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Lush Sleepy Body Lotion: does it really help your toddler sleep? Fancy trying it for out for us?

Hi everyone, 

A few weeks ago, a mum’s post that Lush Sleepy Body Lotion helped stop her 18-month-old waking 5 to 6 times a night went viral (you can read our article about it here). 

But what we REALLY want to know is, will Lush Sleepy Body Lotion work miracles on other toddlers’ sleep patterns, too?

We have 5 pots of Lush Sleepy Body Lotion and we’re looking for 5 mums to try it out on their toddler – and let us know what effect, if any, it has on their child’s sleep. 

If you’d like to try it out, just post a reply on this thread, and tell how old your child is (we’re looking for 1 year old +).




  • I have heard so much about this and very keen to try it out. We have ups and downs at the moment with sleep and was llooking to try this out 

  • Forgot to mention he is 19 months 

  • I've heard good things about this my daughter is 13months and keen to try some as she's a buggar for sleeping still wakes during the night 

  • Oh my gosh I would love to try this on my boy, Paddy (15 months). I've heard good things about it! I'd also like to use it on myself! Might help this pregnancy insomnia!!! :)

    Paddy is going through a stage right now where he is waking multiple times and im running out of things to try! 

    Xxx Dea and baby Paddy

  • Hi Jenson is 22 month now and we thought we had cracked it but he has started waking again,  although I think the problem with lack of sleep is probably more telling on Mam and Dad rather than Jenson lol. So in short we would love to try some lotions that may help 

  • Me!!! My 20 month old has gone from a textbook sleeper to a sleep goblin.

  • Oh my gosh I will try anything. My girl is 16 months and goes to bed no problem but is up most the night I'm so tired. I've even resorted to putting her in with me just to get a half decent nights sleep but she just doesn't keep still ggrrr lol 

  • Oooh yes please my little one is 13 months and we would love to try this!x

  • 23 months and still struggling. Would love to try this lush product as feel we've tried everything (bar the whisky!) 😊 

  • My baby doesn't sleep well at all.. Don't know if it's due to breastfeeding and the routine of waking up in the night.. 

    We would love to try this Meredith is going to be 14 months soon and has never slept through the night xx

  • Yes please! My 22 month old has always been a terrible sleeper - he wakes several times a night and has only slept through more than 6 hours a handful of times in his life! We are really struggling. Our day regularly at 2 or 3am trying to get him back to sleep, when he finally does we have been awake for hours. He'd be a real test. 

  • I would love to try this. ALice is 17 months old  and has recently been taking a long time to settle at night. 

  • I have heard great things about this stuff...would love to give it a shot!!  My 13 month old is a terror at sleeping!  

  • Is 5 too old 😂 she’s went from a great sleeper to an awful sleeper and has started sleep walking too!! Lol x

  • Hi everyone, thanks for posting on this thread offering to try out the Lush.

    We have enough testers now (if you've been chosen to be a tester, please check your email and Private Message folder as you will have a message from us)

    Keep an eye on this thread for our testers' verdicts, and just to confirm we are no longer looking for testers. 

  • Hello everyone, we just wanted to let you know, we've just managed to get our hands on a few bottle of Lush's new Twilight Body Spray, which has the same scent as the Lush Sleepy Lotion. 

    We'll be dropping some of you an email to see if you fancy testing the new Lush Twinkle - please keep an eye on your inbox! 


  • Hii!! Sorry just seeing this, can you just buy these? 

    My dauhjye who is nearly 19 months was a great sleeper .... Now she want even go to bed shes not well with hand foot and mouth, however getting better. Now she cries so much a when going to bed that its got to the point that she is hitting her head of the walls and doors leaving marks and i don't know what else to try with her :( 

    Any idead would be great x

  • Hi dorie90, lovely to hear from you! Yes, you can get both of these products from any Lush shop. Please do let us know if you try it, if it works for you - we'd love to hear how you get on. 

  • HFM is horrid. That's what started off my boys poor sleeping. He got a few colds and bugs after that and only just seems to be bouncing back.

    My sleepy lotion arrived on Friday. Friday & Saturday night he went to bed normally but instead of 630 he slept to 725 & 740 and he didn't wake me once. Yesterday he went to bed ok but was up at 630. Tonight he barely finished drinking his milk before he was asleep.

    Fingers crossed this continues. My daughter has started sleeping thru the night too so I'm going to be back to a semi functioning adult.

  • Yea it really is and now my hubby has it.

    Its just trying to get her to go to bed, she's bumped her self that hard tonight she's cut herself 😥  

    So im willing to try anything i can to get hwe back into routine! 

    Awe you'll be loving it now 😎😎

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