HappySkin base layer clothes for babies with dry skin or eczema: the feedback review thread

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This is the feedback thread for those of you who are testing the HappySkin base layer clothes, for babies with dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin as part of our latest MadeForMums product test.

Please give us your feedback on this thread by answering the following 4 questions and providing your pictures:

1. What did you think of the HappySkin garments when they first arrived?
2. How was the feel of the bodysuit and sleepsuit? Please post up the pictures of your baby in the HappySkin bodysuit or sleepsuit from the start of the product test, and then at the end of testing. (To upload a pic, click the little picture icon above the ‘Add Your Comment’ box).
3. How do you think your baby got on with wearing the HappySkin clothes? Were you impressed with them?
4. Would you recommend HappySkin clothes to other parents of babies with dry or sensitive skin or eczema?

Everyone who leaves quality feedback by answering all 4 questions and providing pictures (and is part of our product test) will be entered into a draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

Thank you so much – and good luck!


Note: Any comments and pictures you post on our Feedback thread may be used HappySkin in future advertising and marketing material. See full Ts&Cs here.


  • 1. What did you think of the HappySkin garments when they first arrived?

    I thought the HappySkin garments were really nicely packaged in the recyclable box. I was pleasantly surprised by how large they are. My son is 9kg and long for 6 months but he fits the 6-9 month size. The bodysuit has helpful scratch-mit covers which are great. It would be useful if the sleepsuit had these on too as we are still having to use socks on his hands at night. They are both easy to put on. Which is helpful for a wriggly baby. 

    2. How was the feel of the bodysuit and sleepsuit? 

    They feel lovely and soft and silky. My son is happy to wear them, he appears less itchy in them. They are thin and slightly see through. I like the cute log on the back/leg. It is easy to flip the scratch mits over on the body suit which is useful. 

  • 1. What did you think of the HappySkin garments when they first arrived? The garmet arrived in lovely packaging that was all recyclable - massive bonus. They were lovely a soft to touch. However I did think they were rather see through. Length wise they seemed a great. 
    2. How was the feel of the bodysuit and sleepsuit? The feel of the bodysuit and sleepsuit is lovely. The are silky and soft to touch and very lightweight when on. However despite being thin and lightweight kept my daughter warm. The only thing I found was the body suit was a tad tight. 
    3. How do you think your baby got on with wearing the HappySkin clothes? Were you impressed with them? My daughter seem to love wearing the HappySkin clothes. They are easy for her to move in. The only time she gets upset was when I put the bodysuit on her initially as although length wise it’s perfect it’s a bit tight. Her skin felt softer after wearing the items and the red patches and bumpy skin improved.  I am really impressed with the clothes however my one concern is the colour of them. We had a few near misses with potential food and poo nearly staining the items. I love white on a baby however I think a darker colour may be more practical. 
    4. Would you recommend HappySkin clothes to other parents of babies with dry or sensitive skin or eczema? Yes I would definitely recommend to other parents. My daughter skin has felt softer since wearing them. Her bumps on her skin have smoothed out. She gets very sore skin around her neck and chest which has improved massively  - there was two day’s due to washing machine issues that my daughter couldn’t wear the items and I noticed straight away her chest started flaring up.
  • 1.The whole packaging looks luxury, love that it's packaged without plastic - all recyclable. Only trouble was that it was a bit hard to open because of the strong glue below the tab. 

    2. Material is very soft, felt nice to touch, didn't have any packaging smells. We usually wash before the first use, so texture after wash remained as soft as arrived. There was no shrinkage. 

    Sleepsuit: would have preferred button open or kimono style for easy wearability. Mitten tabs would be appreciated. Felt very soft on his skin and even though it looks a bit transperentish baby wasn't cold in it.

    Bodysuit: feels very soft and nice. Has enough space to accommodate my cloth diapered baby. 

    He is exactly six months and it fits him perfect right now, I'm not sure if it'll last till end of 9th month. Although that said, it is quite stretchy. I am assuming there would be more colours and patterns in future. 

    3. Material seems to be very comfortable for the baby, he did not seem to touch/tug at his skin like he usually does. There have been significantly less flare ups. I was very impressed with the material and how well my son got on with it. 

    4.I would definitely recommend this to mammas with babies who have dry skin/eczema. 
  • 1. What did you think of the HappySkin garments when they first arrived?

    The products arrived beautiful packaged. I would happily purchase this as a gift for someone. The pull tab on the box didn't work very well due to the way the glue was lined up. The products themselves on first glance looked very high quality and lovely soft to touch. Initially I thought the sizing looked quite small, but due to the stretch nature of the fabric, the clothes fit easily on her. 

    2. How was the feel of the bodysuit and sleepsuit?

    The fabric felt similar to running base layer fabric. Lovely, smooth and soft. The stitching was neat and tight and sat well so as not to irritate body folds, such as under the arms. 
    The fabric is quite thin, so I used it as a base layer and would be ideal in summer so baby doesn't get too hot with a traditional cotton vest. The white colour was quite see through though and as our nappies are brightly coloured, the nappies showed through and her little nipples looked like Rachel from Friends 😂😆
    I love the happy face logo on the back of the neck and behind the knee. This was a really nice touch to the design.

    Photos attached.

