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Hi, has anyone see any information on the iCandy Peach? We saw the Pear in John Lewis on Saturday but have heard there might be a new model (Pear) later this year...anyone know any more details? Thanks.


  • Looks like the Peach is not due for release until August. You can google it and get a little info. It looks like it's similar to the Pear or Apple. And I also saw the new Pear on the iCandy website - it says pending patent so must be coming soon. This one looks like the ideal one to use with an older infant and a newborn (if you want, otherwise use as single or for twins). Finally! Can't wait to see it!!
  • hi ladies, its on the icandy website, its gorgeous!
  • I seen the icandy peach at the babyshow glasgow and fell in love with it,it isnt in store till aug tho!!im dying to see it again so i can make a final decision.

    Jstar xxx
  • I've seen the iCandy Pear and it looks really nice. Having only one baby we went for the iCandy Cherry and it's gorgeous.

    Check it out here:
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