Is anyone else newly pregnant?!

Hi everybody,
I have just found out that I am pregnant and will only be 5 weeks on Monday so still very early days!
Now starts the constant fretting! I have already miscarried twice this year at 8 then 9 weeks so I may be able to relax slightly in a couple of months but until then I will be petrified!(probably will for the next 8 months knowing me!lol)
My boobs are killing me, it feels as if someone is stabbing me with a knife! Also feel slightly sick but eating little and often seems to be helping.
This will be my third child(first with new partner) but I am still so scared!!
Has anyone else just discovered that they are pregnant? Would be great to compare symptoms and milestones together over the next 8 or so months!
I worked out on a pregnancy calculator thing that my baby is due June 30th 2008! (couldn't help myself!)



  • Hi Sukina,
    Thanks for your reply, its awful isn't it? I'm desperate to be happy and excited but that dread is still in the back of my mind!
    I miscarried at 8 weeks in Jan and 9 weeks in May so am absolutely terrified! I do have 2 children from a previous relationship so I'm hoping this is third time lucky for me and my partner, fingers crossed.
    About the stabbing boob thing, it is mostly around the nipple area and that is what actually convinced me to test!
    Good luck with everything and please keep in touch,

  • hello there,
    ive worked out my baby is due on 24th june, ive had really sore boobs too and heart burn has started.
    This will be my 1st baby and ive never actually experienced paranoia like i have been for the past 2weeks.
    This morning i woke up and found blood, god talk about panic i called the docs they were rubbish but ive now calmed down cos it was only a little bit and had none since.

    would love to have someone to compare notes with, im useless at things like pregnancy etc so i will be asking you very random questions haha.

    congratulations and speak soon
    x x x
  • Hi mummyscrummy25,
    With my first son they told me he was due 25th Nov then changed their minds and said 18th Nov and he actually had to be induced on 3rd Dec!
    Glad things seem to be ok for you now, its a good excuse to put your feet up!

    Hi Gempot,
    I bled quite a lot early on in my second pregnancy so much so that my gp sent me to hospital for a scan to see if they could detect a heartbeat at 6 weeks.The heartbeat was fine and on the scan you could actually see what they call a heamatoma(not sure of spelling!) and was just some clotted blood left over from my last cycle and that was causing the bleeding. If its brown(old blood) and not bright red then I don't think you need to panic.
    My doctor was rubbish with my miscarriages and all he said was at least you dont need to have an antiD as your not 12 weeks yet! (I'm Rh negative)

    Congratulations and good luck to you both,
    Stay in touch,


  • hi baileyflynn.know exactly how u feel,i had mc in feb and im only 5 weeks now ,i mc at 12 weeks but had died at 9.its so crap that it happens ,not boobs are sore but no stabbing in nipples!! have a few abdo pains only mild though.any one else with also paraniod about picking anything up too heavy.cant wait for xmas then should be ok.xx
  • Hi There!!

    I know this is very early for me to join, as I only did a test a couple of hours ago... and it came up positive!!!!

    I have worked out I'm approx 5 weeks.

    Been trying for nearly 2 years, and got married 7 weeks ago today, so to say we are over the moon is an understatement!!

    I thought I was as my boobs were very sore, and have been for about 10 days now.

    Hubby won't let me tell anyone - which I won't but OMG I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi guys,
    it is so good to hear all of you expressing thoughts that are crossing my mind constantly each day. Just found out I was pregnant on Monday and have been obsessing that every pain I have means that something is wrong ever since. Also, to make matters worse, I just found out this morning that my sister-in-law, who was 8 weeks just had a miscarriage. I feel awful for her but it has also made me stress even more about myself. Anyway, I wish all of you the best of luck in your pregnancies and I look forward to exchanging notes,info and advice with all of you over the coming months.

