I would otherwise have been changing the sheets a few times a day.
    Loving the list, though making me feel very unorganised! x
  • vintage rose I used dummies with both my girls with no bother at all - (the trick is to take them off them early 1.5/2 and put up with the crying for a few days) it never affected either girls speech or teeth development. I went with the NUK silicone ones they're shaped to fit baby's mouth. I never had any qualms about using dummies and I have a friend who has 3 and never used them and swears against it.
  • Ah, thanks, ladies. This is all brilliant! I will start looking for a snow suit, to be on the safe side. And will get a few bibs and see how we go with a combination of that and muslins, I think missymoo. I can always get more if I find we are going through them at a rate of knots.

    Tiger Lily, thank you so much for the advice on mattresses! That really reassures me. And for the tips on nail clippers, etc. I'm not buying a huge number of toiletries at the moment as we still have a little ways to go, but will start making a shopping list. (I only have the bath stuff because either I need it for my hospital bag or because it is currently on special offer at Morrison's so have been taking advantage of the prices.)

    Vintage rose, I think we are going to try to avoid dummies, if possible. According to my midwife, they can interfere with breast feeding early on, so in the interests of making it as easy as possible for the baby to breastfeed I'm going to see if I can get away without them. She (the midwife) also said that using an elbow to test bathwater was just as effective as a thermometer. The fewer things for me to drop when bathing the baby, the better I think! image

    Thanks to everyone for their input. This is all really useful! :\)
  • I just started to compile a list of everything I need to get last night so thanks for the help!
  • I wouldnt rule out a dummy - we gave Ollie one at about 5/6 days old as he was using me as a comforter, and it had no effects on his feeding at all, he was bf exclusively till 5 1/2 months with no problems.

    we've never used a muslin at all, found that bibs worked well for us though. Just changed his bib when he posseted or was a bit sicky. was much easier than trying to get a muslin from somewhere to wipe it up before it hit his clothes.... and saved having to change him as frequently.
    we also found that we used wipes for just about everything - his bum and then when he gt oler for wiping his face and hands after eating... they come in so handy.

  • SB, you haven't seen my hospital bag! image I have loads of maternity pads and live about five minutes' walk from Boots. Worst case scenario, I embarrass my husband by sending him out to buy more. image

    MummyStephe, thanks for that. I'll see how things go without a dummy and get some if it looks as if it will be useful. Neither my husband nor I used dummies when we were little, so I guess it is just the mindset I have that they won't be necessary. Am always open to changing my mind later on, but don't want to buy a load of stuff in advance that I won't necessarily use.

    That being said, I am now convinced that a mix of muslins and bibs is the way to go until we see what works for us. It is so individual, isn't it, especially taking into account the personality of someone I haven't even met yet! It will be interesting to see what ends up working best for our baby...
  • Thanks, tallkatie. The baby is going to be in with us at night (no room for a separate nursery) and in the carrycot during the day, so I don't think we will need a baby monitor at this stage.

    And thanks for the tip on socks instead of mittens! All the mittens have been gifts from my mother-in-law. They are adorable, but I will interested to see if they work or not.

    As for sleeping bags, I'm planning on giving swaddling a go (hence why i definitely need more sheets!)

    We'll see - I may end up doing a frantic emergency shop on day five! :lol:

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  • After all the good advice on things for myself, I thought I would just quickly add my hospital bag list here as well. Some of the stuff on here will be useful for early days as well, so any suggestions will be much appreciated.

    For me:
    1 dressing gown
    2 cheap button down night dresses
    1 slightly nicer button down night dress
    Bed socks
    Flip flops (for the shower)
    TENS machine (to be rented from Mothercare)
    1 box disposable knickers
    3 pairs cheap knickers (I really don't want to travel home in disposables)
    1 pack maternity pads (with more at home)
    Washbag: including hairbrush, comb, hair elastics, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, moisturiser, toothbrush, toothpaste
    Books (my mother said that I was the only person she knew who would think of reading during labour!)
    I-pod (must remember to charge it!)
    Hat (on the advice of a friend as a quick way of dealing with manic hair)
    2 nursing bras (from the 7 on my other list)
    Nursing top (from my other list)
    Maternity trousers
    Change purse
    Snacks - chocolate, bananas and water (not yet packed! image)

    Still to buy:
    Disposable breast pads
    Facial wipes
    Witch hazel (for swelling)
    Maternity pillows (sorry, not the right name for them but basically large pads to sit on in the car on the way to hospital. It is a rental and I don't want any accidents. I will also use them to protect the sofa and our mattress in the final weeks in case of my waters going suddenly.)

    I need to check with the hospital about whether I need to take my own towel. I am rather hoping not to as the one I would use is also my swimming towel so I could end up taking one that stinks of chlorine!

    For the baby:
    3 newborn vests/bodysuits (to buy)
    3 0-3 vests/bodysuits
    3 newborn sleepsuits (to buy)
    3 0-3 sleepsuits
    (The sleep suits have integral feet and mitts so I shouldn't need extra, should I?)
    1 cotton hat
    1 pack disposable newborn nappies (hence why I need to buy more)
    1 pack cotton wool
    1 snow suit (to buy)
    1 knitted set (cardigan, bonnet, mittens and bootees)
    1 wool shawl
    1 car seat (to be left in the car during labour)

    Again, I need to double check what the hospital provides in terms of baby towels, cotton wool, etc.

    Husband's responsibility:
    Change of shirt/underwear for himself
    Book/other form of entertainment
    Camera (although my mother will have hers if he forgets)

    He is also going to be responsible for the snacks, drinks, house keys, etc. Something tells me I will be in no state to remember that sort of ephemera myself. image

    Anyway, the shopping list is growing apace thanks to all the good advice on here. I am going to do a massive shop next week and will post my complete list once I have done so. Thanks so much for all the good advice!
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