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i cnt be doin with him any more y does he do this to me???

as im writing this im in tears bcoz of him again!!
after countless arguments over the phone this week bein told im a bad mother and pathetic i need to grow up and im useless im not sayin i havnt said horrible things to him i have but i also say sorry wen i knw im out of order.
then last nite wen i spoke to him about havin lo today and we seem to be gettin sum were then he turns up tday and just shouts at me! i asked him not to give lo jar food any more just bcoz hes too old 4 it n he could easyily cook sumthing for him (hes 10 months old) i ask him to bath him tnite and he says he cnt he doesnt knw how?? yet he managed wen we were tgeva to bath lo!!! he also knws how to climb stairs (obv i dnt leave him to walk up the stairs alone) and i get told im stupid he moans that i dnt stop him climbin his toys but how the hell do i stop him doin these things?? hes 10 months old and he walks every were wen he can b botherd!! :lol:
then we had an argement in front of lo i knw we shudnt n i feel so bad now!! n he just walked out with jake n didnt let me say bye to him n hes not bk until tmra n im so scared he wnt bring him bk!! silly i knw!!
i just wish i cud cut him out all together i wish id never met him!!


  • aww hunnie am sorry you are haveing such a bad time at the min do you have good friends you can talk to maby you both need to sit down and tell each other wat your problems are maby hes bitter you are not with him any more i know how hard it is been a single mam i was there not so long ago bringing 3 kids up on my own get out there girl and find yourself a nice young man to treat you like a princess you deserve to be happy good luck hunnie xxxxxxxx
  • I can feel your pain somewhat. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. It makes me mad that this man is critisizing you... to me you sound like a very good, careful Mum. I agree with PrincessSib, I say get glammed up, hit the town and have a great time. One day (hopefully soon) someone great is going to come into your life and then you'll wonder why you put up with your ex for so long! Time is the healer... you WILL get through this. xx

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