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Should I go...?

Hi all, please could I have some advice...

My Mum has offered to pay for me and my husband and 2 children to go on holiday with her, my Dad, brother and his family in the summer. I would really like to go but my husband is refusing to go.

We have 2 holidays as a family of 4 already booked so this would be an extra. I have told him I would really like to go with the kids but he doesn't want to and says that after our two holidays as a family he needs to prioritise his annual leave for football trips with his friends.

My question is should I still go with the kids.. I would really like to but I feel guilty leaving him.


  • I would go.. x live only once and since hes going to enjoy trips with his friends.. you deserve to enjoy yourself too as you please with your family
  • I would go, but alone with kids.. Is it really holidays then.. 
  • @Erin0110 i would def go. You will have family there to help out with kids and if your brother has kids then there are others for your ones to play with. And I wouldn't feel any guilt. Your husband will be living the free time and he will have other holidays with friends xx
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