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Anyone having trouble with straps on BebeConfort Loola 2008?

Has anyone else got the Bebe Confort Loola 2008?

My son is only 14 weeks and I have set the pushchair harness straps to the maximum possible and they only just look comfortable around him now!

What do I do when winter kicks in and he needs a coat on and for the rest of the time until he is about 3!!

I know there is a little tab that they hook through on the back that you can take the straps out of this to make longer but I have already done this!

Maybe I should take the pushchair back into Mothercare and see what the show model looks like and speak to them.

I love this pushchair and if I have to try another I'll be rather peeved off.

Help anyone?

Leila x


  • i had this when i first had my loola it was a bloody nightmere i wiggled it about a bit it seemed to be so tight its not bad now at all and i dont know what i did to it, im not to pleased with this pushchair at all its to heavy and a pain the back side to be honest im trying to sell it!
  • we are currently researching pushchairs and I've read a lot about this strap problem with the BebeConfort Loola. Apparently the manufacturer are aware of this problem and if you contact them they will send you longer ones free of charge.
  • Hi, thanks for your reply.

    I have emailed them for a 2nd time so lets see. 1st time I was told to take my pushchair back to mothercare and they will send it back for inspection.

    All very well but what do I do for a pushchair in the meantime!

    Let's see what their response is this time.
  • Hi Leila. Just to let you know, if you do need to take it back to mothercare they should provide you with a loan pushchair while yours is sent off. Do you have a receipt or guarantee sticker? If not they will expect you to pay for it to be sent away but as Jules said, Bebe Confort have been sending out replacement straps so they should do the same for you. Hope you get it sorted x x
  • Hi,

    Lovely thanks for letting me know. I will wait for the email response and if I get no luck I'll go to Mothercare and arrange for it to be sent away for inspection.

    I ordered it online and should have the paperwork with me. I'll make sure I take it.

    Thanks again.
    Leila x
  • Hi,

    I didn't get an email response so I phoned Dorel and spoke to a lovely lady.

    She admitted they have had lots of problems with these straps and they are waiting on a further delivery of them.

    She said it would be better if I did send the pushchair back for inspection. I popped into Mothercare an hour ago and they have taken the pushchair for repair and offered me a temporary one.

    They have quoted anything up to 28 days maximum.

    (spent another fortune while I was there, so much temptation :lolimage

    Leila x
  • OMG, my loola is doing my head in. I know what you mean about the straps. Also, mine is really rickity and one of the wheels is knocking almost like it is loose. The seam has come loose on the raincover!!! Also I was going over a bumpy road the other day and the fold action on the shopping basket set in and it more or less folded itself up with my baby in it!!!!!! Don't really know what to do with it, I really like the look of the loola but i've had so many problems. I don't know if it is worth sending it back or not, would I really want it even if it has been 'fixed'!!!

    So many problems, and it costs so much!

  • I know what you mean.

    I only bought mine early August but typically it is out of its 28 day refund guarantee.

    Where do we stand from now on if we are still having problems? I am so tempted to take it back and se if I can get a credit note of some sort and just buy a good old trustworthy Maclaren.

    I must find out what our consumer rights are. Surely if it is faulty we can demand an exchange for something different?

    Mine is tempremental when putting up with locking into place and when you put it down the top keeps unlocking and detaching itself from the base! That and it is killing my back putting it in and out of the car. Also trying to et up kerbs you wouldn't think something so simple would be so difficult would you!

    I'll look into it and get back to you.

    Wish I hadn't sent it away for straps doing now.

    I hope we can sort something out because like you say they are so expensive in the 1st place and I have just bought the footmuff and umbrella but new from ebay so I suppose I'll have to try and sell them.

    Leila x

  • I rang today regarding my straps and spoke to a lovely gentleman who straight away said he would send me the new bigger straps as he says they have loads in stock due to the problem with the straps. The number i rang was 01842 767965 and he says the best time to ring is 8.30 in the morning as there are only 8 people in the office all day to man the phone lines, Hope this helps some of you!!!
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