boys names (for the millionth time!)

Hi all,

I know this has been asked a million times but I really need some help with baby names. We've just found out we're having a boy which we are so happy about (although of course would have been just as happy with a girl!) but this has caused problems with the name. I think girls names are easy but we can't decide on a boys name at all...

We had thought Harry originally with the middle name Peter (after my dad) but then a friend pointed out that was almost Harry Potter... So I've got that stuck in my head and we've had to ditch it. But Harry was the only name we both agreed on... I really want to use Peter so we need to find something else that goes with it!

I like traditional names, nothing to modern, but they all seem so boring now. Help me please!

Sonia x


  • We are having a boy and I have the same problem with the name Harry. Plus our friends have just had a Harry. We have been arguing throughout over names and now I'm 28+3 and panicking a bit.

    My DP has even been taking me around graveyards to look for traditional Victorian names! Sounds a bit sick but it was actually a really good idea!

    We now have 3 but I'm not sold on any of them to be honest especially as our favourite one was suggested by the MIL! We'll never hear the end of it.

    I teach and there are 3 Toms, 3 Tims and 3 Josh's in every class plus every name I think of I get put off by thinking of a naughty child with that name!

    Sorry I can't help but I empathise with you. I think we will write a list of names we could cope with and see what he looks like when he's born. Also DO NOT discuss names with your family, they will drive you mad and are sure to slag off anything you even remotely like! We will keep it top secret.


    just an idea - what about henry peter?
    we are having just as much trouble choosing a name - what i like my oh dont and vice versa! the only name we both agree on is joey (jo for short/when he older) and my oh wants douglas (after his grandad) as his middle name. so it looks like J.D for us! although we are keeping it secret as i jus know we will get negative comments! i am not keen on the middle name douglas at all but its more about naming him after his great grandad. as middle names dont really get used that much do they? i kno i drop mine when i have to fill out paperwork etc so maybe harry peter could be used if it is just the middle name and not harry-peter???
    bet i havent helped one bit and jus confused u more! sorry hun!
    hope you find something u like soon xx
  • hi i agree, dont discuss names with anyone! (well apart from us of course image. just tell them the baby's name once its his name.

    as for the harry potter thing, how often do you say their full name anyway. i think you should just go with that.

    we are having a boy too and because our first child (girl) is called Elise we are choosing a sort of not so traditionl name so it matches hers. At first we liked Fraser and even started referring to bump as Fraser but now we like Ethan. it will prob change again tho.

    just a thought but maybe your baby could have 2 middle names, Peter being the second one, then the Harry Potter thing wouldnt be so obvious, for example Harry James Peter Surname, then you get to choose the first name you love and include your dad's name?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • Well in my experience whatever you choose now might not be the name baby ends up with anyway! Our bump was Bodhi all the way through, well until he popped out and then we realised we wasn't actually a Bodhi at all!
    He spent 3 days without a name - we tried out Harry (OH wanted it, I didn't) Jude (I wanted and guess what - OH didn't) and then Stan.. which we decided to sleep on and then thought that wasn't right either.
    4 days in he ended up with the name of Barnaby mainly coz it's brilliant and also because it totally suits him!
    Check out - it's a bit American but lots of ideas....
    Good luck!
  • I had Kayden thomas as my boys name but i'm having a girl
  • As usual, it's great to share on here! I knew I wasn't alone!

    I agree that we wouldn't commonly be using the middle name so it shouldn't matter, but everyone wants to know the full name to begin with and so the Harry Potter thing will come up... I told my dad we would call him Harry Peter and he immediately mentioned the Harry Potter thing. So I tested it on my best friend (desperately trying not to say it in a way that made it sound obvious) and she spotted it too without any prompting. So I have to assume most people will think that when we first announce the name... We considered putting another name in between but I just think two middle names is a bit much. My mum has two middle names and hates it.

    I've just been thinking about Max which I quite like. And I really like Thomas too. Actually my favourite name is William (Will) but my husband isn't keen. It's a family name (my grandfather) so my dad would be very chuffed if we called him that. We had to discount any combination of William and Harry because of the obvious royal connection! Thought it was a bit much!

    This is so hard!
  • My boys are called, david, andrew and matthew. We couldnt decide on matthew or liam for our 5th so we called him matthew, liam! x
  • our bump at the mo is baby thomas, we also liked mathew, so possibly matthew thomas or thomas matthew not sure yet think we will decide when we see him
  • I gave Barnaby 2 middle names too, he's Barnaby Andrew Thomas... and yes it's a bit of a mouthful I suppose, and his initials spell BATH (and thanks to my friends and family who pointed that out for me incase I was a bit thick and hadn't realised it, and no, I doubt he will be a plumber either.... honestly, what is it with people commenting on your choices of names!!??)
    I echo what someone else said - tell people what you've chosen after the baby is here as they *should* be too polite to comment then!
    I wouldn't worry about the Harry Potter thing if you like Harry Peter - I had Hermione on the list for a girl and was worried about the same thing but think it's what I would have gone for regardless.
  • Trackieann - love the "BATH" thing! As long a it's not rude! I think that's a lovely name.

