What's happening to your body now your pg?

I've noticed that since the end of my first trimester my body has changed in a lot of ways. Like my hair has become thicker, glossier and no dandruff, my nails grow fast and very strong, my skin is so soft I find myself caressing it and even my 2 yr old girl strokes my arms for comfort. I've got no spots on my face like I did before and my cheeks are rosier and glowing. Even the hair that grows under arms and on legs is so fine it hardly grows anymore.

Why can't I be like this when I'm not pregnant?! I want to know why these things have changed so I can buy the hormone that does it and take it for the rest of my life!!! lol

Have your bodies got better or worse since pregnancy??


  • im still waiting for this "blooming "stage everyone talks about!!

    i just feel pale, dry and knackered. i would kill for 9 mins on the sunbed LOL...

    how many weeks are you?

  • hello,
    during my pregnancy ma hairs on arms, under arms have got thinner but grow alot quicker, my face got horrible throu first stage but its getting better in the third stage, i suppose everyone is different lol
    kayleigh and pink bump xx 34/5
  • I'm 18 + 4 days. It's funny cuz I never noticed it with my first pregnancy...might be a boy this time. Have you had a blood test done to check your iron levels low iron can cause you to look pale.
    How far gone are you??
  • im 19 weeks, all blood tests came back fine im just a propper tanorexic so am really missing being brown!! im must admit tho my skin is pretty clear at the mo (touch wood) but im a bit of a nail biter so i cant really tell with those.

    you due in june then?

  • Zoey you lucky thing FF cup!!!!!!
    Bet you OH's loving you right now. I'm lucky if mine can fill a bloomin' C cup!
  • ive got from an a to d cup and im lovong it at the mo lol x
  • I know what you mean yummy mummy! My boobs are lovely at the mo, just like they were b4 I'd had children. Wish I could take a hormone that would keep them looking this good! lol! Also my hair and nails are lovely too. My skin is a bit dry but the might just be the time of year. Loving my bump at the minute, can't stop rubbing/looking at it all the time! image Sarah 16+6 x x x
  • iv gone from a B to a D, and they are so sore! Mr kel2 cant even enjoy them he just has to admire from a distance!!!

  • Kell - yes I'm due 20th June. Can't wait - I went to see a mate's baby who's 2 weeks old and she's so small and squishy and CUTE!! I felt so broody holding her and kissing her head - felt thankful that I don't have to start the whole process of begging the hubby, trying to conceive and waiting for positive pregnancy tests cuz I'm already preg...just have to wait a few months then I could have one of my own!!

  • I've gone from a d to an e so not that bad and onli 5 weeks 2 go! i hope they dont go any bigger dont think i could handle them lol

  • Hi Chellie-Bellie

    Nice to have you join us. Not long to go now!!! Do you know what your having?
  • BTW I'm 22 and so is my oh and expecting our 2nd baby. First is a 2 yr old girl Evie who's so special to us. I'm 18 weeks, but we're not going to find out the sex of this one...leave it as a surprise!!
  • I know not long at all im sooo nervous, and unfortunately i havent had that blooming period at all lol yeah its a boy image ive decided to call him Alexander Michael (middle name after my dad) xx
  • this is my first , husband has an 11 year old but i dont get to see him.

    im so excited tho and we are finding out on 30th what we are having. 11 days to go. im 31 and hubby 38

  • aww and good luck i hope everything goes well for you, im just nervous coz im onli 18 and dont have a partner but ive got my mum am jus worried i'm missing out on all the parterly stuff u normally have. i think its best that u wait to find out what it is unfortunately i was with my partner at the time of the second scan and he wanted to know what it was so i caved lol x

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  • That's a gorgeous name. That's some bump you've got there..hehe. Don't worry about the birth or anything you'll be ok. Everyone's here to talk about any worries you might have so you feel more confident about what is to come.

    It really isn't that bad...if it was no one would ever have more than one baby would they? Look forward to talking to you soon xxx
  • beware of the leaky boobs lol ive suffered with the embarassment despite wearing breastpads theyve been that bad. i guess its normal though i can live with it for another couple of weeks thank god im breast feeding lol and thanks yummy mummy, really appreciate it. oh and the bumps way bigger than that now lol that was me 28 week bump u shuld see it now at 35 weeks xx

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  • I've noticed my nails are lovely, long and they're growing with white tips for once, normally if I let them grow they split and look a horrible yellow colour. I've bitten them since I was a toddler so I think that's why. But now they look so nice I'm not biting them!

    My belly is huge and I love it but I have noticed 1 stretchmark coming up & it's massive! Grrrr! I had been using that cocoa butter stuff as well.

    My hair's always been nice & thick but it's greasy since I got pregnant, I have to wash it every day. I'm 25 weeks xxx
  • My boobs have gone from a D to E and I have lost a stone and a half! but My tummy is quite solid and i'm only 13 weeks got one streach mark on my tummy, my hair has become lighter as I had really thick hair and now gets greasy which never happened before Grrr... not blooming quite yet! image
  • Hi my hair is getting thicker but greasier, my nails grow faster also my body hair thicker darker and faster, dry skin. boobs getting bigger but thats a good thing lol
    This is my third pg and i have never really bloomed just the same every time apart from when the sun comes out in the summer i get a lovely suntan golden brown very easily as my 2 lo were born end of aug and sep, this one due july,im 13+5.
    vikki xx
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