Depressed about weight, is anyone else?

Argh when I was younger and I read magazines etc saying how celebrities were desperate to lose their 'baby weight', I never really understood, I thought well surely youd be too happy having a new baby and too busy to worry about your weight.

But now I really understand it...I feel so ugly and fat! Not because of my bump because I love it, but I was too heavy (bout a stone overweight & a size 14) before I got pregnant and I DREAD to think how big I am going to be when I have my lo. I have put on 2 stone, taking me up to 13 stone!!! image I do look slimmer than I was before oddly enough as the weight on my face and arms has gone completely but it has 're-located' itself onto my hips which are now enormous! I haven't been eating stupid amounts either...

Does anyone else feel this way? I just feel like I'll never be a size 10 again and my oh wont fancy me even though he says he does. I feel like everyone is looking at me now thinking I'm a fat cow even though I never think that about anyone however big they are.....I just want to look forward to having my baby! But I can't because all I want to do now is go on a diet, and it would be irresponsible to do that while pregnant....but I cant help wishing I was thin and thinking how far I've got to go!



  • Oh please don't feel like that! I am so used to being a size 8 it's odd being bigger than I have ever been in my life! I was ok with it until a few people have commented on my bum being big and stuff. I mean, is there any need to point it out??? And some of them even tap it!!!! I think everyone is different with baby weight, but once Gabriel is here I'm sure if you eat sensible, go for loads of walks with the pushchair it will soon drop off... that's what I keep telling myself anyway!

    Please don't feel down!

    27 + 3
  • Aww hunni, dont feel like that. You'll be even more beautiful to your oh when lo is born, coz you'll be the mother of his child!!! Also you'll find that with all the extra rushing about and stuff, you will lose weight really quickly anyway, but you will be too busy with lo to notice either.

    Hugs xxxxxx

  • your fine!! 2 stone 2lb is just baby weight (on average) given that your 37 weeks plus you'll probaby find after you've had little one your the same, if not less that before.
  • I know it's really hard to believe at the minute but try not to worry about it. I put on about the same last time round and by the time Millie was 6 weeks old I was back in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I made no effort to lose the weight, I did breastfeed which helps, and I walked alot as it was the only way to get Millie to sleep but that was it. Looking at your picture all the weight is on your bump so you will probably find it comes off really easily. I'm just praying that mine goes as quickly this time as I am going on holiday 9 weeks after baby is due!
  • I know what you mean, feeling fat (even though you know you're really not) can get you down. I'm 33wks & have put on loads of weight - about 2 & a half stone. I used to be pretty weight & food conscious before I got pregnant, as lost over 3 stone the year before & managed to keep most of it off. But since getting pregnant I've not been watching what I eat at all. I'm hoping that as baby is due in June I'll be able to go for lots of long walks, & also breastfeeding should help. Also keep telling myself that I managed to lose lots of weight before so can do it again (fingers crossed!)
  • Thanks everyone - looks like I'm not alone!! Felt a bit better yesterday as we went round to see someone who has a 5 month old & she said I was so lucky as I had nothing but bump and "didnt look pregnant from the back" (I've had that a few times - don't get it - how can you look pregnant from the back?! :lol: )

  • Hey tigerlyl, I'm the same as you. It really hit home this weekend for me. My oh's sisters have gone to Majorca and raided my wardrobe for anything suitable. I realised that I just couldn't get into those clothes anymore and it really upset me, then my oh tried it on and I just couldn't get the image of me with a big bump out of my head, which I was thinking he'd find repulsive - he assures me he doesn't.

    The problem for me is that I know over this last 7 weeks I'm only going to get bigger. Don't get me wrong though, I love my bump and will probably be lost without it.
  • LOL Tigerlily!!! I have had that comment too about "not looking pregnant from the back" Have no idea what it means coz I cant see but I defo feel better when I say to OH Do I look pregnant from the back and he says no!!! Think its just a different way of asking - does my bum look big in this lol!!!

    I just saw 2st 2 was average "baby" is this true???? Please please please tell me it is coz then I wont feel so bad!! Found out "fatboy"is 3.9 today (30 wks) and looking like hes gonna be 7.9 when born IN EIGHT WEEKS!!! See am even calling lo Fatboy now - so I dont feel sooo bad lol - God, Im a bad mother already!!!!
  • I'm pretty sure the more babies you have, the bigger they get! It worked for almost everyone I know except my mum and theres only a 17 month gap between me and my sister, so that could be why... xxx

  • Oh good - I am not alone!

