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Pop ups!!



  • Thanks, sair3108 :)

    It's beginning to sound to us like an ad-serving issue. So, rather than a bug in our system, the software serving ads to you is doing something VERY weird (and, obviously, not what we'd agreed it would do).

    This is, unfortunately, not something we can sort today - what with it being a Bank Hol. We're so sorry.

    But we'll get onto it ASAP tomorrow, and hopefully have some good news for you soon.

    In the meantime, as I keep saying (sorry for being a bit of a broken record!), do keep posting here to tell us what you're seeing and when you're seeing it. 

    I can't tell you how much it helps.

  • Same for me as libragirl.  I've tried opening a new page, going from email the lot.  today I'm on 4g but when it happened to me before I was on wifi so it's not that libragirl 

  • Hi this happens to me as well only able to use my iPad at the mo not my I phone. Unable to read threads etc xxxx

  • Hi I'm getting this problem too using my iPhone ( not my iPad though)


    Mine is fine indoors more so strangely but when I'm out and about and using 4G it does it what ever thread I choose to look at! 

    Hope you manage to find the cause!! I'm not good with things like this so can't offer advice!!!

  • Thanks everyone. This is really helping us narrow down what's going wrong. We're on the case!

    Is anyone getting these pop-ups who's NOT on an iPhone?

  • Hello again everyone.

    We've pressed some buttons and asked one of our ad-serving peeps to remove some stuff - and we're hoping that might have fixed things.

    Please could you come and tell us if you've noticed that it's better now? (Or not)

  • I've been on twice this afternoon Helen and looking ok so far!

    Thanks for sorting!

  • So far so good ladies I've just checked my emails and responded to threads with no pop ups!:)

  • Woo hoo! That's great to hear, sair3108 and missmyangels - thanks so much for letting us know.

  • Woo hoo all sorted xx

  • Seems ok to me so far 

  • Been in work all day so not able to check. Home now and on wifi but fingers crossed it'll be the same for me c

  • I was in work today and after days of betting and free app pop ups it turned to porn advertising which I wasn't particularly happy about so ive not checked posts till got home to wifi. Just tried on my network and not had one yet so fingers crossed its sorted x

  • OMG at porn, K85m! We're SO sorry!

    That particular ad-serving software is definitely turned off now, so hopefully all is now working without pop-ups for everyone.

    Thanks again everyone for letting us know about this so quickly. It would have been truly horrible to find out the pop-ups had been happening for weeks but you were all too polite to mention it!

  • I know yeah it was really embarrassing while was checking my emails in the lift at work! It's funny now but at the time I cud of crawled into a hole for the morning 😁 not that I'd fit at the min ha x glad all sorted x

  • Oh you poor thing, K85m! I think I would have crawled in a hole too!

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