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Has anyone hired a tens machine before? If so where from and would you recommend them? 

My midwives hire them but came across this site which works out slightly cheaper


  • Just looked back at my emails and I got mine from I think they had an offer on at the time but I seem to remember that most websites charged about the same. Delivery was quick and the machine was clean etc. I think I could keep it for 7 weeks. You can hire from mothercare too if you want somewhere more well known.

    Definitely read the instructions at some point before you need them! H was trying to work them out when he got home from work and I'd already been having contractions for a couple of hours at that point so had very little patience with him!

  • I have hired from pregnancytens as they were the cheapest. It's a 7 week hire and is due to arrive next week *la la la*, will let you know how it goes.

  • Pregnancytens were one of the only ones with a freepost return option, they also send two sets of pads so you can practise.

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