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hi has anyone got any tips on how to get rid of heartburn iv been getting it all the time.

any hits will be so helpful..


  • The best thing for me is something peppermint or a sour apple works really good and ive tried everything, these are the best remedies for me anyway!! x
  • thanks i'll try that later i might sleep more tham 3 hours at a time.
  • I only get 2 hours every night its awful! Im always awake cause i cant get comfortable and my baby constantly elbows me and fidgets which really hurt!
  • hi, how far gone are you?
  • im 35+4, how about you? sophia x
  • hi 29 weeks but the hospital have told me to be on my gard she came come at any time.
    she has been head down since 24 weeks
  • My baby was head down from 26wks but i dont know whats normal and not, as this is my first.
    Oh gosh id be scared to move incase i went into labour! x
  • hi, every little pain your thinking this is it but it is always braxton hicks. its my first to and i wasn't expeting to get preg so soon only got married last june and iwas due to have an op but i was 8 weeks gone. but im so happy that i am having a baby and i wouldn't change it for the world.
  • me too, well i was on the pill 7 was so shocked when i got pregnant as we hadnt planned it and i was halfway through first yer at uni so was last thing i was thinking but now i am so happy and so is my fiance, were getting married september 2007 x
  • congarts, i wish i had the brians to go to uni as you can see from my spelling im not that good.

    what are you trianning to do?

  • i studying finance & accountancy, im only good at numbers thats why i do it! x
  • hi, my partner is the same he has been an accountant for 10 years.

    hopefully the baby will have his brains but my looks lol

    do you know the sex of your baby?
  • My fiance is a soldier! In Iraq at moment, yeah im having a boy, what are you having?
    i hope my baby looks like both of us but i think my looks on a boy would be bit feminine whereas Owain is very manly!
  • im having a girl, how are you finding it your man being there? iv only got my man to talk to so i counldn't cope with out him to support me. my family don't get on well and all my friends don't have any kids or intend on havivg any as they are all single and having fun drinking.

    i got married to a man 11 years older than me im only 21.
  • my friends are the same! i have a close family which is good but nothing compares to having him here.
    im 19 and my fiance is 24 in august x
  • hi, at least you have a close family but i know what your saying its nice to have your partner with you.

    my baby girl may have a heart problem i don't know untill she comes in to the world.
    do you miss going out with your friends cos i know i do?
  • hi shell, im 18 and my fiance is 12 n 1/2 years older than me so i know how you feel about only having him to talk to. i def miss going out with my friends but luckily i started going out very young so i dont feel like ive missed out its still strange as they are all single and go out loads so i dont have much in common with them anymore!
  • yeah i really do, every wed, thurs, and fri night i was out in birmingham and i really miss it but when i say this to ppl they think im awful cause im moaning about how much i miss going out! I loved going out, wed & thurs was night with girls then on fri owain and me went into stafford and saturdays were our night in!
    But i know things have to change now! i dont mind though, my baby will be more than worth it x
  • hi kim, iv been going out from a young age.
    the thnig i enjoy at the mo is a nice bath. i don't have anything in common with them anymore too.
    its nice t0 talk to someone with an older partner.
  • hey kim u ok sweetie? hows baby x
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