ne1 recommend a good double buggy?

Really need some help , i need a double buggy ive got a 17month and another on the way in 8 weeks . and i just cant find a double buggy i like . Can anyone give me some advice or recommend something !!! getting desprate


  • i really like the look of that , though i dont no the sex of baby so i cant pre order it, also dont no anywhere that stock it .Is it quite wide? need it to get through me front door , was looking at the casatto duet lite ( one in frount of each other) it was great value but really hard to push with the extra weight at the frount.
  • yeah i know loads with the phil and teds but , i dont like the idea of putting the lo in that back bit in the summer , wouldnt be so bad if it was winter, but you want them to lay out and show them off!! thats the only thing stopping me getting def going to look into the bro sis, casatto though have to get me measuring tape out and see that it willl fit through my door . thanks for your help on this, did you have problems like me deciding ???
  • hi there iv got the cosatto duo lite. But it aint really that lite when you have a 2 year old in it. I find that its ok till you have go up a kerb, and i have to dig it in my ribs. My only other problem with it is that i have to take the front hood and wheels off to fit it in my boot of the car. Its soo long.

    The back seat lies flat great for my daughter whos 5 weeks, i just wish that the front seat could lie back slightly. It took us ages to decide which one to buy and im still not sure if we have got the right one. Take your time to decide to make sure you get it right yourself.

    sorry for butting in
  • I have the phil and teds and i love it. My youngest was born last april so he was in the back in the summer but because it is open at the back you can still see them and they dont get too hot, i also like the fact that it converts to a singe when the older one no longer needs it.
  • Hi

    ne1 recommend a good double buggy?

    I've just logged on to ask exactly that same question.
    I'm due in August and George will be 18 months old then. I was thinking of gettin a Graco travel system so I can use George's old car seat with it but I think a double travel system is gonna be way too heavy to lift into the boot of the car. Has anyone tried one??

    Now I've read all your comments on double buggies, they sound better but now I have even more to think/stress about image:\?

  • well id set on getting the cosetto duo lite , but after putting evie in the front , i could hardly push it round the shop never mind corners, starlet you must have some good arm muscles or im real weak!!
    Im honestly found this one of the hardest decisions, cause i cant afford to make a mistake gotta buy the right one first time, ive heard of loads of ppl who like buy 5- 6 prams cause they cant decide . Mad !!
    hI Suzydee sorry cant really comment on double travel system, but does sound rather heavy but agree its very stressfull i thinking that i may never decide and just buy a sling and use that. arrrh!!!
  • hi. i have had all 5 of my kids close. so always had a double. i love tandems, they are comfy, nice to push and when your toddler gets bigger it is alot easier to push as with side by sides the weight isn't evenly distributed. i have just got rid of my cosatto lunar twin - it was a horrible pushchair. i thought at first that it was a great bargain as was only 149.99 and had everything with it, but as my toddler has got bigger it has become harder to push. with it being a fold up stick double buggy it was very flimsy when i tried to steer it. i wouldn't recommend it as a pushchair that is used all the time but as a pushchair that is used occasionally . so i have just purchased my self another tandem and it is alot better for my toddler as the be seats are wider as with the side by side they were quite narrow. and she can't poke the baby!!! lol. archie is much more cocooned in the back. i do alot of walking so the tandem has bigger wheels and is much better for me.
    i would def think about how much you are going to be using your double as this really influences what sort you will buy. hope this
  • Oh its just so complicated.
    Jennie&Evie- I've thought of doing the sling thing. I had one of those Bjorn front baby carriers for George but I did find it heavy on my front if I walked a good distance so I think I'd be knackered pushing a pushchair aswell!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one getting stressed about this lol.

    Pen - Thanks for your advice. It wouldn't be such an issue but I walk LOADS. Both from home and out and about from the car so yeah, there's lots to think about!

  • hi jennie&evie, just thought i would let you know i replaced my cosatto duo lite, with a maclaren triumph. It cost me ??115 and fits into the boot of my car brill. Its really lite compared to the other one, and easy to turn and get up the kirbs. So much better. Before i had to fight to get the raincover on, but i can do it in a matter of seconds now. It folds away quickly to.

