Just knocked half a pint of cranberry juice off the bedside table onto the floor image whoops!! :lol:

I'm already forgetting where I put my keys and lose my train of thought mid sentence and look lost whilst I try to remember what I'm saying :roll:


  • I've been experiencing the same thing for the past month as well. Hubby just thinks it's really funny. I also always manage get food all over my clothes when eating and even sing along like a kid if I'm really enjoying it!
  • LOL you two - I'm incredibly clumsy as well - always been pretty bad, but this is just stupid! I'm also the classic ditzy blonde - come out with complete gibberish and then get upset when my dh looks at me like I've gone out!

    Just to reassure only gets worse!

    5 days to go
  • and worse and worse and worse lol with each subsequent pg, my memory etc has worsened.......takes me ages sometimes to remember my own kids names let alone anything else hehehe
  • Yes - I even do the role call including my dh's name these days (that's what you get for having 4 kids!) before I get to the one I meant to call!
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