ive had my baby further update

well just come home from hospital after having my little girl. dd born on 30/10/08 at 32wks + 5 days and is doing really well bless her.

my waters went at 6.30 pm on thursday so went straight to maternity. when i got there had to wait while they did a shift change over but i started to get some pains at 7.05pm. by the time they examined me at 7.20 i was already 3cm baby was on her way and it ws too late to stop her coming. took me down to delivery by 8pm. had steriod injection to help lo's lungs incase at 9.20. by 9.30 i was 9cm and was wanting to push but had to wait for the last cm.

by 10pm i was pushing. lo was coming out at a funny angle so it took longer to push her out but she was born at 23.19 (yes it is like having the worlds biggest poo). i had a small tear but didnt need stitches, just stings when you have a wee for the first day or so.

she came out crying so i was able to have a quick hold before they took her to special care.

she is doing really well, she didnt need any help breathing, is feeding well through a feeding tube at the moment but is having 22mls every 2 hours and is still looking for food. she was moved into a side room yesterday afternoon as she doesnt need intensive care.

it all happened so fast still seems really strange.
first time mums dont worry about labour it was fine take plenty of gas and air cos its fab (5 good puffs feels like youve had a bottle of vodka :lolimage

will add some pics later when i sort them out.

quick update

she has now had her canular (sp) removed from her hand so she looks so much more comfy, which means that she doesnt need to go back on the drip. she is now having 22mls of milk every 2 hours, she even had one feed from a bottle earlier today and apparently 'drained it like a sump and was looking for more'.
not sure when she can come home but hopefully wont be long.


well lo is doing really well, she has been moved out of the incubator and is now in a cot. she is wearing clothes and is now taking some of her feeds from a bottle. she is coming on really well. hopefully it wont be long til we can bring her home.




  • Hi,

    Congrats on your early new arrival...so glad she is doing so well.

    Frankie x
  • Congratulations- I'm so glad she is doing so well, bless her- that's great news!! xx

  • am little early what an impatient baby she is!!!!
    2nd december baby already here.
    Congratulations hun and take care of you and new baby.
    Filo x

  • Aw wow! Congrats!!

    Does she look like her 3d scan??

    Sharon x

  • p.s- What did she weigh being early? and do you know why you went 8 weeks early?

  • she weighed 4lb 11oz so a really good size. no idea why i went early, think she just ran out of room maybe or was just really impatient like her daddy.

    she does look like her 4d scan.

    midwife told me that if i go full term next time (next time????) to have a home birth as she arrived so quickly despite being at funny angle which slowed things down otherwise she would have been born in around 2.5/3 hours instead of 4
  • Bloody hell Karen give a girl a shock when i log on!!

    huge congrats to you, glad shes is doing well can't wait to see the pics. you look after yourself and your beautiful baby.


  • P.S

    Great excuse not to go back to school tom!! LOL xx
  • Wow!! Think you have shocked us all... Congratulations!

    Cant wait to see a picture!

    Em x
  • I love this story.
    So when was she due?
    I cannot wait to see pictures :]
    How are you feeling?
    It sound like your labour was nice and quick :]
    I love how the midwife is ALREADY talking about baby number 2.hehe!

  • Congratulations



  • OMG, Im speechless (that doesnt happy v.often!). I cant believe you've had her. Congratulations. Im 32+5 today and you were one of my cloest birth buddies. Keep us posted on your progress babe. Take care xxxx
  • Congratulations, beautiful name

    Can't believe another december baby coming early, is this a sign of things to come.

    Hope you get to take her home soon and looking forward to seeing some pics

  • wow,congratulations,im so shocked you had her already,im 32 +3 days and im very slim,my little one has got no room left really,and has started moveing further down but reading your birth story has made me feel better.im so glad your ok and she is doing well,when do you get to bring her home?are you very slim as well?i wonder if they do arrive early when theres not much room left?

    a big congratulations

  • blimey! glas you all doing well! that must of been shock for you.8 wks early. just goes to show,im glad im so prepared already as you never no.x glad baby doing well.bless herxxxx
    Omg!Cant believe a december baby has arrived already.
    What a beautiful name also....well done and its great to hear that your both well. :\)

    Carrie 35+2
  • congrats to you all xx lovely name btw xx
  • OMG honey can't believe u've had her!!! Congratulations to you and mr Kar!!! Hoping she'll be home with you soon. xxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Karen...i did post on here earlier...no idea where it went!

    Anyway congrats!!! Couldn't believe it when i logged on...said to my husband that you were due a week after me!!

    Great that you'r both doing so well. I can't wait to see pics!!

    Since reading your post a few hrs ago my husband and i are now washing baby clothes and packing my hospital bag as i guess they really can come at anyday! image

  • oh congratulations hun, wow what a speedy arrival!! Glad everything was ok and that she is doing well.

    love Em x

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