Eggs (the kind you eat)

I had a craving for eggs on toast this morning, anyhow, I made my eggs on toast and the yolk was lovely and runny, now I have just looked it up and that is a bad thing..............ahhhhhhhhhh I am worried now, silly cow!!!


  • hi dont worry to much as eggs with the red lion on carry a really small risk of salmonella as they are all vaccinated the hens that is, its just better i think to be over cautious i cant wait for runny egg and chips when my lo is born!!!!
  • Thanks chloe - I just sprinted to the fridge to see if it had the red lion stamp on - it did (although I had left the fridge door open, I am such a nightmare) - I only eat free range eggs so fingers crossed x
  • i have had a craving for poached eggs for the past few months, but i want them with a runny yolk! and its weird cos normally i dont like runny yolk! but what i have been doing which really is a bit naughty and i would never recommend to anyone to do is making my eggs with a kind of half runnyish yolk, only a bit though! as chloe said i have been using the lion eggs which carry a very small risk of salmonella. i know i may get shot down for posting this which is why i would never tell others to do it but the craving is really bad!!

    Slap my wrists now!

    Nina 27+2 xx
  • i've eaten slightly runny yolks thruoghtout my pregnancy, but then im bad... read somewhere that its boiled eggs that are the worst. i think giving into your craving once or twce will be fine! need to live a little xxx
  • mmm runny eggs, I can't stop eating them either, my friend at work who's French finds the whole you can't eat this or that really wierd, brie, a little bit of pate, rare steak all ok as far as she is concerned.
  • yeah, one of my best mates is french & she thinks the english are far too paranoid. as does my mum & midwife lol. i think everything in moderation! i was a paranoid wreck at the beginning of my pregnancy but ive relaxed a lot now - think its really just common sense
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