well another friday night alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

damn criminals keeping my hubby at work, so i get to spend my friday at home alone winging on line to everyone. any second now the bordom eating will begin lol


  • Join the club hun, my hubby is doing a late today so he won't be home untill 10.30ish. Doesn't do anything as exciting as yours by the sounds of it though!
  • dont b fooled he's a dc so from what i understand he eats lots of cake and plays golf round the station. but hes got to stay till after eleven all this week, n my mum has kidnapped my kids as she thinks they need to practice stayin over so they r used to it when baby comes
  • They do about the same then! Oh is a supermarket manager and I am sure that all he ever does is drink coffee and tell people what to do. I keep threatening to go in instead of him one day and prove how easy his job is.
  • fab idea, all my oh lot do is sit around making fat jokes about my bump lol he doesnt get how borrrrrrrrrrrring this isxxx
  • Im home alone(ish) too, but my oh has gone to the pub same as he does every Friday!! My eldest son (19!!) is in his room playing computer games, and my other 2 are in bed. So Im sat here chatting and have just made myself feel sick by eating half a big bar of Milky Bar! :roll: And there is sod all on the tv! :evil:

    8 weeks.
  • hi baby bump3 im just about to eat a huge bag of cheesey puffs n flick through tv again as there is nothing better to do lol how sad do wesound
  • I've got the remains of a big tub of ice cream. There isn't even anything worth watching on Sky box office.
  • damn it oh took cheesey puffs to work!! i'll have to kill him no other option really.
  • Hi, Just thought i'd join this post as i am also spending this evening alone as my OH doesn't get home til around 11.30, by which time im normally crashed out on the sofa. Iv just put my son Rhys to bed, he's run me ragged this evening so i suppose that made time pass a little quicker. Im staying away from the kitchen 2nite tho, coz once i start eating i won't stop, lol. Kerry xxx

  • Wouldnt be so bad if we could have a couple of glasses of wine, take the edge off the boredom. But cant even do that! Might stick Grease on. That always cheers me up!
  • my freinds r all going to alton towers tommorow damn them n theyre non pregnant skinny unmaternal selves lol xxx my house is so quiet its scarey xxx
  • Awww I love alton towers, boo hoo, oh well at least ill be able to go by the end of the summer, lol. Iv bin naughty and had a glass of wine, granted it was one quater wine and three quaters soda water but it made me feel better. I suppose i shud use this time to get sum uni work done, but i just cnt get into it. Kerry xxx

  • I hate rollercoasters! I always feel like I want to go on them, but they scare the cr*p out of me! Im not good with heights either so that doesnt help, lol!
  • Now that's a good idea but putting a dvd on here would involve going upstairs, finding the box with the dvd's in and then messing about connecting the dvd player to the tv. And I can't be arsed!
  • its like the slowest evening ever!! keep thinking must b eleven by now damn it. im soooo bored u girlies r all thats keeping me sane this week!!!!!!!
  • Hi girls - thought I'd join you! I'm home alone too - my oh works nights and is not back until 5am. So I'm alone every night! He is peed off atm because his paternity leave starts Wednesday (my induction date!), and he will be going back to work the night of the footie final haha! Oh well, this time next week, I can't moan about being bored xx
  • Im not home alone but my hubby is upstairs so i may aswell be. Im an xbox 360 widow image I have just had a massive mixed kebab (yum) and now im watching charmed.

    I love Alton Towers and my mum, stepdad and siblings are all going together courtesy of my 2 for 1 vouchers. My baby is not due til October so im not gonna get to go this year.
  • Hi Tiger Lily, welcome to our club! You never know, your lo might decide to put in an appearance before Wednesday and then he'll be back before the football lol.
  • awww poor oh missin the footie! keep havin braxton hicks v uncomfortable . hope baby makes an easy arrival for u tiger lily xxxx
  • I doubt it v. much! I am not even bothering now. Spent ages tonight running up and downstairs like a mad lady and spent an hour watching tv on all fours with my bum in the air like a plonker...to help with the posterior position...But I can still feel his legs flailing everywhere, so he hasn't turned. I'm really annoyed I hadnt been told it all along, as now hes probably too big to move! xxxx
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