Please help. Brown when wiping.

Hi If anyone could help Id really appreciate it. Im nearly 5 weeks pregnant iv woke up this morning gone to the loo like usual wiped and looked at the tissue and I am looking brown discharge sorry for tmi. Is this a start of a misscarage iv not stopped crying all morning. Iv got cramps on my left side but it's not painful Its just there. I'm trying to keep calm. 

Thank you for reading x


  • Don't panic x brown discharge is normally just old blood and nothing to worry about x severe cramps and bright red blood is what u don't want. But cramps are totally normal when pregnant x I wud say for piece of mind pop to the epu just to get checked and reassured xxx

  • Susiegirlygirl thank you so much for getting back to me. You have put my mind at ease  I'm still having pregnancy symptoms boobs are super sore so taking that as a positive too. I'm going to contact the midwifes for advice too thank you x 

  • Aww that's ok hun. Yes don't panic or work yourself up x brown discharge isn't a worry x although  seeing anything of colour down there will naturally panic u. I was on constant knicker watch lol. Also period type cramps and light stabby pains are also normal. Excruciating pain that makes u double over and/or heavy bleeding would indicate a possible miscarriage. The midwife will reassure u so give her a call and explain x in the mean time put ur feet up and read a good book or watch a box set and relax xxx 

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