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Pregnant without trying?

Hubby isn't officially allowing us to ttc just yet, but we have had just one "accident". Please post your stories of happy accidents/ first attempt pregnancies to give me a glimmer of hope! (and an interesting read).

Good luck all with your bumps, however big or small.


  • when i found out i was preggers i broke down in tears. thinking how could this be happening!!! i was a mess!! my oh was in shock too. but now im 30+3 days and we are chuffed as soon as i got my head round it! cant wait to see my baby. so are you pregnant? xxx
  • hi. i'm not pregnant but have got 5 kids of whom my youngest is 20 weeks today, my 4th pregnancy was a total surprise!!! we already had 3 boys and thought that was it. but just after christmas 2004 i felt weird and did a test it was positive. quite a shock. but after we got our heads around it were really pleased. and we had a little girl which was brilliant after 3 boys. then in june this year we had our 5th, another boy, which was planned. but we see our little girl as our little bonus. a lovely surprise.
    good luck to all you mummies and mummies to be out there. take
  • We decided on the spur of the moment to try and basically we were first time lucky! I recon I must have been ovulating at the time, making me want to try! Lol! Was fab tho when we tested 3 weeks later and I had a positive result!
  • thats a nice story! how many weeks are you? xx
  • Nope kiea not pregnant, I wish! We don't have any children and husband doesn't think we should start ttc until we've got a bit more money saved.

    Should have been clearer - by "accident" I meant we've had sex without protection once, unintentionally. I calculate that I wasn't unlikely to be ovulating, but even so I know from reading about all the ladies on here that in most cases it takes a lot more effort than a one-off! Just wondered how many people out there had hit the target first time, or without trying to.

    Thanks for sharing your stories!
  • hi, we had an accident aswell, we have just moved house and wanted to get that sorted and i'm also at college one day a week while working full time to say it wasn't the right time was an under statement but at 29wks we are both really exctied and can't wait now and when is the right time??? xx
  • Thats what i though when will it be right...everything happens for a reason! and i cant wait to meet my baby boy now!
  • I have 2 girls and oh and me were convinced we didnt want anymore and he was on waiting list for the 'chop'. Last year we had an accident and couldnt believe it that a few wks later I found out I was pregnant. We panicked, cried and done all the usuall - especially as I had just been offered a new job which I hadnt yet started.

    We decided that we would just get on with things and altho not planned baby would be loved and wanted just the same. Sadly I had MC at 12 wks and it was the most horrific, heart renching thing I have ever gone thru. That was March 2006.

    Accidents do happen and can happen even if just a one off.

    We decided at Xmas 2006 we really did want another child and that we would ttc for 4 or 5 months and if nothing we would resign ourself to just having 2. Well I got BFP in Feb and now only have 12 days to go!

    I do believe that everything happens for a reason....
  • Hi PTB,

    Nice to see you've bought your avatar with you from YAYW, yours by far was my fave there!!!!!

    My hubby and I had been together for only 8 months when while travelling I got a sickeness bug, for some reason unknown to me I completely forgot to take 7 days precautions...I was on the pill...

    However for the next 7 days 5 of them where in a youth hostel sharing a room with 8 other people so obviuosly nothing happened then, so there where only 2 days we got down and dirty and then only once each of those two days, 3 weeks later I didn't get my A/F but as I have PCOS, another week passed and I had really sore boobs and cramps I did a test to be sure (as I couldn't belivie I could be, I had been told I couldn't concieve naturally!!!) Also the 2 days it happened was only days 9 and 10 of my cycle!!!!

    I wish a camera could have filmed me as I looked at the test...I couldn't belive it at first, I thought I mis-read it...I screamed for Mark and spent the next few hours hysterical saying my life was over (I was 27, hardly a teen mum) and Mark and I literally couldn't speak to each other for 2 days...

    Anyway nearly 6 years later we are married and I am currently 11 weeks with our 2ud child!!!

    So our LO who is now 4 was concieved on either the 29th or 30th December 2002 in the ANA hotel in Sydney Australia...

    PMSL while I was writing this my LO wandered in and sat on the bed with me, she spotted your avatar and started killing herself laughing, she then started copying it, puttting her hands up by her face and poking her tongue, soooooooooo cute...

  • Evening

    I found out I was pregnant purely by accident. I went to the docs with severe stomach cramps and was given pain killers. A week later I was still in agony so went to a walk in centre who sent me to A&E a couple of hours later I was told I was pregnant, this was the last thing on my mind ! I'm now 38 weeks!

  • Hiya

    I had a suprise pregnancy!! I came off the pill in Dec 05, thinking that it would take about 2 years to get pregnant as I had been on it for 13 years. I never had a period, but one night in Oct 2006 I kept waking myself up turning onto my front because my tummy had gone rock hard. I went to morrisons the next day and baught a pregnancy test out of curiosity, did the test in the toilets and shoved it straight in my bag. Got to work and checked it, two blue lines!!! called my partner who was driving at the time and blurted it out. we hardly spoke that night - both in shock.

