Help! Bleeding after sex (way tmi sorry)

Hay Ladies,

Im in need of some advice!
OH and I had sex for the first time last night since I found out I was pregnant (mainly havn't wanted to as Ive felt so crap!). This morning i had some pinkish bleeding when I wiped, but I know this is quite common,so wasn't too worried. But its now become alot heavier and a little bit clotty (sorry tmi). I phoned the comunity midwife who was not interested and told me to call the out of hours doctor, which I did, and they told me someone would get back to me, but that was nearly 2 hours ago!
I am totally freaking out!

Anyone with any reassuring advice would be really good.

Naomi xx


  • hi
    iv been told to worry if the blood turns a bright red colour or gets heavyer,if it does id go down to a&e there usally pritty good,i went down at 24 weeks with cramps, they usally do all the checks ie-babys heart beat ect,and put your mind at rest
    hope this was a little helpful.
  • Hi yeah i agree with sam86. If you are that worried i would just go straight to a+e. When i was pregnant with my first (before i knew i was pregnant) I bled after sex and thought it was my period. Only lasted a day and then shortly after found out i had been pregnant. My son is now 8 so no damage done but i would go just to put your mind at rest.

    Good luck xx
  • if your seeing fresh coloured blood i'd definatly get checked out. It could be all or nothing but its better to be safe than sorry.

    Hope all goes well

    Lisa xxx
  • Hay Ladies,
    Thanks for all of the advice, as this is my second baby I thought I would be a bit more clued up and calmer but everything still throws me into a panic!
    Ive been to the hospital and they scanned me as I still had heavy bleeding, but baby was fine and they couldn't see any problems. So they did an internal and I have burst some blood vessels, so all is fine and the bleeding has started to slow now.

    Thanks Again
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