Is my maternity package good?

Hi everyone

Just doing some information gathering (!!!) before we start trying for our first baby next month.

My maternity package is:

6 weeks at 90% of my pay
12 weeks at 50% of my pay
The rest at SMP.

Any ideas if this is good??? Clearly its the first time I've ever needed to know!

I work for the Government so fingers crossed its pretty good!

Joo xxx


  • Hi Joo,

    Last year I received:

    Wks 1 - 4 full salary
    Wks 5 - 6 90% salary
    Wks 7 - 18 SMP + 50% salary
    Then SMP.

    I'm a teacher, I think that I got a better deal than some of my friends. My lo was born in September so I had six weeks paid holiday before I started my maternity leave too, I don't think I could've planned it any better. I'm pregnant again and this one is due 3rd September but I don't think I'll last until the six weeks holiday this time.

    All the best with ttc, Denise xx
  • Hi Joo
    That does seem to be a pretty good package! My company do not offer anything extra, so am on 90% for first 6 weeks & the rest SMP! Oh, tell a lie, they do give a weeks wages additional as a (taxed) gift!!
    Good luck & hope to see you on this forum soon!!
    Sarah xx
  • Hi Joo

    This is exactly what i got from my company (due to start in 3 weeks) - i had to fight mind to get 12 weeks at 50% they used to give 6 but increased it after i moaned. My company are predominantly staffed by men so i was expecting it to be a little better as its not as if they pay it very often but as it stands & from what i gathered its not to bad really

    Good luck you will soon be taking it x
  • That sounds pretty fair to me. I get 10wks at 100% salary then I'm on my own with smp.
    God knows how we'll cover mortgage and loan repayments etc but needless to say I'm saving like mad and hopefully the 10wks full pay I'll be able to save loads. S x
  • That sounds great
    I've been with my company for 8 years and all I get is 90% for 6 weeks and SMP for the rest, what a joke!

    Good luck with the baby making.

    Em x
  • this sounds great.

    anything above the stautory of 90% pay and the rest SMP is good.
  • Thanks all, seems like I'm ok then?
    Still don't know how we'll cope financially... but as they (apparantely) say... when do you ever???!!!

    Julie xxx
  • You're all going to hate me now! I'll get 8 weeks on full pay, 18 weeks on half pay plus SMP (which is practically full pay), 13 weeks on just SMP, then finally 13 weeks unpaid. The 6 months on full pay is just amazing and I can't actually believe that's what I'm going to get!! I'm going to take 9 months off though as I can't afford to be off without any pay at all xxxx
  • I also work for the goverment but my department is obviously more generous - I get 6 months on full pay followed by 3 months SMP and can take another 3 months unpaid if I want. (same as SWillo). As with all enhanced terms I have to undertake to repay the contractual enhancements if I do not return to work for a specified period at the end (4 months in my case).

    But as we all know - there's no point waiting for a time that financially right to start a family - provided you have a secure roof over your head and a happy home life and can afford the essentials (i.e. to feed and clothe baby) then just go for it. Most baby equiptment you can get second hand and most sensible people I know do just that (even when they could afford to buy new). Car seats and mattresses are the only thing you have to buy new. Plus half the stuff in the shops is unecessary. Your maternity package is not as good as some but better than others.
  • I get the same as DeniseJones33 and work in the education sector. It is not bad and you can manage as long as you save enough beforehand for when your wages go to SMP only. Mines has just went to SMP this month and I got a big shock when my wage slip came in. It was horrible seeing it but I suppose what do I want for sitting in the house looking after lo. I am only taking 9 months off as well and I return to work now on 1st July.
  • Ohh! I'm mega confused PLs help!
    I'm intitled to 90% for the first 6wks and then apparently 'normal earnings are calculated based on the 8 wk period b4 the qualifying wk... ' so I'm on 21.5k so does anyone know how much SMP I'm entitled to? Sorry please
  • I so need to get a new job!
    I just got the standard 90% for the first 6 wks then SMP...then I was really lucky & HQ are trying to screw me over re my new wages (I've had to take a demotion to get part time hours and days) they want to decrease my pay to that of a new starter even though I have previously done the same job at a higher wage & have worked there for 8yrs...looks like I'm taking my employers to court if they don't book their ideas up and pay me what they initially agreeded! Bring it On! lol!
    Then I can get a new job.
  • I get paid monthly and I get SMP now and I got ??458 this month. I think it doesn't matter how much money you are on a year SMP is all the same.
  • Frags-jones, if you have had to take a demotion due to your pregnancy that is wrong! Employers are obliged to find work within your current position which you are able to carry out or suspend you on full pay. For example, I have just decreased my hours but this has had no impact on my salary.
    My mat package is quite good, I get 13 weeks full pay, 13 weeks half pay, 13 weeks smp then 13 weeks unpaid. We are quite lucky to have some savings so I am hoping to take the full year off, adding to that holiday allocations from two years, I finish 25 April and hope not to go back till next June!! Can't wait. xx
  • Hi, I took a demotion as this is my return to work after 9 months ML & they would let me go back to my old position (Supervisor, working fulltime & shifts) no question but for me to go part-time & days they said I couldn't stay in my old position of supervisor, they said I could pick and choose what I wanted to work if I returned as an 'agent' (just answering phone calls - I work on a switchboard) & I would have to take a pay cut to my old wages pre promotion...I had my wages confirmed verbally & in writing by my boss but since then HQ & my boss's boss have turned around and said I have to go back to basic pay as if I am a new starter as they have created a new position for me! None of the other women who have come back P/T after ML have taken a pay cut (although no were in the position of having to take a demotion).
    My sister has a friend who is suing her company as they won't let her return P/T after ML as her old job is still available but it sounds as though she has a case, but I don't understand this as the government websites say that if your old job is available then your work don't have to let you stay in the same position if you want P/T.
    Well anyway, I am a fighter and I don't think my boss's boss realises who he has picked a fight with & I'm fully prepared to take this all the's not like I'm in a high powered job, just bog standard office work and I think they think they can walk all over you & it's not like I want to stay there (the morale has gone right down).
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