Morning girls.

Sorry if this post sounds really thick, But. Can coldsores in anyway be related to pregnancy or is it just "one of them things"? I used to get coldsores very rare, like once every couple of years or so. But in the last 7/8 weeks ive had 3! Bloody 3!!! They look awful!

Mikayla x


  • I suffer from coldsores and they are worse when you are rundown. Your body is probably so busy doing other things that it hasnt got the energy to fight off coldsores. I would say best thing to do is make sure your lips dont dry out and have lots of vitamin c! I know they are ugly, every time i go on holiday i get them so my holiday snaps always look awful.
  • Hi i had never suffered from coldsores but when i had my daughter the first time i was pg i got them all over my face it was really bad and i asked my mw about them and she said it could be because im pg and the baby taking all the goodness and my body being run down.
    But i am on my third pg and have had them since.
    vikki xx
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