    Its great if your on a budget like me, I would have gone for the phil&teds one, but i think it may have been to big for my boot. As well as costing more han we could afford.

    I cant say as i notice that one side has more weight than the other. you get 2 extra changable straps, and seat covers.Great if you can get them on. I cant.
  • thanks starlet really appriechate ppl input on this, im leaning towards the side by side pushchair . now gotta find the right one will now def look into the maclaren, sounds like you cant really go wrong with it, your have to let me know if you find any hidden probs. xxx
  • Hi jennie&evie, I have been going mad looking for the right twin or tandem. I think the maclaren twin is a great twin if you have a small toddler. My 22 month old son is already too big for it and he looks really squashed in it. The Cosatto Me&You is slightly bigger and both sides lay completely flat so my toddler can still have a sleep.
    My other choice is the new gracco stadium duo but then my toddler can't really have a lay down as he often falls asleep in the car. And my last choice is the Phil&Ted sport.
    My baby will be here in two weeks!!
    Debs xxxx
  • thanks debbie, so take it you havent quite decided either ?
    have to let me no which one you go with in the end . Ive still got 6 weeks or so left, so still some time to make my mind up. xxxx
  • thanks debbie, so take it you havent quite decided either ?
    have to let me no which one you go with in the end . Ive still got 6 weeks or so left, so still some time to make my mind up. xxxx
  • this sounds soooooooooo familiar!!
    i took months and months to find a double suitable fo my 2 babies, 19 months and 5 weeks.
    my 19 month old is massive so i had real trouble finding one he could fit in!!
    i tied the maclaren triumph double but found the seat was to small for hin, i tried the phil and ted but the doubles kit wasnt sturdy enough to hold him in, i tried the maclaren techno but was really heavy and i tried a tandem but there was no chance with his weight in the front!!!
    in the end i was torn between the nipper360 and the mamas and papas twin pulse, i bought the twin pulse as it was a buggy fold and was more practical in the car but i am getting the nipper 360 as well as its a lightweight 3 wheeler and is great as a walking pram!!!
    who would have thought buying a pram could be so hard!!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
    vikki x
  • Hi Vikki,
    This is soooo strange I saw a lady in the park today who told me she bought the mamas &papas twin pulse as she thought the seats where the same size as her single buggy, is this true, is this why you went for it because your toddler could fit into it?
    Thank you, Debs xx
  • hiya debs
    i wouldnt say the seat is as big as my single maclaren but it was the most spacious seat i could find for him on a double!!
    he is a big lad for 19 months (he weighs 2 stone 6!!) and i knew i had found the right buggy when he actually stayed sat in it!! ( he wouldnt stay sat in any of the others)!!
    hope this helps
    vikki x
  • Hi ive been looking at double pushchairs as we are hoping to have baby number two soonish so there wont be a big age gap and i like the look of the icandy pear and converts back to a single hope this helps
  • hi im considering the we2 (think its made by combi ) aqs it folds so small and isnt stupidly expensive. i bought a lovely looking double hauk roadster sl duo? its winnie the pooh design and its built like two three wheelers stuck together it was cheap and nice to push long distance but is so wide i never took it in a single shop so i really want a compact double any thoughts
  • OK girls, I am down to two buggies. The Mamas & Papas Pulse Twin, has everything I want but still a little narrow for my toddler and the Mamas & Papas Aria Twin pushchair. The two seats are actually different sizes, one is 34cm for toddler the other is 28cm for baby. And get this it only weighs 8.5kg. The compromise is it doesn't lay as flat as I'd like it for baby, although it is from birth. But it gives my toddler loads of room. So think! I'm going to go for that one.
    Thank you for all your help, who would of thought it could be so hard to choose a double buggy. I shouldn't have such big babies!
    Debs (9 days to go) xxxxx
  • FWIW I got a nipper 360 too. It's great to manouvre about and anyone or anything that gets in the way gets rammed. It teaches people not to mess with a twin mummy image But I have twins, not kids of different ages. It is a bit of a beast to fit in the boot but it has made me walk small trips that I would have taken the car for so is keeping me fit. Argos now sell them.
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