baby support for carseat

Hi everyone!
My partner and I have just bought the maxi-cosi cabriofix carseat and we were hoping someone could recommend a good head and/or body support that would fit nicely in that carseat?
Any opinions or advice much appreciated!
Gill xx


  • Did you not get the newborn support with the seat? Our Maxicosi came with a wedge to make the seat flatter and a newborn headhugger designed to fit the seat. I thought they all did so it's maybe worth checking with where you bought it.
  • I could do with some sort of head support for my son. The car seat did come with a raised bit with a head support but he is quite long for his age (only 13 weeks old) and I have had to take it out and use the car seat with no support.
  • yeah all the padding etc did come with the seat but we just wanted that little bit of extra support seeing as the roads are really bumpy near our house - first time parents can you tell? lol
  • I think you can get head supports things in Argos but in all honesty I think the head support with the maxi-cosi is enough unless your baby is really small - say under 6lb. I completely understand your new mum worries though - we thought our boy looked a bit vunerable in it to start with (was 7lb 6oz and went down to 6lb 7oz) but within just a few days they are much stronger and they seem less floppy and fragile. Even though my son still only weighs 8lb 4oz at 6 weeks he is much stronger and also 4cm longer!!

    The maxi-cosi cabriofix is the safest carseat in that category so it's been fully tested and everything.
  • Thanks, youve kinda put my mind at rest, ive never really been around babies so i have no idea about anything!
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