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I was three days late so I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive but then I started spotting then I started to bleed but not enough to fill a pad but it was red and I'm still bleeding and need to wear a pad. I am four weeks did I have a miscarriage could I still be pregnant I'm confused me and my husband are trying to conceive.


  • I’m so sorry hun, if ur bleeding bright red blood an heavy, and u need a pad u most probably had a chemical pregnancy babe. I’m not a medical expert but just by experience,  it’s best u speak to doctor or if u can call a maternity unit. They can advise u or maybe call 111 for some advice, x x x 
  • Thank you so much. I was a little bummed out because we are trying but I know one day we will be blessed with a child. I appreciate you getting back to me.
  • Hopefully u will be blessed with a child soon, lots of baby dust ur way hun 💕💕
  • Thankyou so I just took another pregnancy test it says positive I'm not sure if it's correct. Do I have to wait a couple of weeks before taking one?
  • @Ambs24 so sorry to hear this I went through the same in May. I took a test once the bleeding had stopped and it had gone negative so maybe take one when the bleeding has stopped. The doctor told me it can still read positive as there can sometimes still be some hormones left over. It’s so cruel. But just to let you know I got pregnant again straight away and I’m now 8 weeks so don’t lose hope❤️ Good luck for when you decide to start trying again xx 
  • @Bingy91 thanks I'm going to go see a doctor to check my HCG levels.  I actually did take a test when I stopped bleeding and it said positive but I will take one again in mid August im just so confused. 
  • This was my test today I'm just so confused at the moment.
  • @Ambs24 it is possible to bleed during pregnancy but not MIL had 3 periods with my hubby......that is a pretty dark test but with my MC my test didnt go negative for a few days but mine never got this dark
  • Thanks so it's just weird and I'm confused I did get my blood tested for HCG won't get the results till Thursday. I did have my period but it wasn't a normal period that's for sure I'm hoping this blood test will give me results and give me a definite answer. 
  • This is today's test.
  • I just got my blood work done it says I'm five weeks.
  • Yay this is good news! 
  • Just jumping on, i had the exact same! I did a test late evening and it was positive, the day later I started bleeding. Was quite alot of blood so I just assumed it was an early loss. I booked in with my Dr and he pretty much confirmed it but sent me for an early scan to check what was going on. I went for my scan and they couldn't find anything, nothing that indicated pregnancy. They did my bloods and then had to go back a couple of days later to have them done again. I got a phone call later on that day saying that my hcg levels had pretty much tripled over the 2 days so they booked me in for another scan for 10 days later. I went for my scan and there it was, my little baby, measuring at 5 weeks ❤ went back for my 12 week scan and they bumped me forward to 13weeks and 4 days. Was a crazy few months and the uncertainty of everything was so draining but I'm now hitting 27 weeks and everything is going fine! I hope you have a happy 9 months and try not stress too much (easier said than done, i know). 😊❤
  • Thank you!!! Yeah this is my first pregnancy. Thank you all for your response. And hope all goes well with your pregnancy 😘
  • I lost my baby and a fallopian tube due to etopic pregnancy
  • I’m so sorry 💔 thinking of you x 
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