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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our January 2017 Babies Club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in January 2017), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!




  • Oh my goodness! A toddler group already 😫. This frightens the life out of me!! 

    Jenson is one two weeks today! really don’t know where the time has gone! And I am back to work in 6 weeks...very mixed feelings! 

    Hope all the babies enjoy their first birthdays xxx


    Here is my chunk loving his new trike he had for xmas! I say chunk but he’s only just made 9kg! Finally heavy enough for his next car seat...his baby one was getting very snug! 

  • Jenson is gorgeous! Alex is not one until 4th of February but is getting big. He is walking so keeps me busy. Hope all the babies are doing well. I am back to work next week and not looking forward to it 😭. Had a lovely Christmas though! Here’s Alex image

  • Aww look at him! Love his hair! Jenson’s still working on growing his! 

    Good luck back at work, I’m sure itll be ok. Are you going back full time? Where is Alex going while you work? Xx

  • Aww cute photos! They both look so grown up! Lovely smiles from both. How much hair does Alex have?! 

    Hope going back to work goes well for you both. What about you MillP? What are you doing with Jenson while you're at work?

    Hope everyone had lovely Christmases.

    Lyra will be 11 months next week. She's not walking quite yet but I don't think it'll be long - she's very into pulling up and cruising and gets more daring by the day. It's funny as she was on the late side with proper crawling so was cruising long before she could properly crawl. 

    Any first words yet? Lyra's very vocal but I don't think she has really said any words in context yet. She is starting to say "Mamama" a lot more while looking at me specifically so maybe? Not counting it yet though!

    We now have 5 teeth and she is still a rubbish sleeper! Good job I'm not going back to work or I'd be dead on my feet. Last night she slept from 8 to 10, from 12 to 1, from 3 to 6, from half 6 to half 9 then from 10 to half 11. We clearly don't have an early bird here 😂. But then I've always been a night owl too. She's not a good napper either but she is getting better. 

    We're off on a ski holiday in a few weeks! We're doing a mix of sharing childcare with my parents and putting Lyra in the nursery for a few hours a day. Fingers crossed anyway! We'be never left her with anyone other than my parents so not sure how well it'll go down. Wish us luck!

    We've also officially just started TTC baby number two! It might be a while though as I'm still breastfeeding so my periods are pretty irregular. 

    Here she is wearing a reindeer hat (entirely against her will!) and "helping" me wrap Christmas presents.



  • Lyra is looking so grown up!  And such a pretty little girl 💕 I hope you have a great holiday and the nursery goes ok! And that is so exciting trying for number 2!! Good luck and keep us posted on that! 

    Jenson will be going to nursery full time when I’m back at work. I’m happy he’s going to nursery but not so happy about it being full time. But we live a good hour away from the closest relatives so it’s not feasible for him to go to anyone. 

    Jensons got a few words, he calls us the right names, says more if he wants more food or some of our food, says Hiya and waves when he sees someone for the first time like when hubby gets home from work and he says night night (without The t on the end) and waves as he goes up to bed! 

    Were working on getting him to identify different toys at the moment. He knows all of his teddies by name (he goes to the right one when asked) And will sometimes get ball right but that’s as far as we’ve got! 

    We also still dont Get much sleep! Over xmas he only had us up once during the night and we thought he’d cracked it but now he’s back to waking loads :-( I’m praying he sleeps through by the time I go back to work else it’ll be hell! 

    He also still has the occasional night terror. It’s usually if he’s got really upset over something during the day then that night he’ll suffer. Like last week we went to my grandparents and he got himself worked up as he doesn’t really know them and he just woke up as we got there so panicked a bit. I’m worried about when he goes to nursery as I know he’ll get upset when I leave him, hoping it won’t cause more terrors! 

    Sorry that turned into a long post!! Xx

  • So lovely to hear from you all again and to see pictures of our very grown up babies- toddlers, how did that happen?!

    Lyra is looking gorgeous Sugar, Naomi hates wearing hats too, any tips? 😂 and that is very exciting about ttc no2!

    It sounds as if Alex is keeping you busy Eglew, I hope going back I work goes ok for you. 

    Aww MillP, Jensen has about as much hair as Naomi has managed- I think They are both just focusing on walking and talking; growing hair can wait till later! Are you going to do some settling in days at nursery? I know a lot of my friends found it really helpful for themselves as well as for their babies. 

    I am lying here awake thinking of this time last year, while this munchkin snoozes away, completely unaware of the fact that it is her very first birthday!!


    Hope you are all still asleep! X

  • Lovely pics! Have a great time on holidays sugar and I am sure she will have a great time in nursery. I am back full time but I work 3 13 hour shifts a week so at least Alex will only be in Creche for 3days. He settled in last week and got on great. Lovely to hear from you all. Best of luck milp on going back to work. Happy birthday Naomi! 

  • Happy birthday Naomi! Aww she's so sweet. And so grown up like all the babies now.

    Well I thought putting a hat on her while she was asleep was foolproof, but yesterday she pulled one off in her sleep anyway 😂.

    I forgot you said about night terrors before, MillP. It sounds awful. My husband still gets them periodically and so does his cousin, so wondering if Lyra might at some point. How often does Jenson have them?

    Sounds like he's doing amazingly with speaking! Lyra's a waver too, and she's started pointing at things she likes or notices. When she first learnt to wave it was infuriating (but also very cute!) as she kept repeatedly breaking off during feeds to grin up at me and wave. 

