Can anyone recomend good breast pumps manual or electric


I'm due my second child in January, and after rooting through all of my old baby things i cant find my manual breast pump, hence why i'm looking for a new one

Any recomendations, its been a while since ive had to think about it, my daughter is nearly 6




  • Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    I used the Medela Mini-Electric and thought it was really good. I started off using the Tommee Tippee manual one but it killed my hand and nearly ripped my nipples off so I ditched it for the electric one.

    The Medela cost ??54 in Boots and I had my moneys worth cause my lo was premature and I was expressing 8 times a day.

    Good luck on your search for your breast pump.
  • Hi

    I used the Avent manual pump - ??28 in Tesco's but as Avent have recently rebranded due to their merga with Phillips I picked it up from Tesco's for only ??5!!!!

    I have stopped using it now as my milk has dried up, but it didn;t hurt my hand at all - and this was recomended by the nurses in special care......

    Sam xx
  • I can repeat exactly what denise said- go for the medela mini electric!
  • avent electric one was a god send for me - five mins and i had about 6 oz (not sayin that everyone will get that)
    and it was quiet enough to use in an airport toilet!

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