FAO Gemmiebaby

I have not been on for a week and I just went searching for you AND FOUND YOUR BFP!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo pleased for you. I just hope I get a BFP this month and we can be terrified and neurotically excited together!!

Congratulations hun, I have got everything crossed for you. Feel free to email me if you fancy a chat or anything!!


  • Ah hun...I wondered where you had got to. Glad to see you had a little bit of a break from here. I wish I couldve done!!!

    Yeah, got my BFP last Sunday. Absolutely petrified that something might go wrong again but trying to stay positive. No af in between but apparantly this is not necessarily a bad thing. Having more pain this time - stretching pains and stuff - so hoping this is a good sign. Also fainted which, while it wasnt nice, im hoping means my body is preparing for pg. Am 5 weeks today going by mc, although I think I might be dated a little further ahead than this as I think I ov'd quite soon after mc.

    How are you? Are you trying again now or have you decided to wait. We didnt get chance to decide either way!

    Glad to talk to you again and I would love to be going through this together!!! Fingers crossed for you hun xxx
  • Hey, I didn't choose to be away, I went home to my parents for a week and didn't take my laptop with me. I was pining to come on here, it was the first thing I did when I got back yesterday lol!!

    I haven't had an AF yet but it was only 3 weeks on Friday so not expecting anything for at least another week but we have been trying again. I have been feeling a lot like I did with my last BFP, extremely tired, twinges in my tummy etc but I am trying not to get my hopes up because I know I will be devastated when AF comes. My main symptom was sore (.)(.) but I haven't felt a thing since the erpc so I keep convincing myself they would be sore again if I was pg.

    I am so pleased for you, I can't even imagine how worried you must be but your strong symptoms sound like a good sign and you have to stay positive.

    You know where I am if you need to vent your worries somewhere!!

    Take care!
  • I just logged on to this topic to find you had just replied...im an not on here 24/7 waiting for replies - I promise!!

    I don't know if I could cope without here. Dont know how you did it. Im envious of the people who can leave here for a couple of weeks...I cant manage a couple of hours!

    I do have many of the symptoms from before although I remember on the day of my mc, just before it started, I spoke to my mum and I remember saying that I was worried that I didnt have any symptoms so im hoping this would be a good sign.

    Spoke to my best friend last night and she told me she mc at 8 weeks at the end of feb 2 years ago, got pg beginning of April with no af and now has a beautiful 15 month old girl. Shes a midwife and its nice to talk to someone in the know. Makes me feel better. Shes convinced I dont need to worry. I must admit, there are many things about this pg that seem more real that the last one. Maybe just me!

    I waited 4 weeks before testing even though I sort of knew as I had all the symptoms. My HCG went down to 0 the Tuesday after I mc on the Saturday so I think my pg had been over long before I mc.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. Im glad to have you back! Keep up the PMA. Im glad you feel ok as I was worried that you would be finding things really difficult. Its hard I know but its nice to see you are trying again. (I hope you know what Im trying to say there as I couldnt word it properly!)

    Gemma xxx
  • Lol, are you cyber stalking me waiting for me to reply!! Its good for you to have someone to talk to especially someone with so much knowledge, it must be very reassuring. A friend of mine is 27 weeks and I was talking to her this week, it was nice talking about a healthy pregnancy instead of it being all doom and gloom!!

    I have no idea about my HCG levels, I didn't want to test after the mc because it would have been heartbreaking either way, both a BFP and BFN would have upset me. They said the baby didn't grow from 6 weeks and I had the erpc at 9 weeks exactly. Its hard for it to happen that way but I think it would have been harder for me to start bleeding. I had symptoms until the day of my erpc which was upsetting. I was fighting back nausea when they put me to sleep and woke up without a single symptom, it was very strange.

    I said to OH yesterday in hindsight I felt pretty surreal when I got my BFP and it didn't sink for a while, I think this time I will be soo excited and it will be a bit more real to me.

    I know what you meant about trying again. I wanted to straight away but OH was a bit wary, he soon changed his mind though lol! I am feeling very positive most of the time, I still have moments sometimes where things seem bleak. I just hope it doesn't take a few months or I know my PMA will disappear overnight!!

  • It certainly does feel more real the 2nd time. I think I was the same - didnt really let it sink in the first time. Now ive found myself getting quite excited and then I have to double check myself! I bought a CBD today to check levels were rising. The hospital made me have HCG levels checked until they had returned to 0 so I was glad this happened quickly. Well, last Sunday I got my BFP on cheapie, Cb and CBD. CBD said 1-2 weeks which was about right, although I thought I was more towards the 2 week end. Well, as I know HCG levels muct have dropped quickly as on mc day they were 7, I thought id take another CBD to put my mind at rest and it was 3+ weeks! Has really cheered me up and made me think more positive as theres more of a chance of things progressing (I hope!) Every little helps!

