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Fancy testing a Joie i-Spin Safe car seat worth £300? £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs too!



  • We were just starting to look for a new car seat for our 16 month old so this would be amazing.

    1. The car seat is compatible with our car
    2. Seth is 16 month old, born 12th January 2019
    3. We are currently using a rearward-facing car seat and would like to keep him in one a seat long as possible 
    4. We have a Ford C-Max with isofix fittings

  • Hi there
    i would so thrilled and honoured to trial this car seat with my Nearly two year old daughter Mia-Rose. It’d also mean a lot as we are in need of the next stage. She is 85cm tall in height birthday 8th October 2018. We drive a Vauxhall Astra year 64. Car seat is forward facing and has isofix fittings compatible in built. Good luck all and thanks for your consideration xx
  • Hi, 

    This car seat is compatible with our car 

    Our baby is 8months old, 26.09.2019 

    Currently using a rearward facing car seat 

    Our car is a Volvo S60 and has isofix settings 
  • Good evening, 

    We would love to trial this Joie i-Spin Safe car seat. The requested details are as follows:

    - The car seat is compatible with our car. 
    - It would be for our nine month old (27/08/19). 
    - Currently have a rear facing car seat. 
    - Our car is a Mazda 6 with isofix. 

    Thank you for the chance. 🤞 

  • Good evening, 

    - My car is compatible with the seat confirmed by the joie website. (Mini) 
    - My little boy Roo is 10 months old.
    - He is currently in a rear facing seat. 
    - My car is a Mini Countryman and has isofix.

    I would love to trail this car seat as I have had many different seats but never a spinning chair. 

    Good luck everyone 🤞🏻

    Roo’s mummy x
  • 1. The car seat is compatible with my car :-)

    2. My little girl is 3 months (17/02/2020)

    3. She is currently using the maxi cosi pebble plus rear facing carseat 

    4. Car is a Honda crv and it has ISO Fix fittings
  • Hello!

    1. The car seat is compatible with my car.

    2. Nearly 8 months old. DOB 02/10/19.

    3. Currently use a rear facing (joie i-level car seat).

    4. Vehicle is a VW Tiguan and has isofix fittings.

    Thank you, stay safe
  • Hi

    1. My car is compatible 
    2. my son is 10 months old (turning one in July) 
    3. currently using rear facing car seat but looking for a new one
    4. Car is Citroen with isofix fittings
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    We will be emailing selected testers within the next few days. Please do look out for an email from Katie, and perhaps check your spam folder just in case.

    If you have not received an email within the next few days, we're afraid you've not been selected to take part. Please do keep an eye on the forum, as we have more product tests coming up soon. 

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