Pregnancy Confirmed!

Doctor confirmerd pregnancy today and made me an appointment with midwife! Woo! 10th December, cant come quick enough! Although really worried as had 2 previous miscarriages! And i sooo dont feel pregnant now apart from the sore nips! How we all doing?

Mikayla x


  • Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a lovely early xmas pressie!
    I didnt feel pregnant for ages either never had morning sickness or anything so dont be concerned about that. However my boobs did feel heavy and even now i cant face towards the shower as the water hitting my nips is agony!!
    Haha! Cant believe i just told you that!
    Congrats though hun and take it easy, especially during the 1st 12 weeks and you'll do great! xxxxx
    Amy + pink bump
    26 + 4 weeks xxxxx
  • Congratulations, thats great news.

    Make your you look after yourself and hope the sore nips dont bother you too much.

    Denise 32w
  • Thank you both, im taking it very easy and thankfully im out of work at the minute anyway so get to spend all day relaxing! Going to see if i can refer myself to the EPAU next week for an early scan due to previous mc's and that i dont know if im 6 weeks or 11 weeks preggers as i dont know if i was pregnant last month as did 2 tests and both came back very very faint then i had a period. So unsure at the minute! xx
  • congratulations hun,

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