    3. How do you think your baby got on with wearing the HappySkin clothes? Were you impressed with them?

    My baby has just turned 9months yesterday and we had a 6-9month set. Even though she is on the upper age limit, they fit her easily and actually the arms were a bit long. The fabric is extremely stretchy, so I think she will still get some wear out of them yet. The stitching was very well designed and really helped to stop irritation in her skin folds.she particularly gets redness under her arms, which I found not to be the case when using these. I washed the set over 10 times and managed to get out nappy leak stains easily, even though I was hesitant as to whether I would be able to keep them white. I washed as per the instructions and they continue to look white and fresh. The logo has also washed well and not faded or cracked. 

    4. Would you recommend HappySkin clothes to other parents of babies with dry or sensitive skin or eczema?I would be very happy to recommend this to babies with skin problems. The clothes really appear to be a good way to help tackle skin irritation in babies. 
  • 1. My initial thoughts were that it was great the packaging was in a recyclable box definitely I felt in fitting with the brand concept. 

    For the garments themselves there’s nothing cuter than a baby in a white sleep suit. The suits from first glance looked luxurious, definitely different to ones I’ve seen and used previously. It was great that there was also an accompanying booklet. 

    2. The feel of the body and sleep suit was soft, stretchy albeit on the thin side. I am used to seeing and using sleep suits with button poppers down the middle as I feel this are easier to use. However, with having the stretch to the suits it helps with the fit. 

    In addition the HappySkin logo is very cute and would be recognisable to the brand. 

    3. My baby enjoyed wearing the suits and he looked very cute. I would be hesitant to clothe him in this in winter outdoors due to the thin fabric. I felt he could roll around with ease due to the fabric and I genuinely believe on a night the fabric helped with less itching and more breath ability. 

    My baby is 6 months old and fits 6-9 months, I felt the bodysuit was perfect fitting but wouldn’t be come 9 months whereas the sleep suit had extra length to it meaning it would fit perfectly in another month or so. I washed as per instructions and found the suits both stayed white afterwards, however we are weaning so some food stains not so easily the first time. Dribble, milk and nappy leak stains were no problem though. 

    Overall I was very impressed with the suits but would love to see more colours and patterns if this didn’t compromise with the fabric and it’s purpose. 

    4. I would definitely recommend SkinHappy to parents who have eczema and skin irritation issues as I feel it would be a great investment. 
  • Having used them for over 2 weeks I am now able to answer questions 3 and 4

    3. How do you think your baby got on with wearing the HappySkin clothes?

    He seams happy to have them on and appears to scratch less with them on. They are very soft and stretchy. He is now 7 months and at the top end of size for most 6-9 month clothes but there is still room in the sleep suit. 

    Initially I stopped all cream for his skin when he had them on as per the instructions, however sadly his skin got worse so we had to re start his creams and also use steroid cream to calm things down. They wash well, I have had to sun bleach some stains out as using non bio and washing at 30 deg not all stains came out in the wash. But with some sunlight they are still white. 

     Were you impressed with them? I had very high hopes for them as I really want to improve his eczema, over all he scratches less in them, but sadly with just the HappySkin alone doesn't control his eczema. 

    4. Would you recommend HappySkin clothes to other parents of babies with dry or sensitive skin or eczema?

    I think these would work best for babies with dry or sensitive skin, but not for moderate eczema on their own as the skin still needs emollients as well as the suits. But they do help with itching. I would also like scratch mit fold overs on the sleep suit. 
  • We have used the products for two weeks now.

    1- the products were packaged lovely.we was quite eager to try as Alfie skin had been so bad.
    2- I was pleasantly surprised how soft the babygrow & sleepsuit was. It felt so light & looked so breathable for his sensitive  skin.
    I really liked the mits too.
     I found the older Alfie gets the  sleep-suits in shops do not come with mits which is slightly frustrating as Alfie tends to claw his skin. 
    It was nice to have the option there to use them if we wished. 

    3- i was slightly worried Alfie would be cold at night in the happy skin products  especially as it’s a bit chilly at night time as
     the product was so light. 
    How wrong was I. 
    I felt he actually  slept better in the happy skin products. Also I noticed he didn’t claw his chest as much in it. 
    He had ample room in both
    of the happy skin products.

    4-I would recommend happy skin products. There 100% natural which I totally love for Alfie’s sensitive skin.
    The sizing was good on both products. I felt the arms were a little snug on the vest but Alfie looked comfortable and slept like a baby with minimal itching .
  • Hi everyone this is my first product test for made for mums, so hopefully you find my feed back useful. 

    1. I was so excited when the products arrived to see what the product was going to be like. I was very impressed it was packaged beautifully. 

    2. The product felt very soft to touch and also was lovely and white, I love my little boy in white so overall was very pleased with the quality. Also the products came with information on how to wash etc which was good because I didn’t want to wash them wrong. 

    3. My little boy liked the products I found the body vest was tight but I think that actually is better for eczema. He wore the products as much as possible but did find it difficult as he does like to get messy and often has poo explosions! So getting them washed and dried was a challenge maybe if they sold it multipacks that would be better?

    4. Yes I would recommend the products as an investment as I do think the products are lovely and soft but maybe slightly over priced as you would need to buy multiple to see the benefits.

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