    Oh, and I wish it was simply cyber stalking but unfortunately its just that I cant keep away from this bloody site!!!
  • Thats good news then, your HCG is definately rising. Call your EPU and explain what happened and ask to have your HGG levels checked over a few days to make sure it is doubling and ask for a early scan, they told me I could have one at 8 weeks when I get my next BFP so they should do it for you, even just to put your mind at ease!!

    I really am keeping my fingers crossed for a sticky one, try not to worry about it, easier said than done I am sure!!

    I have got a CBD in the cupboard but I am saving it until I get a +ve on a cheapy!!
  • ooohhh...I didnt know I could do that with EPU. I have been given an earlier mw app. Our drs don't normally do them till 10-12 weeks but I have mine at 8 + 3. I have been for blood tests as I fainted last Sunday. Dont have the results yet...will phone for them tomorrow. Might phone EPU tomorrow and see if they will do bloods though.

    Would love an early scan but dont know how pliable my EPU will be. May ask at mw app and see what they say. I hope they'll see how worried I am and let me have one to calm my nerves.

    I didnt do CBD until had +ve on 3 cheapies!!

    Really would love you to join in this excitement with me...hopefully it'll be your turn too soon!

    Seriously cant believe I havent logged off here all day...have done some work, promise!!

    What do you do for a job? How ald are you and oh?

    Im 24 and hubby is 27. Im a primary teacher and hubby is a chef.

    Gemma xxx
  • Hey, I checked to see if you replied earlier and you must have replied literally minutes after lol!!

    It's worth asking at the EPU, the worst they can say is no and if you tell them you are really concerned I am sure they will book you in just to put your mind at rest. If all else fails pretend you have had pains in your side and they will scan you to check its not ectopic (I am aware my mind works in an evil way!)

    I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up but I feel so much like I did last time, all apart from the sore boobs, I really don't know what to think. Like I said its only been 3 weeks so I know its too soon, I am just a pathalogical symptom spotter!!

    I am 24 too, OH is 30. We have been married 6 months and we have a business together and to be honest I don't really work. I am going in this week, our other member of staff is on holiday so I am working for the first time since December this week. It has been really badly affected by the credit crunch, things are pretty quiet and takings are massively down so its really depressing there, I have been trying to avoid it as much as possible!!

    I trained to be a teacher at uni, I did early years but I didn't enjoy it and left at the end of the 2nd year. I was a supply nursery nurse before that and became a nanny after I left uni so I have spent the last 8 years looking after kids until we set up the business. Ready to look after my own for a change!!

    Were you trying long before your first BFP? I got pregnant straight after my first proper AF after stopping my pill so I am hopeful for it to happen again quickly!
  • Hey...yes, I realise that I dont think I actually logged off here for the best part of 10 hours yesterday (judging from my first and last post!). I did do some school work! Just not much! Suffered a bit for it today!

    Thats sad about the business. Its crap at the moment as its always people who dont deserve to suffer that really do, such as yourselves and honest people who have lost jobs and homes etc and the people who have had a part in all this mess still get paid a week what I earn in 6 months. It just seems so unfair. A girl I work with is desperate for a new car as hers is on its last legs and she wants a small loan to get a decent one. Shes not in debt and has a good job but she cant get one. Its ridiculous!

    I came off the pill on our wedding day, August 2nd 08, but ive been on contraception for the best part of 8 years, including the pill, and the injection for 5 years, so I was aware that things would take a while to get back to normal. My periods were regular straight away, every 27 days, and I took this to be a good sign. We didnt 'try' until Dec and I got my first BFP in January so first month of proper trying. Now pg again so been very very lucky.

    I love my job but you need to love it to do it aas it takes over your life. Im concerned what will happen when I go on mat leave as I am also the SENCO and have massive responsibility throughout the school so im worried who will take this on, but my life is more important. Just takes a little while to convince yourself of this!!

    Where abouts in the country are you? Im in Norfolk, which is where I grew up but me and hubby spent 7 years in London, him cheffing and me teacher training. I loved it but it was nice to come home to the relative quiet!

    Gemma xxx
  • I know what you mean. The guy who has just left RBS with a 30 billion loss is getting paid more a year in his pension than our entire business takes in 3 years!! My SIL got made redundant today and she is completely devastated she spent years working her way up the company training other people below her and she has lost her job and they have kept on the people that she trained because they earn less and do the same job. It sucks!

    I stopped taking my pill by accident really a few weeks after our wedding (13th September 2008) when we went away on a business trip and I forgot to take my pill with me. We made the decision for me to not bother carrying it on when we got home. I had my first full cycle and AF in November/December and I got my BFP 1st January so it all happened very quickly for me too. Fingers crossed it happens again. I was on the pill, injection or an implant for nearly 8 years and didn't have a period for 7 of those so I was surprised everything went back to normal so quickly.

