I was exactly the same! I was huge, 5ft 3 tall and 5ft 3 round! I had a few people make bad comments but most of them were really positive and supportive! One member of staff at school accused me of constantly eating. I only ever saw him at break and lunchtime which is obviously the only time to eat when you teach!!!

I lost all but 7lb giving birth so I wouldn't worry too much!!! Just enjoy having a bump and being pregnant!


  • I know what you mean! When I was pregnant with jake, complete strangers came up to me and touch my bump! Some would say that as i put weight around the middle that i'd have a girl, some say i'd have a boy. The doc asked if i'd eaten a packet of cookies a day as i put on 8lb in 2 weeks! I was about 5-6months. Even now when i push jake in pushchai people still rude when going into shops and letting the doors go, I always try and hold onto the door for someone else and handle puschair! AArrrrrggghhhhh!!!
    lol. xx
  • Jen i no what you mean,my Dr to told me to stop eating all thoes sweets when i hardly ate anything.
    It realy upset, i gained 5st during pregnancy and found out why when riley was 3mths that i had an underactive thyroide and it was probably triggered early pregnancy and id gone all that time undiagniosed,it took nearly 2 years to get from 17st dead to the 14st 12lb which i have been at for just over a year now and just cant shift it.

    Sorry to go on but i do think people easily missjudge us mums.
  • People are rude whatever weight you out on in pregnancy. I was told by my own sister after giving birth that Hollie didn't look anything like me (looks like her dadi)and because i hardly had a bump she couldn't be mine. Hello, i felt the pain so i know i definately gave birth to her.

    Marie i also find people rude when we are out with Hollie, many a time i have had the door slammed on her puschair, yet i struggle with her and hold the door for anyone behind me etc. And the amount of people that walk in front of her pran, or suddenly stop to have a conversation, don't even get me started on that.
  • Oh karen its the same here with walking with riley,people just dont look and tend to walk into him,i have gone nuts once when a bloke walked into him never said sorry and made him cry,i shouted all the way down the street to tell him what a horrible person he was,had to hold my tongue to.
  • I hate the way people treat kids as if they don't matter. That is terrible that he didn't even say sorry. I am sorry to say ot but many of my run ins with rude people have been the elderley, especially those that jump the bus queue grr.
  • Oh i hate them ones,i was at the bus stop a while ago when this old frial woman with a stick came along and sat on the bench,it was packed with people anyway but when the bus arrived she ran straight for it,no hesertation,why on earth do they need sticks if they can bloody run.
  • He he that made me laugh.
  • I would,i used to ignore the buzzer when i was brestfeeding riley,sometimes if i hadent got the phone to hand id leave that to.Make the lil sods
  • it doesn't bother me to much tbh, i get comments, but i don't listen to half of what people say most of the time. i've been bullied all my life and now negitive comments don't mean squat to me. even my hubby said he find it hard to have a pop at me in a fight cos i don't take any of his well thought out insults to heart and they just roll of my back.
  • Emma i ignored them the other night, but they knocked the window then continued knocking the door so i had to answer. And Hollie is so nosey that when she hears the door or phone etc she pulls off and looks round anyway.
  • I was lucky and didn't get many negative comments, although someone tried to have a go at me on a bus because I sat down. the man next to me had a go when an older man got on and I didn't stand up. I retorted that I was seven months pregnant and that entitled me to sit down. I don't think he expected me to retaliate. The gent concerned didn't want to sit, even when a seat became free at the next stop.

