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Could Eczema be related to Lactose intolerance?

When my daughter was 2 weeks old she was diagnosed as being lactose intolerant. She had grown out of it by the time she was 5 months old.she wasnt on solids until she was 8 months. she is now 15 months and is eating most foods inc dairy,but she has developed what looks like Eczema. HV says its just dry skin and will go but I'm not too sure. It dose'nt seem to bother her but I noticed it seemed to be redder after she had eaten some chocolate biscuit.
Does anyone know if Eczema could be related to a lactose intolerance?


  • Hi lucyanne im a mum of two and my youngest is 5 months old. She has also been diagnosed as lactose intolerance although her symptoms are mainly diarrhea and screaming (in pain). I used to be a nursery nurse and a little girl i looked after developed severe eczema after the smallest amount of dairy. Perhaps take your daughter to doctor rather than hv? I have had very little medical support and have now learnt to bypass the health visitors! Tasha x
  • Hi Tasha,
    Thanks for replying.
    how is your little girl now?
    i assume she is now on LF formula now. have her symptoms settled down ?
  • Hi Lucyanne
    Amber has Soya milk and is very settled on it. I'm not completely convinced that she's lactose intollerant (mainly since reading others experiences on this site) as am trying to wean her and have so far tried baby rice (dairy free) sweet potato and banana and she's reacted to it all. Am getting zero support from hv so have booked docs appointment but its not until sept 5th! I think the doctors diagnosed lactose intollerance as they were stumped and when soya relieved her symtoms, they just made an assumption. Hope to chat some more soon take care x
  • how old is Amber?
    I didnt wean my daughter,'til she was 8 months. partly because I was worried and she also didnt show any signs of being ready. the first food i gave her was parsnip and she was fine.what reaction did Amber have? My daughter was due for a review at 6 months but by then I had switched her back to sma gold but they never sent for her and as she was fine I didnt go back to Dr. I only switched her back because she became constipated. No test were ever done.I also used special bottles to feed her.they helped with the pain she was getting.Hope you can get to the bottom of it soon x
  • Ambers just over 5 months I was advised by hv to do it from 4 1/2 months so that we could introduce one food per week. Not going to try again til 6months but she's staving and keeps trying to grab everyones food!! She had the same reactions as she had when I was breastfeeding her, She had constant diahrrea which stripped the skin off her bottom, screamed constanly and didn't sleep day or night. The symptoms haven't been as extreme this time as i took her off the food at the 1st sign of trouble - I just can't do it to her again. She is also I quite chubby which I think is unusual for a child with lactose intolerance?!
  • Yes I would think so.Maybe its her little bodys way of saying she is not ready yet.Maybe they could change her milk to one more filling if you think she is still hungrey.Let me know how you get on.
  • Thanks I will do and you too x
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