    I can imagine it must be hard to walk away from a SENCO role and feel it is being properly managed, especially if you have been working on a statement or something for ages and want to see it through to completion!

    I enjoyed the teaching aspect of it and I love working with children but the paperwork got too much for me, I wanted a life and be able to get home and relax after work but I knew it wasn't possible. I couldn't have maintained it as a career, I was near a nervous breakdown by the time I left and it took me months to be myself again.

    I am in Edinburgh, we moved here just over 2 years ago from the Nottingham and I love it here. It is nice to get home every now and then to see everyone and I make an effort to spend some time back there every few months to catch up with people we don't get to see in our flying visits but I can't imagine us moving back in a hurry!

    Right I am going to watch 90210 then bath and bed but I will be back tomorrow! Don't miss me too much lol.

    P.S. Are you on facebook or MSN? Email me and I will add you if you are.

  • Hey. How are you today? Did email you my fb name so you ahould get that but let me know if not. Think I finally got the beginnings of morning sickness this morning, although I do have an issue with feeling ill in the mornings so might just have been that. Need to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

    Hope you are still feeling the symptoms! xx
  • Hey I added you on fb but there were about a million gemmiebaby's! Hope I got the right one!
    I am not feeling very well today, dodgy tummy and heartburn. I am hoping its a good thing and not related to the crumble I made last night!!
    I was meaning to ask you, did you get the same symptoms this time around because by now last time my boobs were agony and they are fine. I am trying to convince myself they hurt last time because they were stretching but they are already stretched now so that's why they don't hurt!!
  • You havent added me!! I have 163 friends if that helps! My profile pic is quite small but its me in my wedding dress, full length, looking behind me!

    I did get similar symptoms but I dont think I was really 'pregnant' last time as I lost the baby so early so ive had extra symptoms this time. Didnt feel sick last time but awake at 5 every morning feeling crap this time! Pains have stopped now in tummy but boobs are agony. I think its different to everyone as I havent had any of the heart burn or anything like that.

    When are you planning on testing if you dont have any symptoms of af?
  • Ooops thats a different pic to the one I added, off to look for you now!!

    I don't know what to expect. I had no idea I was pregnant until I got a BFP last time, my boobs were agony from about 7 dpo but I have suffered with them in the past so I didn't think anything of it. Looking back I had some heartburn and I was dizzy one day but at the time I didn't put 2 and 2 together so I don't know what to look for!

    I am planning to test on Friday 13th if AF doesn't get me before then, that will be about 12 days after I thought I oved.

    It's good that you have got some strong symptoms that must be reassuring!
  • Hey hun. Ive added you now! You can tell its the weekend again as ill be on here all the time. I was exactly the same. I keep thinking 'Did I have that symptom before?' and my answer is always 'I dont know!'. I dont remember many symptoms which is why I think I feel better this time as the symptoms are quite reassuring. Everyone keeps telling me that this pg is different and I should treat it as a new pg but its so difficult. Im hoping that, as my mw appointment is at 8 + 3 (if I get there) that my scan will be slightly earlier but thats just speculation.

    I was very stressed out for the last pg as well, before I knew I was pg, and I dont think that helped. 3 days before Xmas a drunk, uninsured, banned foreign man drove his car into our house (well, garden wall) and my car. I'd only had my car 2 months as hubby wrote the old new one off in May 08 so insurance replaced it but it had to be built so had to wait until Oct.

    When he hit it he did ??3500 worth of damage and, as he was uninsured, I had to do all the work getting it fixed and claim on my own insurance, pay excess, sort courtousy car etc. Spent ages on phone to insurance etc so didnt help with stress levels.

    Thankfully, on the day after the mc, my boss offered me a pay rise and we have now been offered compensation for the accident so things are looking up and im not so stressed this time!

    Soz, you probably didnt want to know all that. I just want to buy things now. Babies room is ready with decoration and new carpet as that was hubbys way of getting over the mc. I got a nicely decorated house as well!!! I keep looking and looking but must not buy!!!

    Going to look in the shops again today!

    Anyway, how are you feeling? Do you have any symptoms that 'could' be put to pg? I have never wished for something so hard for someone I dont even know! I have everything crossed for you that Fri 13th is lucky for you, or that you get your BFP really, really soon!

    Gemma xxx
  • Hey, sounds like you had a really awful time with the house and car and everything!! I thought we had stress with work and the recession really hitting the business but at least some arse didn't drive into our house! Mind you someone did shoot our front door with a pellet gun and smashed the window. Does that count lol??

    I am feeling ok, I have got a list of symptoms but I think its just symptom spotting out of desperation! I have started a thread on TTC about it with all the symptoms. I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up because I know I am going to be devastated if AF comes.

