Slept for hours......

Morning girls,
Just to let you know that for some reason last night my sleepless nights came to an end. I went to bed just after 9pm, slept until 11.29 (pee run) then back to sleep until 5.40 this morning (another pee run)! its the first time in over 3 weeks Ive slept like this.
I dont know what was different, or why but am I glad for the sleep. I feel brighteyed and bushy tailed today. I feel I can take on anything that is chucked at me today.
Hang in there those of you that are having problems with sleeping. I know what you're going through.
x x x x :\)


  • How far on are you? Just wondering if I can look forward to my sleep returning, or if I have missed the boat? xx
  • I am 31+4. As I said the past three weeks I have been lucky to get anything above an hour 1/2 to 2 hours in one go, and then been awake for another 6/8 hours, which as we know isnt nice when its the middle of the night!
    just hang in there and it will come.
  • I've been on hols for last 10 days and go back tomorrow. I'm worried it's gonna be hard cos I can't sleep through the day but hoping that actually getting the routine back will make me sleep at night. M 21+4 xx
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