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The final Heinz for Baby weaning diaries – share your thoughts here: £200 John Lewis voucher prize!


Over the past few months, Heinz for Baby and MadeForMums have been joining forces, to find out everything you had to tell us about the weaning your babies on to solid food. 

We’ve been asking you to comment on the journals and video diaries made by 3 families with weaning babies, hand-picked from our MadeForMums community. 

And we’ve been loving your comments so much, we’re asking you for more!

This time, in the third and final instalments of the families’ weaning diaries, we follow:
- Baby Mia, as her parents try to balance solid food with milk feeds.
- Baby Savraj, whose parents are looking for ways to keep him calm in his high chair
- Baby Alfie, whose parents are wondering if he will now eat grown-up meals

Heinz for Baby would love you to watch the video and read the journal for each family’s new weaning diary (click on the links above on each child’s name). Then, come back and tell us on this thread how the diaries resonate with you.

For each family you post about, you get an entry into our prize draw to win the £200 John Lewis voucher. So, if you make 3 individual comments/posts – once for each family’s diary – you get 3 entries!

To post, please scroll to the bottom of the page, and add your comment about each family in the reply box, making sure you mention which family you are referring to.  

Everyone who posts (and answers the question fully) will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 John Lewis voucher.

We'll keep this thread open until 8/4/20, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.

This discussion is sponsored by HeinzPlease note that comments and pictures you post here may be used by Heinz for Baby in future marketing and advertising material. See full Ts & Cs here



  • We had similar difficulties with balancing milk feeds and food just like Baby Mia - we found about an hour was just about right to eat after milk, although my little one was still being breastfed. The milk feeds soon dropped to about 3 or 4 times during the day as more solid food was being introduced.
  • Feeding was always difficult for us during teething just like Baby Savraj. She went through stages of not wanting to eat or eating foods of certain textures. I did the same as Savraj parents and gave her a biscotti biscuit while I was waiting for her breakfast to cool down. She still loves her biscotti biscuits! And with a nice range of flavours they don't become too repetitive. My little one was always quite contented in her chair although a majority of the time she was eating with us so I think that was a big help.
  • Baby Alfie has done so well with his weaning! My little one is now 15 months and doesn't always want to use cutlery so watching Alfie do it so well is great. She is getting better though. She loves the cottage pie meals and has no problems with the lumps - I actually think she prefers them as I struggled to get her to eat soup after I started baby led weaning at 7 months. She ate cake for the first time on her first birthday too and absolutely loved it.
  • I resonate with Mia's story and her mum feeling nervous about starting weaning. I remember that feeling with my little boy! 
  • I understood Savraj's story and the need to use distraction when he is getting frustrated. I remember even before we started weaning my little boy we would put him in his high chair to get him used to it and give him a spoon to play with which I think helped when it came to weaning 
  • Alfie sounds like a very independent boy which sounds like my little boy! I remember snacks were very important on our weaning journey and is a good way for them to get used to different textures 
  • Like Mia’s family we struggled to get the timings of solid food and milk properly spaced. In the end we decided that our little one would eat when we ate, and she would then have a bottle a couple of hours after this. 
    It’s also good to read Mia’s mum is getting more confident with letting Mia gag- it’s scary but necessary!
  • Poor Savraj :( we are still having teething issues at 2.5! I’m glad using toys as a distraction is working well for Mum, it definitely wouldn’t work for us though! Loved the section where mum talks about Savraj eating breakfast with them in the living room - weaning is all about inclusivity!
  • Look at Alfie eating with that spoon - what a champ! 
    In terms of cutlery and the need to buy baby cutlery, we have found that baby cutlery isn’t sharp enough to pick up a lot of food and our daughter got frustrated trying to spear things that just wouldn’t stay on the fork - we swapped to a cake fork and haven’t had any issues since!
  • Baby Mia - Still such a cutie, she has come so far in the last few months. Sounds like she is really starting to get to grip with loads of different foods. It is hard trying to wean down milk and figure out the best timings for meals. 
  • Baby Savraj - it is so hard when they don't want to sit in their high chairs, we found that letting our daughter just suck out of the pouch rather than putting on the spoon, meant she could regulate the speed herself, might be worth trying. 
  • Happy Birthday Alfie - wow how far he has come from the beginning of the weaning diaries. Feeding himself and on adult type foods, what a little star. Great work. 
  • Baby Mia, the fact she is weaning down on milk is great as it means she is getting enough to fill her up from food. The pasta sounded fun. 
  • sunflower055sunflower055 Regular
    edited Mar 29, 2020 9:07PM
    Baby Savraj is making progress with the spoons, its so hard when they are teething, as they can get frustrated so easily. I am sure he will be fully feeding himself in no time. 
  • Baby Alfie, soon to be toddler Alfie.  So hard having just started nursery then Covid 19 has happened. I hope he is still doing really well trying all his different flavours. Brilliant that he is in charge of the spoon. 
  • Baby Mia - Her weaning is balanced, means she enjoys milk and is ready for more of different textures. She is doing so well on her weaning journey
    Baby Savraj - Teething could cause that baby is off the food and baby pouches are great to regulate flow of the food
    Baby Alfie
    Great to see baby Alfie progressing with his feeding routine, eating more independently enjoying different textures of foods. 

  • Little Alfie what amazing work, he has cracked this whole weaning thing. Next stop toddlerhood. 
  • Little Savraj, it is so hard when they get frustrated, one day at a time, mum is doing a great job. Lovely that toy distraction works. 
  • Little Mia, I loved reading back through the story, makes you remember how far she has come. Less milk means she is having more food, so that is great news. 
  • Baby Mia is doing so well. I feel the same fears as mia’s mum with feeding my baby girl lumps. It frightens me and this is my third baby so it obviously doesn’t get any easier. I’m scared of Matilda choking like mia’s mum is. I’m yet to give Matilda toast but I hope she starts to learn how to do it like Mia. 
    Mia has stopped bottles now so she is obviously getting more full with her food. It’s exciting that Mia is able to join in a little more with family meals. I experienced the same with Matilda’s breakfast. I was giving it to her to close to her bottle. I now leave it an hour and a half after and she enjoys it so much more. Matilda’s favourite breakfast is banana porridge. Her favourite Heinz jars are creamed potato and carrot and cauliflower cheese.
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