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Line progression frers

what do you guys think about these please


  • Congratulations mine where the same :) 
  • Thank you , I was abot concerned 2days looks slightly lighter than yesterday's xx
  • Looks ok to me when is your period due? X
  • @Bethany12 tomorrow my premom app is saying xx
  • I wouldn't stress about it being a little lighter today - could just be different dilution levels in your urine. Fingers crossed for you!
  • i read that if its only a lil lighter not to worry bc ur urine could have different concentrates different mornings......i think thats y they say to do every other day
  • @Catlady220 thanks  ,congratulations to you xxxx 
  • Your line progression is good not to worry about its colour for now I agree as it depends on your urine xx good luck
  • So glad ive stumbled across this thread as ive been so stressed this morning. After reading so much about chemical pregnancies im all of a fluster. The right test was done yesterday and left today and todays is much lighter. Husband has hidden all my tests as im sending myself crazy. Any advice is very welcome x
  • @emi90 hi i can't really see yours all that well in that light ,with mine I could see every few days they had progressed, you aren't really meant 2 check evry day as hcg doubles every 2 -3 days ,the day after my last frer I just got a digital . After 2 tests if you feel concerned I would wait 2 days and take another xx
  • If i am pregnant i would only be 4 week and 4 days so would still be very light. Im going to wait and see if af arrives if not ill test again next week x
  • How may dpo were the tests ? @emi90
  • Dont know if these are more clear x
  • How many dpo ? Were they both first morning urine ?? X
  • @emi90 frers are usually my go to tests ,this is my 6th pregnancy earliest ive had a positive is 8dpo but some are 10 11 dpo . Two tests isnt alot and u can see the lines but it depends when u took them and how long u held urine etc but frers are usually very sensitive x
  • It was 13dpo. The first was yday afternoon and todays was this 2nd wee as had to get up at 5am as keep needing to wee all the time and was so sleepy i forgot so i did the test at 9am so maybe thats why its light? I have also done these tests the day before clear blue.. im obsessed 
  • @emi90 clearblue are OK but I prefer frers ,I can see two lines on them ,id try another frer or a digital if your 13dpo wen is ur period due ? X
  • its possible thats why the second frer was lighter yes x
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