30+ weeks are u all ready 4 baby

hello im debateing weather to sort out babys stuff its all in her cot but the last 2 times i did this with the boys, they came at 30 weeks but it was strange cos wen id sorted there stuff i felt like a kind of im ready 4 them now. Thats y i dont want to sort anything yet just incase the same happens again and i have amy early i no u all think im nuts but what wud u do, u have bound to of red that iv had a dodgy preg to say the least, but wud really like your views on this cos i keep looking at it thinking shall i or sharnt i lol :roll:


  • lol tinkerbell my stuf is all ready now all im waiting for is bump. i can see where your coming from but if i was you i would get it done while you still have the energy i think your due around the same time as me (may) and im really starting to flag
    claire x
  • I would get it done now if I were you as your last two babies were early, like sxychick said while you've still got the energy as well!
    I havent really started getting ready yet, baby still hasn't got anywhere to sleep or anything lol. I finish work in two weeks so will get my arse in gear then!

  • well we are all ready for lacey bump now moses basket made up all clothes washed bags by door really wish she would come soon x would love to be early for a change x

    chloe 36+5
  • hi i'm already for pip and have been for a good few weeks to be honest. I think i started washing all her clothes at about 25 weeks so i could just do a bit at a time, which worked really well for me. The only thing we've got left to do is put the bedding on the crib, but i don't want to do that till we bring her home as i don't want it to get dusty. If your last two we're early i'd get everything done as soon as possible, as i'd prefer to be prepared then taken by suprise.
  • I would also get everything ready if your last 2 were early, fingers crossed she stays in there till full term but its best that youve got everything ready just in case (This is coming from a lady who hasnt even packed her hospital bag or bought the things to do in it lol) xxx

    Hannah 36+1 xx
  • I'm 24+6 but already know I've only got 4-6 weeks to go. All my stuff is ready (just doing last load of sheets now) as I like to be organised. Having everything sorted will help me relax during the last few weeks and I'll know that I can get hubby or my mum or sis to nip in and make the moses basket up/pick extra bits up if I need them as everything is in the nursery and organised.
    Just me though, I am a bit like that and like to get myself sorted in advance, even for holidays etc.!!! image
  • lol i did it i sorted all her stuff and moswt of my hospital bag i felt like a piece come over me and that im ready 4 her now which has spooked me out cos i got like that with the boys iv even made up her moses basket and cot see i dont need a bloody man lol i can build and use a scrwe driver 2 lol xxx
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