Hi all,

I just wondered if anyone could help me I'm feeling a little worried today.

About two days ago I started to get very sharp braxton hicks and they didn't hurt at first but then after one evening of it I got it all day but it really started to hurt me- then I got really bad back pains so I called my MW and she told me to pop to my doctors and so I did! I'm 25weeks- so I it's too early for it to be actual labour- right?

The only problem is I went to the docs and the lady was really mean- she didn't check me over like my MW said she would then she done a urine test and she said I had protein in it! I told her my family have a history of pre-eclampsia and she just said don't worry go home! She checked the babies heart beat but it took her over 5mins to find and she said "i think that's a fetal heart beat- oh well" she just didn't seem very helpful.

The problem is today I am back in work but in the most pain ever- I can't pick anything up- I can't blow my nose- It even hurts to drive but I just feel like no one is taking me seriously!

What should I do? Should I just take her word for it and wait for my next appointment with my MW? Or should I be worried about the protein found?! I can't stand the thought of losing this baby! But I can't stand being in so much pain all the time!

Please help- i'm really scared!


  • If I were you Id ring your midwife again and explain what happened and that you werent happy with the treatment you were given.
    You deserve better treatment then that, Ive had a couple of scares during my pregnancy and even though its turned out to be nothing the people Ive dealt with have been great and thats what you deserve.
    Dont worry about being a pain or anything, thats what they're there for. Im sure your midwife would prefer to hear from you again even if theres nothing wrong then for you to go on worring and being treated the way you have.
    If you dont wanna ring your midwife again call the womens hospital or wait till after hours and call the emergancy doctors-but honestly hun..even if its just to put your own mind at rest-get someone to help you xxxxxx


  • Call maternity unit or midwife right away to put your mind at rest, tell them doc wasnt bothered and found protein. No time to be coy, sod em, call up always better safe than sorry, if its nothing to worry about they will all put it down to your hormones anyway!
  • Okay- cool.

    I'll give them a call now! Feeling really worried, but on the up side I can still feel him kicking about it there, so i guess that's a good sign!

    Just hate the amount of pain I am in!

  • I would bypass the midwife and call the maternity unit direct - they won't fob you off and your mind will be put at rest. The number should be in the back of your notes.

  • Let us know how you get on x
  • Yes Rach, ring your hosptal direct if you can.
    They will call you in and check you properly. It could be a UTI infection or something that can be treated straight away but don't let it get any worse.
    33+1. xx
  • Definately call your hospital..my ward team were fantastic..I had a severe UTI and the pain was unreal at first it made me sick.
    Had a couple of nights on a drip and IV antibiotics so please ring them they are so kind and UTI's are sooooo common for us weebles!!

    hope they can help...let us know hate to think of you in pain and upset?

    moo xx
  • I called my midwife as I feel silly calling the hospital! And she read through my notes that the doctor took and she said not to worry but if I still was that I should call the hospital!

    She said she would get me in to see her but she's too busy! Maybe I should just wait and see what happens with my next appointment?!

    I might just be wasting the doctors time I guess!
  • If you still feel like theres something not right then go to the hospital, dont feel silly at all, its best for your piece of mind dont just wait round in pain its not worth it, just in case. Has your hospital got an Antenatel day unit or anything like that where you just pop in??? I have been several times to mine through worry and they are used to it and will put you at ease.
  • I agree with lou, I went to my MAU and they put my mind at ease not to mention put me on pills to clear my water infection up, so if your not happy you call your hospital.

    If you have got a UTI it wont clear up on its own and if your in pain with it you need it sorting.

    Joanna 32+2
  • They have a day assesment unit! I got the number for them but they are a bit funny there too. If you pop in they tell you to go sit in A&E and then you wait there for 4hours to be told we have no one trained here to do the correct checks come back in a few days.

    Some times I feel like I am going round and round and round!

    I wish my hospital had a drop in section!
  • For it too be so bad you can't blow your nose, you should defnietly see someone. It will probably turn out to be nothing but its better to be safe than sorry!x
  • Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. If you feel something isnt right though, persist until you are happy. I had a urine test done at my midwife appointment four weeks ago as was really unwell and in agony. She said they found protein etc, so she would send it off and if infected a Dr would call me for treatment. 2 weeks later I was still in agony and went to the doctors as I passed out in town from pain and was getting palpitations etc, and the original sample hadnt even been sent off. So had another one done and have had a bad infection now for all this time, and had an urgent call from Dr to say I needed to pick up double dosage antibiotics immediately.

    So don't let them pacify you, you know your own body and you know when something isnt right. And if all is fine, they should still be doing their jobs properly and putting your mind at rest.

    Good luck, keep us updated. xxx
  • When you put it like that- your right!

    I'm going to call my day assesment unit now!

    Just finding the time to go now- I have loads of meetings- oh!!! Too much to worry about now!

    Stuff it someone else will have to do them!
  • Gosh thats not good!

    I hope your okay now! I think I am 100% going to call them now!

    Oh hope he's okay in there!
  • Screw the stuff! Lol, you're more important! Am sure he will be fine, they are well protected, it's just us mummys to be who get all the rubbish parts. Good luck again.xxx
  • hi rach - hopefully you have been seen properly before you read this! i cant believe your mat unit doesnt have a "drop in" policy! we ring ours first, then go up - no A&E for us!! hopefully it is only a UTI and nothing more serious!!
  • definately am surprised that seeing as you are in so much pain no one has advised you are checked out at maternity unit.really hope that you have managed to get it sorted and let us know outcome x x x
  • Yes definitely go get seen.

    My oh mum had full blown eclampsia (the fatal bit after the pre eclampsia). She had protein in the urine one week (no high BP) & the next week she was in hospital in a coma after having eclamptic fit and BP over 400, had to have baby delivered by emergency section, she was 29 weeks but both survived.

    REALLY don't mean to scare you - it probably a UTI - but please please be checked!

    On the other hand I was so worried when i had protein in urine but I turned out to be fine despite a strong family history of pre eclampsia xxx
  • Did you go?? How is everything?


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