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Hi all, I went to the hosp yesterday for my 28 week scan/check and my baby is measuring at well over 4 pounds and the size of a 34 week baby. They have told me he is going to be at least 11 pound at full term and have called me back in at 34 weeks for a growth scan and have suggested I am then given a date for a c-section at 37 weeks. I am absolutely petrified of the thought of having a c-section and have sat here crying on and off since yesterday, I really dont like the idea of stopping in hospital for days after cos I have a fear of hospitals. Can anyone who has had a c-section please tell me is the pain really bad after as Im not good with pain and also how long do u normally have to stop in, I think once I get my head round it Ill be ok so just need reassuring,
thanks sarah x


  • Morphine and co-codamol sort the pain out after babe. (It helped that the drugs trolley had a squeaky wheel and I could hear it coming down the corridor!) I felt really looked after by the staff following my c-section and I may opt for another this time around too. My husband was able to stay with me as much as I wanted him to from 9am til 9pm, they weren't too tough on turfing him out when I was a little upset one evening either so that sorted out my nervousness about staying in. Come 9pm I was ready for sleep anyway.

    Discuss how you feel with your midwife, she should have first hand knowledge about the hospital and talk you through what to expect. It is her job to reassure you. Like I said I may opt for another c-section this time too.
  • hi hun,

    i had a section 3yrs ago and truthfully its not as painful as you would think it more uncomfortable for the first couple of weeks than painful but when your discharged from hosp they useually give you a prescription for some pain killers anyway and i had my son on the wednesday and went home the saturday morning so not too long the main thing i would say is make sure you buy some high waisted knickers for after as they will sit comfortabley above your cut if you end up having one

    hope you feel a bit better about it soon

    emma xx
  • Hi I had a c section 3 weeks ago & they really have a bad name lol. I was up and about in 4 hours after operation and 100% normal in a week. The scar is a bit sore for a while after when you get up from slouching or cough but it isnt as bad as all that! Definitely better than squeezing out an 11lb baby and tearing hun. I would take your consultants advice and go for the section, its a good experience I promise xxx
  • Oh yeah, I had my lo at 3am on the Friday and was out on the sunday afternoon xxx
  • I can't lie I was in pain but at the end of the day I think I was in less pain than some of the other ladies who had torn or had stitches down there! Within a week or two I was almost back to normal except watching my lifting and excersice and was already taking Lucas out and about everywhere! My MIL kept saying that with her first she was not as fast to get back on her feet as me and she had a forceps delivery! If you need a section dont worry at least it will be planned and you will know when you will be getting to meet your LO.
  • thanks ladies, I feel a bit better now about it. I just had these expectations of giving birth, coming home straight after and spending time getting to know lo so I feel slightly let down now. Tiger Lily u were home very quickly after ur c-section so hopefully i wont have to stay in too long. I honestly havent thought about the possibility of tearing etc and needing stitches, I think up until now I just had this vision that I would give birth, feel ok after and go straight home- oh if only it was that easy lol, I think I have finally realised it wont be like that at all thats y Im so scared but Im sure it will all be worth it

    sarah x
  • Hi hun just thought I'd add I have the same problem. I'm 27 weeks today and baby is measuring 32 weeks at my scan today. Also got to go back in for a growth scan at 34 weeks and if baby is still so big they will arrange an inductions at 37 weeks. I would rather have a section but because I have a 4 year old to run around after I've opted for an early induction because of the recovery period after a c-section. I had so so many stitches with my first and it was agony, my mum had 3 normal deliveries, the last she had alot of stitches and a c-section with her 4th and she said she was in more pain with the stitches down there than after the c-section. I'm sure it'll all be fine hun. Are they really against you having an induction instead of a section? They advised me to have an induction if they decide baby needs to come out early so maybe talk to your consultant?
  • hi sarahsamuel. i had an emergency c/s with my first (didnt labour - had preg probs), on sun at 3pm, and was ready to go home tue am! (only cos drs couldnt get their act together that it was tue eve instead!). if you listen to your body and get extra help with chores, you should be fine. i was uncomfortable but had regular paracetamol & voltarol (like ibruprofen) & was fine. initially i could have morphine, but didnt feel the need to. i have since had 2 more c/s and have been the same with those. it is uncomfortable at times, but to be honest, i've had period pain worse.
    on the other hand, why do you have to have a c/s just because of the size? my friend is 5'1" and had an 11lb baby, and i've heard of other similar stories. could you not have a "trial" of labour (where they see if the baby will come down thru the pelvis) if you really dont want a c/s. could they not induce you earlier?
    the other thing is have you been tested for diabetes? you do have a whopper for only 28 weeks!
    try not to worry, but ask all these things and see what they say - if you do have the c/s, they are ok, promise!
  • hi
    i had an emergency c section with my 2nd 11 years ago-and truthfully the worse part of it was the 'emergency' situation rather than the op and recovery itself. i was up and about a few hours and declined any pain relief apart from paracetamol cause i really didnt need it!agree that it surely cant be worse than having stitches etc 'downstairs'.and im sure being planned will make it a much better experience than i had. i am 34 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and still trying to make my mind up as to whether or not i want a planned section or VBAC! xx
  • Hi there,
    I had my 3rd C-Section in October, so it can't be that bad! My first lo was 5lbs at 31 weeks. When I was in labour for 15 hours with him, only to get to 6cm and then stop, I had to have an emergency c-sec and he turned out to be 9lb9oz! I had another boy by elective c-sec, which was recommended because he was getting big too, and then I had a surprise girl last October, again by c-sec because you can't have a normal delivery with your third. Each time, I have found the recovery to be fine! you just have to be careful. My first delivery was more traumatic because it was an emergency section. My other son and daughter's births were controlled and absolutely fine afterwards so my advice would be to take their advice and don't worry! You get plenty of pain relief anyway and you are up and about the next day!
    Good luck.....luv anne-marie xx
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