I know I have already posted about this but I can't seem to cool myself down. I am boiling all the time!!! I just went out without my coat on and still felt hot. Is anybody else having this ??

K xx


  • I am having this K-Lou! I am sat here in a t-shirt and have the fan on! Everyone in the office thinks I am mental....think I am going to stop wearing my coat out!
  • Yes im usually a cold person but I just havent felt the need for the extra cardigan. Im definately hotter than usually and it makes me thirsty

    It must be all that extra blood in our bodies

  • I think mine must be my mamouth boobs which i think now take up half of my body and all whatever on earth is in them is keeping me warm....I hope they go back to normal one day! xx
  • Yep, im always hot too!

    Am sitting here with window open and fan on- god job I am alone in the office!
  • LOL me too I just went and bought two fab tops from New look and my boobs are so big they dont; fit!!! I am normally a 12 so got them ina 14 and still too tight around my boobs????

    I am so worried about not finding tops for work in the summer I am over hearting on the traisn now as it is and passing out ;-/

    k XX
  • Ive been getting this too. And unfortunately when im too hot my face goes bright red, its awful!! Think im going to have to start wearing make up more often!!
  • maybe we all need those magicool sprays??? I have been bad lasft few days on the train with the heat....last night I was practically hyperventilating and begging people to open the windows!
  • In the last 4 weeks my body temp has soared! I am hot all of the time.
    K-lou, you've added to my theory about being hot = baby girl. That's another OWT apparantely!
  • I'm also hot all the time, im yet to find something to relieve it image xxx
  • I'm the same always boiling hot, oh comes in and puts the heating on and i could sit in the garden in me undies!!lol i don't i might scare the neighbours!!lol i tend to eat endless ice lollys doesn't help much but they are nice!!xx
    carly 34+1
  • I am boiling...really not looking forward to being pg in July and Aug on London underground!!!
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