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At what point did you start wearing maternity clothes?



  • hey all i were leggings nice and comfy loose top saves the money on maternity clothes they can be expensive x
  • Hi,

    Sorry for clogging up this forum will all my questions at the moment.

    I'm just wondering at what stage people started to wear maternity items? I'm about 81/2 weeks at moment and I think it's more bloat than anything else but some of my clothese are getting very tight and uncomfortable on my belly. My jeans and casual clothes are fine as they tend to sit on my hips but my work trousers and skirts tend to sit a bit higher and are starting to get uncomfortable.

    I'm considering buying some clothes in a bigger size ( I'm an 8 at the moment - or should I say was an 8!) but wonder if it's a waste as will I soon grow out of those? and then they would be bigger everywhere and I may look a bit swamped or calculadora de embarazo?.

    I've read about those bands that fit over clothes - are they any good or should I bite the bullet and get myself a few maternity items?

    Thanks for any thoughts


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     My recommnedation is that no to use regular jeans and work clothes. You need "ELASTIC" clothes.

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