    I am breastfeeding Catalina at the moment and if the door goes I answer it regardless. It is my house and I will do what I want in it. So far I've had abashed postmen refuse to look me in the eye but no one has been rude or unhelpful.
  • i used to wear a t shirt that said 'do not touch the bump' on the front. my oldest has aspergers syndrome and will say things without thinking how we do, once we were out and he was on his trike, a old man picked a toy out of josh's trailer and commented on it, josh turned round and said at the top of his voice 'dont you touch my fu*king stuff', he passed comment to me which i just replied asking what gives him the right to touch his things, you wouldnt walk up and go through someones handbag would you?! but they faught a war etc
  • Oh dear,but your right,you just wouldnt do a thing like that,40+years ago maybe.
    How old was he when you found out he had aspergers.
  • he was 4, took a 2 year battle though. they took notice after 1 week when id only had 4 hours sleep all week, i wentin the doctors and told them if they didnt do something then when i leave i wont take him with me. and believe it or not i know 3 other people who have had to do that to get the doctors to listen. he used to sleep from 2-4 am and that was it! the doctors agreed to give me a strong sedative for him, even phenergan didnt work!
  • OMG, cant believe they wouldnt listen.
    Its funny when they say use your instint,and when you do they say we are just being silly.

    My mum did somehing similar when my sister had her eldest the social refused to pay as she was only 16,my mum said they would leave the baby with them and go,social were so quick on it they got her money and a regular income,that was 10yrs ago now.

    Hope his much better with his sleeping now.
  •  I hate how when you're pregnant you seem to become a one-man petting zoo. And how many people don't move for the buggy. Once i was sitting on a bench in town with the baby in the buggy next to me and some old bloke came and sat down and started smoking, blowing the smoke at the buggy! i just told my partner loudly that we were going to move now 'cause someone was smoking at us. I think before long I'm going to have a go at someone for doing that. People always stare when you breastfeed in public too. I've never been told to go to a breastfeeding cubicle, but if so i will definately refuse, and suggest that whoever made the comment go and eat their lunch in the toilet!
  • I fed Harry in the babychange cubicle of the loos while shopping once.It was ten years ago nearly.Wouldn't do it now.Things have changed a lot now,some places have comfy discreet places to be discreet,if you should have to be.Does annoy me when people smoke on my baby,think I've been too polite about that in the past too.Got a face full yesterday at the school gate.I've had people holding the cigarette right at buggy height next to the baby.Little thought and consideration only takes a moment,but then a lot of girls round here have baby in one hand fag in the other,so maybe I'm fussy.
  • How right funnymummy,ifthy dont like it eat somewhere else. as for smokers im an ex smoker,gave up when i found out i was preggers and never went back.Altho hubby is still a smoker he never did around riley when he was a babe,if he did he had a window open near him.

    Its now when we are walking about anywhere that people walk past with a fag at a childs head height and dont even think to move it so im the one constantly having to move riley out of the way to stop him from getting burnt.  

  • Darren's a smoker,just outside in the garden,and at the other end of the garden if the kids are out.The kids give him regular lectures on how unhealthy it is.
    We were in the school playground recently and some bloke was standing there smoking.Silly thing was all the Mum's just stood there,none of us knew what to say.It's not difficult to remember where you are and respect the children.
  • i hated being touched, took me ages to feel relaxed with andrew touching the bump!!

    And as for smoking do NOT get me started we have a 1hr rule, we are very much non smokers and have no tollerance for it as jack had severe breathing difficulties and is slowly outgrowing astma, so people who smoke musnt pick up the children for 1hr after smoking and then im not embarassed to ask they remove jacket or whatever they wore whilst smoking! there is only 4people i know and they are very tollerant of my bossiness.

    jack and my cousin have also been burnt by cigarettes held low, my cousin we didnt realise why he was crying for about an hour by then to late but jack someone actually flicked there ash and caught him, im a very placid person until it comes to my babies and all ill say is if jack could have been removed id have bloody hurt her as much as it hurt him! she just went, accident, and that was it i ranted at her for about 10minutes whilst she stared blankly! And the amount of times i sit somewhere and someone lights up next to me, someone even sat chatting to jack and lit one, i just said very loudly for jack, 'weve got to move sweethheart mummy will give you your puffer' and i think i embarassed her a bit as she did apolagise, in the summer alot of our cafes and resturants have seating out front and its so much nicer with a buggy but can rarely use it because the smokers are in 7th heaven!!

    sorry for that rant VERY sore subject.

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