using ur birthing ball

How do you use it properly?

I have been sitting on mine since 25 weeks due to back pain and its helped loads. I usually dont move too much on it but use it ease my lower back pain and other delightful pregnancy issues I have.

I am concerned my baby is in a weird position (I know she has plenty of time to turn but my fear overrides my sense) and I was wondering, do I need to bounce on it? What do I do on the ball now I am further along?

thanks ladies! 28+5


  • Hi Rosemary.. I was thiking the same, my midwife said its up to you how you sit.. The mere fact you are sitting on the ball and balancing helps all your pelvic floor muscles, which is good, you can also rock gently from side to side or backwards and forwards and roll your hips in a circular motion, just don't fall off!! X
  • I just rock on it and do figures of eight with my hips. Try to get on it for a few mins each day and baby is now 2/5 engaged, so it must be working!
  • these are some instructions i got with mine from the baby show

    sitting on the ball

    for pregnancy

    take arms up to shoulder height and rotate from left to right to aid digestion and ease constipation
    sit on ball to improve posture and relive backache this also encourages baby into good position for labour and birth
    rock back and forth to allievate backache and tone and strengthen lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
    draw a circle from hips to alliviate back ache and to encourage baby into pelvis

    for labour

    as above and
    draw a circle with hips to help dilate the cervix evenly
    bounce up and down during contractions to distract, put extra pressure on the cervix and encourage baby into birth canal



    kneel and lean over ball, rock back and forth, draw a circle with hips to relive back ache
    lean over ball to encourage baby into good position
    bring one knee up to encourage baby to engage


    kneel and lean over ball, rock back and forth, draw circle with hips to keep upright and mobile



    stand with hips wider than hip width apart feet flat on floor
    draw a circle with hips, rock from side to side to alliviate back ache
    bend and straighten knees to strengthen thigh muscles


    draw a circle with hips and roll from side to side

    hope it helps
  • thanks piggypops have saved that for future!

  • If you're using it to sit down on, make sure your knee's are lower than your hips, as this will encourage the baby into the right position.

    I found out baby was back to back at one of my mw appointments (with her head off to one side completely) and I used the ball to lean over and sway my hips, along with sitting with my knees below my hips on it whenever possible, and the next appointment she had her head on the brim of my pelvis in the centre and no longer back to back - so they're great for positioning the baby in my opinion! xx
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