When did ur baby start kicking???

Hi all lm 16 wks with my 1st baby and desperate to feel my baby kick. When did u start feeling your lo kick?xx



  • hi i felt my baby movin around @ 15 weeks & felt it kick from outside for the first time last nite @ 19week but this is my 2nd baby
  • I didn't start feeling the baby move till about 18/19 weeks and hubby could feel him at about 22 week. When it was a bit stronger. I was like you I could't wait to feel my baby its so reasuring. Hope you feel you lo soon xxx
  • I first felt tiny flutterings about 14 weeks, and proper kicking about 18 weeks, but even now at 22 weeks i don't often feel him with my hand outside my tummy xxx
  • felt little bubbles and gurgles at about 18/19 wks with my first (felt it about 14/15 wks this time) but it very quickly turns into lovely strong kicks and wriggles!! it is lovely - till they keep u awake at night and take their fustration out on your bladder, tee hee!!!!

    Claudia + bluebump 36 weeks xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi

    I felt my lo move for the first time at 19 weeks (this is my first). My husband couldn't really feel him until about 23 weeks...

  • I felt my lo move bang on 19 weeks, just tiny flutterings. they didn't really get very frequent for a about two weeks when I felt it on the outside myself at 21 weeks. OH felt it about a week after that.
    31+5. xx
  • I felt my little girl at 13+6 weeks.

    It was possible to feel her kicks on the outside at 17 weeks.

    Im 26 weeks now and every doctor / midwife i see comments that i have a "very active baby"

    Everyone is different though so you shouldnt worry, it'l happen image xx
  • the day after my 20 week scan.

  • Hi

    I felt popping sensations at 16wks which i thought was wind until hubby felt baby at 17wks. This is my first but from what i can tell its different for everyone!! So dont worry! xx
  • I didn't feel baby till 23 weeks and shortly after other could feel him too.. lol now he never stops it will happen! promise! lol x
  • hi i felt the first signs of baby at about 19 weeks but it wasn't the usual fluttering i thought it'd be it was more like a rolling feeling but then could go a couple of days without feeling anything. the sonographer said i've got an anteria placenta ( on the front wall of the uterus ) so it cussions any feeling, i'm 21+4 now and still only feeling light fluttering, it's nice to know she's in there now but caused some worrying when i couldn't feel anything for a few days. i find if i lay on my back that seems to get her moving. x x
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