    I feel like this too, and I feel mean saying to my friends because I don't think that they can understand how you can be bothered by something so trivial when you're getting a baby at the end of it all, which is true, but it's still no picnic. Being only 5ft I think it's worse, I seem to have a massive bump - I look like a beach ball. I actually found out I was pregnant just before I got married and I refused to weigh myself before the wedding as I knew I couldn't diet and didn't want to stress myself, and I haven't had the courage to weigh myself since so I have no idea at all how much I have put on. It's too frightening to find out now!

    I was feeling fine about it until about a week or two ago, but since then virtually every day someone says how huge I am. What is it with people thinking your body is public property when you're pregnant? At a time in your life when you're probably the biggest you've ever been, with raging hormones mucking your skin up and water retention, people tend to asses your appearance more than ever.

    Some people are just so rude. I actually cried after work on Friday (hormones probably had an influence too) after a particularly mean comment. I was saying that a lot of people had said they thought I was carrying a boy because I am 'all bump' when this cow (who IS a cow, and for the record, who I wasn't even talking to) said "oh no, it's defiantly not a boy - that's when you JUST have a bump - you can easily see you are pregnant from behind, must be a girl". What the f*ck?! And this was from no stunner, let me tell you!

    I have a wedding to very soon and I will be 30 weeks and I am DREADING it because the last time I went out in a big group I was 22 weeks and everyone was saying how well I looked but now I feel massive and the fact they thought I looked smaller than expected then sort of makes it worse, if that makes any sense? Like I have rapidly gone down hill in the last few weeks?!

    Oh well, I am sure it's all worth it (and I have just eaten a donut so I obviously can't be helped!!)
  • 7.5 - 8.5 lbs Baby
    2 lbs Amniotic Fluid
    1.5 - 2 lbs Placenta
    1.5 - 2 lbs Breast Tissue
    3 lbs Blood Volume
    2 - 2.5 lbs Uterine Muscle
    4 lbs Water
    8 lbs Maternal Stores

    that average, so if the baby weighs more, allow another cople of lb!
  • I feel exactly the same tigerlily, i never really lost the weight from my first baby properly before i fell pregnant again (even tho there was 14months in between). I dnt really know wat weight i was before i fell pregnant but at the 8wk booking in the mw weighed me and i nearly died wen the scales said 12stone! I was a size fourteen so i dnt know where i was hiding 12stone. Anyway since then iv put on a stone and a half which is all been stored on my hips, bump and the tops of my thighs are getting abit bigger than i wud like. The way i see it is we are growing beautiful little bundles of joy and im gona try not to think about weight until after the baby is born. I know exactly how u feel tho, it is rather depressing. Kerry xxx

  • You sound a lot like me Kerry. Was 11 stone ish at my booking in & a size 14.

    When I met my oh (two years ago!) I was 9 stone and a size 10 - omg I miss it sooooo much! All my own fault though as a relationship isnt an excuse to eat chocolate! xxx

  • Thank you soooo much for that Mummylisa lol

    I have copied it, pasted it and blown it up and stuck it on my fridge lol xxxxxxxxxxx

    Now the Ben and Jerrys on offer in Morrisons wont feel soooo bad lol
  • Ha ha ha tigerlily ur comment made me laugh, coz i was 9stone and a size 10 wen i got with my partner (nearly 5yrs ago), and after we'd bin settled for a while i lamped on a load of weight purely through eating too many take-aways and chocolate bars. Its funny how getting into a relationship means u eat urself fat, ha ha ha. I wudnt worry tho chuck from ur picture it looks like its all baby bump and im sure u wnt have to much trouble shifting it. Kerry xxx

  • God no ur not alone ,
    im 37 weeks and ive put on around 2stone , i was so paranoid of puting on weight that i was weighing myself every week , my oh half got rid of the weighing scales now lol. just think hopefully we will have a great summer and you can go on long walk with the baby. and the slower the weight drop's of the more likely it will stay of. try not to worry to much bout this issue.
    Donna xx :\)
  • at the moment I'm quite chuffed coz i've only put on 4.5lb, although I' expecting a big growth spurt any time soon (if it could wait till after 28th une, it would be much appreciated as I have a family wedding to go to)

  • Well, the way I look at its, I've been on a constant diet ever since i was 16 years old, and this is the only time I can really enjoy myself and eat a kitcat chunky and a extra large bar of cadburys caramel (why do they make it so its soooo addictive?!?!?) if I want and not feel guilty!... im 27wks and have put on 2st 4llbs, i know I will have to diet when i pop, and i'm only 2llbs less than my other half?!!. hahahahah...
  • Lol willma it doesnt help that my oh is seriously fit and in the gym half his life! :roll: Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the results, but feel like a fat heffer next to him haha xxx

  • Hi mummylisa80 said about 8lbs maternal stores. Sorry to be thick but what are maternal stores?? I'm only 24 weeks at the mo but am sure I too will be feeling fat when I'm 30+ weeks.
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