    The problem with Harry Peter is now I think Harry Potter so it's been ruined for me... And I'm glad I discussed it because I wouldn't have wanted to feel this way when it was too late. I know there will always be someone who comes up with some play on a name but I'm trying to avoid pitfalls now! My husband's cousin had a baby boy last year and they called him Ryan Kerr (Kerr being a family name) and someone said it sounded like "wanker"... I think that's a pretty weak link to make to be honest!

    Zoey - my nephew is called Archie which is a great name!
  • Hi Sonia,
    As a teacher, I'm having Clatterbelle's problem. We don't even have a shortlist of boys names and my due date is less than 4 weeks away!
    Hope you can make a decision soon. If not, you can always hope it will be a girl after all... That's what I'm doing, as I don't know the sex!

  • Im having my 3rd boy and am gonna call him Thomas (Tommy) Michael James! My other 2 are called Keiran Patrick and Oliver William. This one is called after - Tommy Lee (Motley crue drummer), OH's dad and my dad! Oliver is named after the cat from disneys Oliver & Co coz Keiran used to sing the song from it to my bump when he was little. Thank god it wasnt Bambi lol
    Love Lee
  • Hi I completely agree boys names are harder to agree on! I got 2 girls and thought this one was another girl so hadnt even thought of a boys name! We found out we are having a little boy though and Finally decided on a name at the weekend and he will be called George Charlie. George is my grandads name and also my dads middle name and neither are alive anymore so found it fitting to use that name(its also brothers middle name too) and Charlie after my husband.

    I did like some names but oh didnt but will say them as you might, Henry, Harrison, Dylon, Tyler, Rhys and Brodie.

  • lol my oh surname is lamb and like on another thread about names,, before i found out the sex i found it soo easy to pick a boys name but not a girl, i think i was secretly hoping it was a boy, the only girl's name i liked was lilly-mai and i loved it so much till i added the surname and it sounded so silly ''lilly lamb'' so it would of been ava louise.luckly it is a boy, i wanted a name i could yell if he was naughy and a name that we could shorten!! ie JOSHUA!!! or joshie/josh for short!!! lol we tried to keep a tradition going too by adding james as a middle name as its oh middle name and am spelling it jaymes so it has a twist.
    so lo intinals wil be J J lamb so now oh calls my bump JJ !!
  • Great bunch of names from everyone! I can see the problem of being a teacher and choosing names! Lots of negative associations no doubt. And Nessy - he's definitely a boy... absolutely no doubt from the scan!

    I like Joshua but we have one in the family already. George is a great name but my boss is a George so that would be too weird for me... I like Thomas but husband not keen... This is the problem we keep having!

    I discussed this with my husband last night and I think we may be going with William now, but calling him Will. The name means a lot to me because it's my grandfather. I never knew him because he died when my dad was 14 but my dad would be so proud. But I really wanted a name that my husband really felt excited about too and he's not a big fan of William... He's okay with Will but I want him to love it!

  • thats nice idea we to have a joshua james in the family but they live down south and im happy like others say you cant please everyone and its your child !
  • Im having a girl but the boys names we choose were Ashton or Max, i really struggled to find a boys name that stuck out and i really liked!!!!!

  • Congratulations on the little girl mummycara!

    I get the feeling that a lot of people are in a similar situation to me with boys names (although there will also be plenty people struggling with girls names too!). I think you can be more creative with girls names. If you are too creative with boys then it can go wrong! It's such a huge responsibility to pick a good name whether it's a boy or a girl. And that seems like such a little thing compared to everything else involved in having a child! The whole responsibility thing is really starting to hit home now!
  • I like George Charlie too. Dad is called George and my OH dad's middle is Charles (1st name Trevor - said he could have that but Charles / Charlie is his choice - phew).

    If i had a girl (not sure which it is yet) i like Sophia Mary.
  • We are really struggling to agree on anything! I like Jaxon but oh thinks it might be too unusual, he likes Alfie which is nice but I think it might be a bit too popular. We did decide last night that we both quite like Barnaby but I'm sure we will have changed our minds again by tomorrow!
    I definately wouldn't discuss names with anyone, my best friend always wanted to use the name Ophelia if she ever had a little girl, right up untill she told her now husband who said
    "What, like can I have a-feel-ya tits?"
    Bloody men!
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