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Tens Machine

Hi There

 I am new to this so here I go...

I used a Tens machine during the birth of my 2 children and thought it was great as first start of pain relief. Managed to only need Gas & Air!

Unfortunately I lost a booklet that came with the box, which gave instructions for painrelief by pushing on pressue point on your body.  

I was wondering if any mums in this form have a Femme Tens machine and might have this booklet, if yes, if you are not using it, could I have it or could I photocopy it? Or would you know how to get a spare one?

 Your help is very much appreciatted.

Thanks very much for your help in advance



  • i jus googled it (i loose alot of instructionsimage) and the first thing to come up was intructions to download, i would copy a link but not sure what model you have!

    hope that helps x x

  • Hi Laura

     I have a Femme Tens machine,

     but thanks very much, due to what you said I changed the search term in google and have found the booklet I am after " a woman's guide to drug free pain relief"

     Now before ordering this... is there anyone that has the guide

     " a woman's guide to drug free pain relief" and who does not use it?

     I would very much appreciate your copy if you would be happy to get rid of it??

    Laura tx very much for your reply as I would have never thought about changing the way I search!! really blond of me. 

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