    Called the docs but couldnt get an appointment till 7 days later. That weekend, i had strange sensations in my tummy and was worried that i was miscarrying but it fortunately passed. had my docs appointment and he had a good feel and then very calmly told me that i was 22 - 24 weeks pregnant!!!! I nearly fell off the bed and couldnt stop shaking!! The strange feelings that I had had was the baby moving.

    I had been on 3 holidays that summer, boozing! I wasnt sick once, my boobs had stayed the same size, and although i had put on 5lb in weight I put it down to eating out and boozing on my holidays! I literally became pregnant at the first opportunity and had what seemed like a very short pregnancy, so was very lucky really! Jo xx
  • We were just being very silly and not using contraception. I don't even know why as the first year or so we were together, we were SOOO careful. But I came off the pill due to side-effects and we were just using condoms, all of a sudden we just stopped using them! It was only for a month or two and I was waiting to get the contraceptive implant but then I found out I was pregnant...

    I sound like a silly teenager here, well I am (we're 19 and 21). So definitely NOT planned, but I'm delirious about it now!

    13 weeks tomorrow! xxx

  • Joannemarie, that is almost exactly what happened to my mum when she was pregnant with me! She'd had an eating disorder so wasn't having any periods anyway and the only symptom she got was cravings for cream cakes lol. Anyway, one day she felt a weird sensation in her stomach (me makin myself known!) and she went to the doctors, he sent her for a scan and she was 24 weeks. Eeeeek.
  • hiya

    i didnt have any cravings until later on but had gone off fizzy drinks, wine, fruit and sex!! funnily enough i also developed a craving for cream cakes at about 30 weeks. also craved ice, chocolate, and cement picked off from the inside of my open fire. crazy!! xx
  • i have endometriosis and was on the pill and using condoms even tho had been told it was unlikely we would concieve now 21+4!!! was in shock and a bit upset as both me & oh had just started new jobs and we are currently looking for a house and staying with his parents cos last flat was tied accom, so had to leave with new jobs - is taking a looong time cos housing market in aberdeen is ridiculous. Also i am still trying to pay off student debt (2 credit cards, 1 store card and 1 lapsed personal loan - i am crap with money!!) also, we were getting married next june, but wedding is on hold cos of baby - new house, baby and wedding within 6 months might be too much for a couple to take on!
  • i got married in july 2006 came back off honeymoon had one period when we came back, then the rest of month i hardley seen my husband as he was working loads and we also had a huge fighting so werent not talking, then we had make up sex (lol sorry) which is the only time in that month that we had sex and i fell pregnant, i couldnt belive, we had been trying for months, then that one off make up sex it worked i was so shocked lol x
  • me and my boyfriend have a 3yr old daughter who was planned, it didnt take more then a month to get pregnant, im now pregnant with baby no 2 who was a happy accident lol. it took just the once,
    i wasnt late with period i was feeling sick and bloated so went out and baught a test 3days before my period was dew, i put the test on my sink and went back to it after 5mins and had to do a double look as i was expecting to see one line and to my shock there was 2.i just got the test to rule it out lol. it took a while to sink in but me and my boyfriend cant wate now and there is going to be a nice age gap between my daughter and baby 4yrs bar 2mths. x

    nikki 15+4 weeks
  • I was on the mini pill, and still got pregnant! I found out I was pregnant just ofer dp set off for a 2 month stint in Iraq. We are both over the moon and our lives have changed so much! Dp is leaving his job and we are moving to France to start a new life! A year ago if someone had of told me what I would be doing with my life I would have laughed at them!
  • It's great to hear all your happy accident stories!

    Bless your wee one, purplebabes. I've been following your no. 2 (baby, not poo!!) story on YYW closely (I sound like a right weirdo, am not, honest....) - and was practically crying when I read your "there is a heartbeat!!" thread. Hope all's still well. xx
  • Hiya.
    my oh and I met at 17 (me) 21 (him) and since I get migranes and have DVT in family we used the cap..all fine till one morning we shagged then I went downstairs in a rush as late for work and went to the shower room. While in shower I took out cap (not supposed to do for 5 hours after sex) thought nothing of it..... 2 weeks later a shocking BFP!!!!!!!!! I was only 21 at the time. All fine and had daugher. Got married in Sept year and half after daughter born then got drunk at Xmas party, came home, no condoms, thought....ahhh sod it!!!!!! 2 weeks later another BFP!!!! OH got testicular cancer (long and painful story) and after 2 years of treatment and ops he got all clear but due ton intensve chemeo no more kids. TEN years later I was feeling very ill and hey guess what BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!! B4 this one was even one I feel ill again...BFP!!!!!!!!!!!! now on number 5!!!!!!!!!!! I have one girl and 3 boys so no prizes for guessing what I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Accidents do and will happen. We had discussed number 2 and number 4 but just were not TTC>>> this one no 5 is first TTC conception!!!! and it took 5 months to get the BFP

    so just dont plan and go for it!!!!!!!!!!!
    d x
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