14 weeks today woo hoo

I know I have done this a few times sorry but 14 weeks wooo hoooo I can't stop smiling today I honestly cannot.

I went to see my sister last night at mum's as she is only down for a week she loved my bump and even though i have asked nobody to buy a thing for baby yet she said as she is not here to go through this with me she had bought the baby a gift.

It was this tiny tiny tiny little robe!!! So cute had it's own little belt and hood with a duck on it, she got it from tesco's and it is soooo lovely.

I cannot wait to start feeling the baby move I know i have ages away yet but I am so excited.

K xx



  • thats so nice of your sister - god 14 weeks seems so long ago for me. i am now 32 weeks - it will just fly by for you. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

    suzi 32+1
  • Congrats K-Lou another mielstone reached. What a nice thing for your sister to do, sounds like she will be a great Auntie.xx
  • Thank you girls, yeah she was a sweetheart it was a lovely gift and soooo cute.

    I am so excited about being 14 weeks another two weeks and i will be 4 months. I am not wishing it away but it feels more real the more you get into it.

    It's like the weeks are really just flying by and i love itimage It brings me that much closer to meeting my little darling.

    K xx

  • Congratulation hunny!! I will be 13 weeks tomorrow and like you I am getting more and more exited every week!!! Very sweet of your sister, I am off work today and keep on looking at baby things, want to go shopping!!!
    Lisa 12+6 xxx
  • Congratulations, K-lou! I love that we get another milestone each week, hehe. I'm 21 weeks today, yay! image

  • awww know how you feel, every time I hit a new week I feel excited!! I'm 20 weeks tomorrow!! xx
  • Snap! I love getting to each new week! x

    14 weeks x
  • yay thats great k-lou. I thought I was 14 weeks tuesday but had my scan and am now 13+3, oh well!!!! Can you believe how the time is flying?!!

    Lisa xxx
  • Wow so many milestones image

    Lisa - I loved hitting week 13 not sure why but i started to feel better that week as well.

    Astraad - I just cannot believe you are 21 weeks today congrats honey how fast is this all going!!!

    Snowangel- congrats for tomorrow image I can't wait to hit the 20 week mark, my next scan will be when I am about 22 weeks I think so can't wait to find out the sex.

    K xx

  • yeah week 13 is cool, thankfully cos i've hit it twice now hehe.
    Your next scan will be here before you know it, mine isnt until 31 weeks so a long wait, hopefully my doppler will come this week so I wont mind as much.
  • Kimmy me and you girl, I love knowing we are on the same day as well, we are at the same stage. The baby has a sex now how crazy is that, and can suck it's thumb as well.

    K xx

  • Congrats K-Lou!

    I'm 18 weeks today and the last 6 weeks have flown by! Got a nice little bump developing and we find out if its a blue or pink bump on saturday. Every week i get a buzz of excitement and walk round with a silly grin on my face...it;s fab!!!

    Enjoy it!

    Katstar xxx


  • Ahh bless ya I bet you cannot wait to find out i am so excited about finding out image

    Congrats on being 18 weeks today image Let us all know when you find out , What would you like??

    K xx

  • aww how sweet is your sister! the rest of your pregnancy will fly by now! cant believe im due in less than 10 wks now, still seems crazy!

    Hannah 30+5 xx
  • Hi honey, the last two weeks have just flown by, im 14 wks tomorrow and whilst I know everything is ok i've got used to being pregnant now and im loving it. The sickness has gone apart from the reaching when emptying the bin or loading the dishwasher and I can even wee in my sleep now, I woke up every two hours last night.

    I cant wait to buy stuff for the baby, I cant wait to have the big shop but I promised myself i'd wait until June, the babies room currently has a lot of Dads stufff in it so ive got the next few months to clear that and after I finish work on June 12th I can start making the nursery all nice. My H2B is going to get it decorated so it will be all nice when i get all the stuff. Im consdiering going clothes shopping at lunch just so I feel like im doing something.

    Really nice of your sister to buy stuff, it must be great to have a supportive family, we dont have big families but have lots of friends who are really excited for us.

    Speak soon

    Georgie 13+6
  • i secretly would like a girl but as it's first baby i really dont mind! Hubby wants a boy so one of us will get it right! It's actually my birthday on sat and scan is a present from hubby. We're having a bit of fun in the evening with our friends...we're all going out for dinner but they have to wear an item of clothing in either blue or pink depending on what they think the bub is. Should be fun although i'm guessing all the boys will wear blue and all the girls pink! Will let you know!

    Do you have any preference? When will you find out?

    Katstar xxx
  • Congrats K-Lou!!!

    I'm 19 weeks today!!! I can't wait till this time next week, I'll hit 20 weeks & it's my scan all in the same day!!!! I can't wait to see my little princess again!!

    19+0 x
  • *Hannah, Tegan & Bump* - 10 weeks wow that must be amazing your going to meet your little one sooooo soon image I love yours picture as well everytime i see it it brings a smile to my face.

    GeorgieD - Hi darling how are you now??? I am so pleased to hear you are not feeling as sick I am not either just when I brush my teeth now I want to be sick but thats it. Feel a little sick if I do not eat as well. I bought osme clothes from Next for work and look really pregnant at the mo image

    katstar - Thats such a lovely ideaimage I would really love a little girl as well hubby a boy but to be hoenst I would be happy either way.

    Butterfly123 - Congrats on being 19 weeks today, your nearly at that 20 week mark you lucky thing image I bet next week cannot come fast enough for you

    k XX

  • hiya jus wanted to say hello and love your post! for me it was hitting 15 weeks this week! I think its knowing I'm nearly 16weeks and it all seems sooo fast but more real at 16weeks! Ive no bump yet so ppl can't tell Im pregnant so it still feels like my lil secret, as its my second baby its special being able to relax abit more knowing kinda what is happening to you! I'm gonna start shopping after my 20 weeks san, its all just exciting and scary but fantastic that theres a lil bundle growing inside of ya tummy it still amazes me!! xx
  • Hi amy - woo hoo coming up to the 4 month mark I can't wait for that. I keep telling myself it's only two more weeks woo hoo.

    I know it blows me away as well just what our bodies are actually doing and just how much is going on inside us image

    K xx
    14 weeks today
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