Today is my last day at work!

Hey girls,

Today is my last day at work - I was covering a six month contract for maternity funny enough (after trying to conceive for ages) and I fell pregnant almost immediately!! I am 23 weeks (tom) and showing really heavily so unlikely that I'd be able to find gainful employment for all of just a couple of months!

Feeling a little (okay a lot) anxious about loosing my financial independents as I have ALWAYS worked! However to count my blessing I have a partner whom earns a good wage and has been fantastic in supporting me - so suppose it's to do with loss of role/ title and people making assumptions about you -not working'.

I am working really hard on saying -I'm preparing to be a mother' in a positive tone or coming up with a similar title or come back for when people ask me! (Any ideas girls?) I do know myself that what is happening and about to happen is a wonderful experience - but it just feels so under valued socially, perhaps it's a little bit of an ego dent because I have worked really hard to get the status carer wise, (I hope that doesn't sound arrogant because it's not meant so - just hoping people might be able to identify and give me some comfort that I'm not alone!) :\?

I had been in my last job 3 years so if I had of stayed on (i wasn't pregnant when i moved and felt it was time - couldn't hang on - just encase after trying for 2 and a half years) :roll: I would have had a job to return to - however now (although I have never ever had a problem finding work) I feel like I'm going to be out of work indefinitely. Which does really worry me! :\?

Although on a far more positive note I have the entire summer off! image I can really relax before our first child comes - that my OH is very positive that I AM working a fulltime job (he reassures me) it's just not in the typical sense of bringing home a wage. image That I as a person choose experience over material goods - so would travel before buying some new flash telly ect.. So this is what was meant for me.. perhaps if i hadn't changed jobs i might not of even got pregnant, Also my current situation gives me the opportunity to enjoy this pregnancy in its entirety and that I am now lucky to be able to have after noon naps on my bodies demand! image And most importantly that I can have time with my child and in steal love, confidence, self worth, high self esteem, values, and not miss the important bits - my little one being tiny, learning to walk and talk, first laugh :lol: and all the beautiful memories and funny things they say! ;\) xxx


  • You and pottypotter, both finishing and both for very different reasons! But am jealous of you both! Don't worry about the future cos employment markey is very transient and I am sure you will get something when you are ready. Taking time off to be a mother is a perfectly acceptable reason to take time out.
    But I appreciate it will feel weird, when I finish work (25 April, hurray) it will be the first time for 13 years that I have not been in full time employment. I am really looking forward to time off but feel quite emotional at the massive change it signifies as well.
    Let's hope the sun comes out for this summer and we can all enjoy the time with our los.
    Mel x
  • I understand what you mean! I don't want to lose my financial independence but I suppose it is a small price to pay for becoming a mum. I will be going back to my old job after baby comes along although I know things will have changed a lot - staff are leaving, routines are changing, building works are being done etc so it will be completely different to how it was!

    When the time is right for you to go back to work then I'm sure you will find something that is right for you and your little boy!

    Enjoy the next few months! Can't wait for our little July babies to start to appear!
  • Woohoo!!! Hey, sponging off one's dh is what they're there for - especially when pg with THEIR child!! When I first met my dh I wouldnt' accept anything off him cos I was so proud.

    He calls me a leech now so I guess I got used to it somewhat! I do not have any problem with not working at the mo (self employed so doing as little as I can) as I am doing the most important job in the world by growing his baby.

    That's my excuse and I am very firmly sticking to it!

    Enjoy your newfound freedom (you have to find a whole new heap of friends that work shifts and are available for shopping/coffee in the daytime!)

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