    Glad Alex settled in with crèche and I hope Jenson does too! Is your husband still looking after Naomi, Bunny?

  • Happy birthday Naomi! 

    it varies with the terrors sugar. He went for a couple of months without one then had a couple close together. It’s so horrible though and it usually takes a good 5 mins or so for us to wake him up Xx

  • It's so wonderful to read all your updates and see your children - how fast this year has gone!

    Also, please do PM your full name and address so we can send you out those toddler gifts!

    While we are here,  we wanted to ask you, when you were pregnant, did you have the flu jab? Please do tell us on this new thread here.

    Also, if you fancy sharing your top tips for booking a family holiday with ABTA, you could win a £200 John Lewis voucher. That thread is here. Good luck! 

  • Thanks for all the birthday wishes ladies, Naomi had a lovely time and is definitely a pro at opening presents now- only trouble is she keeps finding the birthday present my mum left in the spare room waiting for my birthday, and trying to open it 🤣

    Aww Sugar that does sound infuriating but so cute! I love seeing Naomi develop all of her own little habits as we start to see her personality. 

    MillP that must be horrible, I can’t imagine what that must feel like. Did you say that doctors have said they aren’t harmful (or did I read that elsewhere)? Still not at all nice for you though. 

    My husband is still at home with Naomi and the plan is for him to remain so until she starts school. It all seems so far in the future though and I don’t know if Naomi will have a sibling (or two!) before then, so the plan may well change.

    Eglew that must be tough for those three days each week but then the four days off with Alex must make it worthwhile.  

    How is your book going btw Sugar? Has Lyra let you get on with it much


  • Hi everyone, please do pop me a PM with your name and address so we can send you out your toddler gift. 😊

  • Glad Naomi enjoyed her day bunny! 

    I haven’t taken Jenson to the doctors about the terrors. I think it was someone on here that said their older child had them and doc said not harmful? I might be wrong but I have heard that somewhere too! 

    Have your little ones had their development check yet? Jenson has his yesterday afternoon and I was so proud of him. Usually when asked to do something to demonstrate a skill he point blank refuses but he did every single thing the health visitor asked of him! And he could do everything on the questionnaire that they sent so he’s doing great! She reckons hes going to be tall too as he’s on 75th line for his height. Only the 25th for his weight though...20lb 4oz.....what happened to my 7lb 10oz newborn?! X

  • Hope Jenson's night terrors go away, MillP. It's bad enough when my husband gets them so I can't imagine what it's like with a baby. 

    Aww so cute Bunny! We definitely missed a trick at Christmas. We (very naively!) assumed wrapping paper wouldn't interest a baby so we just put Lyra's presents in a stocking unwrapped. How wrong we were! Definitely wrapping her birthday presents next month. 

    Is he enjoying being home with Naomi? I can't remember if I said before but we've moved areas to be back near my parents in the Wye Valley and so my husband has left his job and started up his own consultancy. It's still getting off the ground but when he's working, it's usually from home, which is really nice! Helpful that he can be flexible with his hours a bit more too. 

    And I have been surprisingly productive with my book! Still editing but a lot further on than I was. The catch is our bedroom and bathroom aren't particularly tidy, even though those are the only rooms I need to take care of 😂 (we're living with my parents while we find a new house). 

  • That's great MillP! Typical baby though. Whenever Lyra does something cool, I call someone over to show them and she just sits there looking at me, like, "What? I'm not a performing monkey".

    They do the development checks a bit later in Wales, around 15 months, in order to avoid excessive referrals for babies who then turn out to be fine. But we did get sent the 9-11 month questionnaire before we moved house so I went through it with Lyra a month or so ago. She could do most of the things but not quite all but I was pretty pleased with that given she had just turned 10 months. I think there are still a few things she can't do but that's normal from what I gather as the questionnaire is designed to look ahead and account for different personalities and babies focusing on different skill areas. Jenson must be very advanced to be able to do everything in every single area! 

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  • Jensen sounds as if he is flying along! We haven’t heard anything from our HV about twelve month review yet; I know they are really stretched in our area and I’m happy with how Naomi is doing so I’m not chasing them. I might have a google to find the checklist just to compare though. 

    Naomi has been practising sign language! We have been trying with her for a while but she has suddenly mastered “more” and “milk” and is doing them offf her own back to request things, rather than just copying us. So cute! Are any of the other babies doing baby sign language classes?

    Glad it’s coming on Sugar, and don’t worry, you should see the state of our house sometimes- I just remind myself we are making memories!

  • Thanks for the book Danielle! Not sure what you were implying by it though 😂

    Naomi has been enjoying “reading” it :-)


    We had Naomi’s dedication at church yesterday, it was a lovely day and she was happy the whole time, I couldn’t believe how long she stayed awake for and how many cuddles she gave! What have all the other babies (toddlers, sob!) been up to?

    Bunny x

  • Bunny - which book did we send you? 🙈 Oh your dedication at Church sounds so lovely. Do you have any pics? Bunny, it doesn't seem so long ago you were joining the birth club and asking about x-rays at work! 

  • It was “I’m big now” about getting a baby brother. Not quite ready yet 🙈

    I know, it feels like five minutes ago, I can’t believe how quickly time is passing! 

    Still waiting for photos of Sunday, I didn’t take any myself but will post some when I can x

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