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If toddlers could text… Come & give us some examples of the convos they'd have (just for fun!)


We've been laughing today at this tumblr page ( when people are imagining the convos toddlers would have if they could text.

I think these are my favourites:


Oops, they've come out rotated, which is a bit odd - but hopefully, you can still read them?

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to ask you to post up some imaginary toddler texts of your own - no need to do the arty screen grabs (or not so arty in my case!); just type up the words.

Anyone want to have a go?


  • This is how mine would read:

    Baby Jaime: Hey, I just did a doozy.
    Baby G: Spill it.
    Baby Jaime: I just pooped on mums beige carpet.
    Baby G: Awesome.
    Baby Jaime: Then i peed on it too.
    Baby G: This keeps getting better and better.
    Baby Jaime: Wait for it...
    Baby G: Go on...
    Baby Jaime: Now i've just rolled around in it. Poo, everywhere.
    Baby G: That'll teach them to leave you without a nappy on for 30 seconds.

    So if anyone actually knows how to get baby poo out of beige carpet, please let me know! This just happened!

  • Oh lord.

    Um. At least it's not a white carpet… (not that helpful)

  • My eldest once pooped in the garden then trod it thru the house. All I can say is sponge and soapy water 😂😂😂 I had a darker carpet thought. I'm guessing some sort of industrial strength carpet shampoo may be required!

  • DD: Guess what?
    Friend: What?
    DD: It's 11pm, mummy thinks I'm asleep, so guess what I'm going to do??
    Friend: Go on...
    DD: Cry. Just one, high pitched wail... you know the really in-pain ones that they hate?
    Friend: Yeah...
    DD: Yup. And then in an hours time... I'm gonna do it again.
    Friend: Legend!
    DD: I know. I'm gonna do it ALL night... just as mummy is drifting off to sleep again ;-)

  • Ha! They definitely do wait just till the absolute moment you're drifting off, don't they? Little so and sos!


    Friend: 'What?'

    DD: Just asked my Mummy for Tomato Pasta..God..I can't believe this!

    Friend: What!!?

    DD: She has given me penne pasta NOT twirly pasta..SERIOUSLY!

    Friend: Pfft, You just can't get the staff these days!

    DD: Just tipped it in the bin while she went to the loo..managed to reach a whole pack of yoghurts from the fridge..eating them with my hands as I cant find a clean spoon!

    Friend: LOL!! I know that one only to well!

    DD: ARGH! NOW I'M COVERED IN YOGURT! I need clean clothes now!! How long does it take this woman to wee!!

    Friend: You've put me in the mood for yogurt now..then maybe a bath..catch you laters! :)

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