  • hi congratulations!! youll find others who are just newly preg if you scroll down the list for those who are due in (whatever month you are due). i found that quite helpful but personally the main "pregnancy" forum is best i think...
  • Snap BaileyFlynn, on the pregnancy calculcator I'm due on June 30th aswell, but some good news u will actually be 6 weeks on mon 5th nov not 5. (Just like me!) Can't imagine what having a miscarrige is like as luckily ive never experienced it but I know exactly what you mean bout worrying, this is my second baby and I'm ten times more nervous this time round. k x
  • Hi to all other newly pregnant mums! I'm due on either the 30th June or 1st July but I'm going to use the 1st as my due date for now till I have my 12 week scan. This will be my 3rd baby and the other two were 8days late and 6 days late so I'm def thinking this will be a July baby. I'm also a bit nervous something may go wrong but it's only normal to worry, thats what us mums are so good at doing!!! Going tell frinds and family at xmas when I'll be 13 weeks and hopefully have a scan pic to show everyone!! Good luck to everyone and see some of you in the July forum!! x x x Sarah x x x
  • Hi everyone found out on the 20th of october that i am pregnant as i also found out i had nemonia also my partner fell of the bed and he hasnt stopped smiling since i have 2 children from my marriage but this is his first child everyone is pleased got my scan date in a couple of weeks really looking forward to that i am always hungry and sleepy also the constant tripe to the loo is a pain but i am over the moon to be pregnant again.I am neally 10 weeks pregnant
    My clothes r starting to get a bit tight also.
    My boss told me i have to speak to my midwife to get proof that i am pregnant to cover themselves when i go on maternity leave never heard of that but hey never mind though.
    Good luck everyone
  • I'm 6+4 and nausea riden for 75% of my life at mo suffering huge hormonal swings and am constantly worrying about my lil bear. I've only known 2 weeks but feels like a lifetime! nidwife appt on thurs nervous about that (it feels like going for an interview!)
  • Hi everyone!
    Im 5 weeks pregnant (when you say 5+3 does that mean 5 weeks and 3 days if it does thats what I am!!)

    Such a relief to read your post as I thought i was going mad. This is my fist and Im am terrified im going to mc, got no reason behind it but I just cant believe how lucky we are (pregnant first month of trying and only married 7 weeks!)

    However i def feel pregnant i have been so tired last few weeks - lucky if awake at 10pm sleep through to 7am then still have 2/3 hour nap when home from work!!

    and the sickness has kicked in last few days havent been sick oh but the feeling is terrible all day!

    and boobs hurt they are small anyway but have already grown 2 inches! I can actually fit into my bras now without the padding lol!!!
    Also got stomach cramps and back ache
    But as i keep reading these symptoms ease after 12 weeks...come on Xmas!!

    take care everyone xxx

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  • lol Mummythomas I'm with you on that roll on December!!!! i've got exactly the same symptoms as you. Just i can't stay awake past 9 lol and defo don't sleep all night have either allergies or something waking me up so i have a broken nights sleep so more exhausted when i wake up than when i go to sleep. feeling completely exhausted at mo making my full time job seem like a huge effort roll on thurs when i get the day off as midwifes appt is at 1.15. Mommy hugs
  • Hi I'm new to this site. I'm very newly pregnant and anxious even saying the words. I'm 4 weeks according to my dates, I already have 2 gorgeous boys of 4 and 6 but suffered an ectopic pregnancy last year. We've been trying for 6 months and were getting to the stage we thought it wouldn't happen. I am so excited but can't quite let myself believe it until I've had my first scan. I really want to tell someone so this is a great place to share my feelings.
  • all i found out today i am pregnant, onl;y 3+4 weeks(i have 24day cycles) i have 2 girls madison who is 3 in march and isabella who was one last week. I also had 2 miscarriages in between the 2 girls so very scared as it is early but i love being able to chat on here as we do not plan on telling anyone yet.

    Good luck all xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi girls. I'm newly pregnant too, about 6 weeks now. This is my first pregnancy and it can be quite scary at times not knowing what to expect. I've started to feel a little bit sick today too. Nothing too serious so I'm hoping that this is as bad as it will get. Other than that I'm managing to stay up til 11pm, exercising 3-4 times a week (though at a lower intensity), sleeping quite well, and generally feeling ok. I have started to get a few spots... not typical spots, more like sore lumps which you can't really see but they hurt if you touch them. Blaming the hormones for those.

  • congrats gemmalouisedove image there are lots of us with you on the first scan belief thing lol we're all scared of problems and worry more than we should. image welcome to the mom-to-be club!
  • I am nearly 8 wks with my first and am totally paranoid, I am paying for an early scan at a private hospital on monday (its ??75 but to put my mind at rest, feel its worth every penny)
  • Congrats MrsGreggy i'm also a first timer nervous as hell but excited as hell too!
  • Congratulations girls. Im also having my first and only got 9 weeks to go, I cant wait to meet my bubba. There is a bond there already thats hard to explain.

    You will be blown away at your scan, it really is amazing seeing this tiny baby growing inside you.

    My picture is of my 13 week scan.

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