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Frer false positive? Help

Hi, I took a first response early 27/11/19, it come up straight away with a very faint positive and colour to the line. However, I have retested with a cb digital twice and both negative. Also taken two more fr and both negative today, is this a notorious false positive? Af due in 4 days. 


  • Edited to see colour more
  • Digital tests need a lot more HCG to show positive. Were all the FRERs with first morning urine?
  • No, this is were it gets more strange the first two tests was afternoon yesterday and both gave very faint positive. Redone FRER this morning and both came up negative. 
  • I would try waiting 2 days and testing with a FRER again. Fingers crossed 
  • Thankyou, do you think it looks more like a evap line or ident rather than a faint positive?
  • Rachel.a21Rachel.a21 Regular
    edited Nov 28, 2019 6:12PM
    Is the line all the way down? I can’t tell in the pic if it’s just as the top or if I’m just seeing the glare. I do see a line though. Do you track ovulation?
  • Added a more zoomed in pic, I dont no. I have PCOS and my ovulation is all over the place frustratingly. 
  • I do see it all the way down. It could just be very early, so I would wait 48 hours and retest 🙂
  • I will tell you something about frer. It has given me false negatives when I have used other 4 different pregnancy tests. And I was absolutely amused. This test is useless and I dont trust it. Both of these showed negative when the cheapest tests have shown otherwise. BFP 
  • Thankyou for your replies, I took a superdrug test this morning and looked like a positive. However, I went back to the test 30mins later and it was negative. Any ideas on what to think about these results? 
  • That looks like a faulty test because of the dye running
  • I redone the test and it was negative, I've used a few of the cheap ones recently also come back negative. I think the frer were evap/ident lines unfortunately. Thankyou for your help though 😁
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