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Fancy testing BORRN soft and squishy silicone feeding bottles? £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs!



  • 1. Almost 10 months old, DOB 20/01/21
    2. Yes he's an established bottle feeder only
    3. 4 bottles per 24h period 
  • Theo 13.07.20 15 month old
    Established bottle feed
    Has 3-4   bottles in 24 hrs

  • 1. Baby P 10months (Jan 2021) and Baby K 6 months (Apr 2021)
    2. Both are established bottle feeders.
    3. Baby P uses 2 bottles a day, Baby K has 5 bottles a day.
  • 1.My daughter is 13 months old she was born on 22/09/2020.
    2. She is an established bottle feeder only.
    3. She has about 4 bottles through the 24 hour period, morning, midday, afternoon and at night.
  • D.O.B 22/09/2020
    Bottles since birth
    4 bottles a day
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