    It's so sweet of you to say that about me getting a BFP, I hope I don't disappoint! I have decided Friday 13th is too early it will only be 11/12 dpo so I am going to wait until the Sunday, then OH will be at home we can test together and cry together if its a P or N!!

    I want to decorate the spare room, I am trying to decide on a colour because we don't want to know if its a boy or girl when we get our BFP again. I thinking a pale mint green, I did buy some lemon testers but they seem too yellow and I think its a bit stereotypically neutral!!

    What colour have you decorated the babies room?

    I was supposed to go to work with OH today but I couldn't get up this morning so I am on the sofa in my pj's watching trashy day time TV! And on BE of course!!
  • LOL! Ive just been for lunch with my best friend but thats all I will get out today!!

    You made me smile about your decorating as we have decorated ours......YELLOW!!! LOL!!! Reading your comment really made me giggle coz I thought exactly the same thing, that it was very stereotypical! But I looked at a range of colours and couldnt decide. The room originally had 2 magnolia walls and 2 purple walls so I figured anything would be better than that! It does look nice though and Im looking forward to filling it with lots of lovely baby things.

    Are you thinking about finding out the sex then? I think I would like to as im not good at surprises. Always look at my Xmas pressies etc! But I dont think J (hubby) would let me find out!

    Be thinking of you on Sunday, although im sure we will talk before then!

    Maybe not being able to get up this morning is a sign! I know im knackered most of the time!
  • Not getting up in the morning is not a sign, I still live like a student, go to bed at 2am and get up at midday lol!

    I feel bad now for being mean about yellow! I wanted a really nice lemony colour but the tester was sunshine yellow and a bit scary so it has put me off the idea of lemon!!! I want something off white with just a hint of colour. When we moved in the spare room was a nursery in 2 hideous shades of brown and beige with a awful border glued to the wall. They hadn't put it up properly and the first thing I did when we got the keys was grab a corner and pull, its came off the entire room in one strip. I think they used blue-tack lol! It was the first room we decorated! I painted it blue but its a bit darker than I wanted and I don't like it so want to redecorate soon!

    I don't want to know, I like the idea of a surprise lol! I guess if I was having twins I would want to know just because it would take so much more organisation but for 1 I wouldn't find out. A good friend of mine is a radiographer so I will need to ask for scan pictures where she can't tell, I don't want her to know before me lol!!

    I am sure we will speak before next Sunday but thank you anyway, this has been the longest few weeks of my life. I think if AF comes things will go back to normal but it seems a lifetime since the erpc and it was 4 weeks yesterday.
  • Dont feel bad...I found it quite funny. I really like strong colours (although the purple was a little strong for me!) so bright yellow was exactly what I wanted. I absolutely despise magnolia in a room. Fair enough on the landing/hallway, but I hate it in a bedroom or living room. But then I have a peachy/orange living room, a yellow and blue kitchen and a brown dining room so its a bit mixed up in my house!!! The only room we havent done is the spare room which is lilac and I hate it!

    I dont think I will find out. It wouldnt be fair on J as I know he really doesnt want to know! I would definately want to be the first to know though, youre right there!

    Its so difficult, one minute it seems like time has flown by (ive done parents evening and been back at school 2 weeks already) and another it seems like the mc was months ago. Ive already known for longer now than I did with the mc although it seemed like, after the mc, that id known I was pg for ages but it was only a week and a half. I found out about this one 2 weeks ago tomorrow (well, apart from the sneaky pg test I did on the Sat!) and it seems to have gone quickly.

    Sorry, ive rambled. Now off to meet hubby from work so speak later! This week will fly by...youll see xxx
  • Hey, we just bought some paint tester pots, I bought a lilac one lol and an off white with a hint of green. To be fair they are both off white, lilac is probably not the best description. You sound like my Mum, at one point we had a purple bathroom, yellow hall/stairs/landing, orange kitchen, my brother had a green bedroom, mine was burgundy, mum and dads room was red and the dining room was lilac lol!! It was like a harlequin house. We came home from school to find a different coloured bedroom all the time!! Our house is boringly bland, lots of beiges and cream everywhere except for a dark red feature wall in our bedroom and a blue spare room which I hate!

    It seems to have gone really slowly since the mc. I knew I was pg for 5 weeks and it had finally started sinking in and I was getting excited about telling everyone when I went home 2 weeks after the mc. Oh well it wasn't meant to be!! OH said today he thinks I am pg again which isn't helping with my trying to convince myself I am not, next weekend feels like light years away! It will come round so fast I know but it doesn't feel that way at the moment.

    We have been to Mothercare pushchair shopping today. We are getting a new car soon and we are considering a Mini but we are not sure if we will cope when we have a baby!! We get a lease car with work and its the cheapest option by almost ??100 so it will save us a fortune if we can cope with it! We found a lovely buggy that collapses really small! I have posted in baby about it to see if anyone on there has a small car with their lo.
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