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When do you stop looking fat and start looking pregnant?!

I know it's different for everyone but I was just wondering roughly when you start looking pregnant so that people can tell straight away rather than just looking like you've put on lots of tummy weight!!!? xx


  • About 17 weeks! This was when people at work who didnt know started commenting image I still thought i just looked chubby though. some people said they has suspected for a few weeks before thuogh. Definitely bumpy now though (28 weeks)
  • Yeah I was about 17 weeks!!! It did sort of depend on what I wore though! Now I'm in Maternity wear in work and everyone comments on my bump!!!

    Lyns 18+5 xxx
  • Well I'm 25 weeks today and haven't had any 'strangers' guess. I feel morbidly obese - my friends have assured me that I definitely look PG but I feel that I just look fat fat fat! Still in usual clothes although they've started to feel tighter in the last week.

    On a side note, I think my butt is the same size as my bump!
  • I'm 18 weeks and people have just started noticing. It does depend on what I'm wearing, sometimes it still looks like too many pies!
  • i am 26+1 and still dont look pregnnat and still in my own clothes....i just look like i have put on a bit of weight really doesnt matter what i own clothes are a bit tighter past week or so but i can still get away with them...

    Laura x
  • Thanks for the replies ladies - it's a lot later than I thought!! xx
  • 25 weeks for me! Thats when the first stranger asked me when my baby is due. Im sure I still look obese though xxx
  • i'm 21+3 and still in my usual clothes, nobody even notices i'm pregnant, people at work have asked if i'm sure i'm pregnant and the kids in my class asked me why i'm not fat yet. I really want a bump, to look pregnant. I didn't get a bump until 32 weeks with my first, this is my second.
  • i laughed when i read this as i've gone up a size in jeans and i am 5 weeks image

    i feel very fat right now, am usually a size 12 but now am 14/16. And its not cool, my boobies are too big, and its too noticable. My mum is gonna take one look at me and is gonna know.

    I have a big round belly which i can no longer do anything about as i cant diet or do exercise the same way. I feel very bad as you're all saying 17-20 weeks and i am not even remotely there.
    Oh dear.
  • Hi Rosemary,
    Congrats on the BFP, so happy for you!! I'm 6+3 and already got a couple of pairs of maternity trousers and need to get some new bras tomorrow. My friends have noticed that my boobs are bigger but they don't know i'm pregnant yet which is slightly worrying. I'm more worried about my boobs taking over than my bump!
  • lol one of my friends said 'your boobs are huge... are you pregnant and lying to me' i felt so bad! its pretty frickin obvious though!!

    Cant believe i am 5 weeks yesterday, it doesnt feel real yet still. Am terrified of everything, this place keeps me sane!

    I might get me some maternity bra's this week, gonna go to M&S get measured yet... as i have no idea what i am anymore!
  • i agree with pretty much everyone. stopped for me between 17 - 20 weeks. i'm 23 weeks now and it's way more obvious that i'm pregnant (also the fact that i have a ton of food at my desk right now). i couldnt' be happier!
  • would depend on how much you weigh in the first place. i'm only 5'0 and 9 stone so it looks obv on me now.
  • This is my second and I look pregnant now at 13+4 its a round bump rather than just fat lol!!

    With my dd I was about 16 weeks when I had a little bump xx
  • rosemary don't worry we're all different. I'm 13+3 and my normal trousers haven't fit me for about 3 weeks. I'm amazed by all these people saying how far they get in their normal clothes. when I weighed myself 10days ago i'd only gained 2lb, so think it must all be baby and/or bloat not fat!!!
  • This is my first and I'm 14 weeks today, and for the past week I think I've looked quite pregnant!

    I was really bloated in the early days, but I realised that it was just bloat as the baby doesn't even come out from behind your pelvis until around 12 weeks.

    I think if people didn't know me they'd wonder if it was fat or pregnancy, but the people who do know me have all said I definitely have a bump.

    I've not been able to fit into my normal clothes for about 4 weeks now, but I have gained 4lb or so, so this may have something to do with it.

    Kat xx
  • don't think my bump was a noticably pregnant bump until about 20 weeks, i had a bit of a bump from about 14 weeks but no one would have known it was a pregnant bump till about 20 weeks.
    it#s certainly obvious now though!! (28 weeks!)
  • im a curvy girls naturally so it took a bit longer to look full baby bump rather than podge about 25 weeks ish
  • Argh so long to wait!!!! I am only 10 weeks and it seems like i've got forever to wait for all the exciting bits!!
  • By 8 weeks my normal trousers & jeans no longer fitted me so I had to get some maternity ones. Also like Rosemary my boobs were a 'huge' giveaway that I was pregnant!

    Now I'm 14 weeks & have just got a little bump! I seem to have outgrown everything & just had to order some maternity bras too as I'm bursting out of my normal ones!
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